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21. Tears of misery


From: Scarenville Highschool

Subject: Code of Conduct Breached

To: Rose Gracia

Dear student (Rose),

Leaving the school without the permission of the principal is against the code of conduct as it was already mentioned in the rules before. You have also breached the code many times before by taking leave without notice. Since you are a new student we can make an exception and leave you with a warning if you return by 11.30am. Failure to do so will result in a suspension, which we believe neither of us want to happen.

Annette Heathes

Assistant Principal of Scarenville Highschool


$+&+482910984: It's Damien, this is my number. Save it.


$+&+482910984: Come back here. I don't have any power against Scarenville highschool and their code of conduct is very strict. Please come back.


$+&+482910984: You know I can see you have read my message right? Come on! You know what I am! I can explain!


$+&+482910984: I am sorry! Please come back! I don't want you to get suspended!


$+&+482910984: Rose?

My hands shake on its own and my grasp on the bed sheet tightens. I myself am in awe of how I am back at my room again. It was as if I wasn't in control of myself and my body itself ran away from the school and got me back to my room without my consent.

A few silent tears escape from my eyes and my phone slips from my hands, falling onto my lap. I debate on whether to go back there and face everything or just sit here like a coward and hope for the best. Choosing the latter like a coward, I switch off my phone and walk towards my balcony, sitting down on the floor as I look through the grills.

As usual, the sky is cloudy and the streets are empty with forests covering the roads on either side. The fog is still there and it is almost hard to believe a few moments ago I was in school. I start humming a sad tune with low notes and my body starts moving back and forth on its own. I lose myself in the sad tune and get flashbacks of every moment from the start.

When a naive girl had come in here with hopes of living a new life.

Ignoring the warnings of the driver she decided to live in the town. Little did she know it would turn into a jail later on. On the first day of her new highschool she met Damien, a silent Vampire with secret's of his own. He had shining golden eyes and had a powerful aura surrounding him-

"Hell, Rose, are you crying?"

My eyes snap open and indeed I am crying. A few tear drops spill on the balcony floor and I am still humming the tune and moving back and forth. I can't seem to stop and neither am I able to find where the voice came from. "Rose?" The voice is much nearer this time but I still can't control myself.

My body starts to panic internally, more tears slip from my eyes and my heart is beating quicker.

A cold hand tightens on my shoulder and that is finally when I get control of my body and look behind who it is. Damien's fangs immediately pop out and his eyes turn a few shades darker.

"How the hell are you crying blood?"

He rasps and steps away from me as if I am some wild animal on loose.

"What?" I whisper in disbelief and touch my face. The liquid which I thought were tears turns out to be red in colour and its source is my eyes.

I lift my head up and catch Damien at the corner of my bed. His golden eyes turning darker as the time passes, "Damien, what's wrong with me?" My eyes are filling up with liquid again but this time when it drops it's not red.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" He barks and I flinch visibly. Then, as if he read my mind his face softens, "Maybe you should take care of yourself better." I don't respond. Instead I ponder if I am actually cursed.

What if Jennet had cursed me while I was living with her?

That thought definitely does not help me and I suck in some air before letting out a small sob. I feel Damien's cold palm rubbing my back and after a few more seconds, I rub my eyes and open them. His elongated sharp fangs aren't visible anymore and when our eyes meet, he smiles. I try to return it but all my lips do is twitch.

He notices that too, but stays silent and gives me a glass of water. I take it without hesitation and take a few big gulps and complete it halfway.

"It's ok, I am sorry. I didn't know it was going to affect you so much."

His voice is deep and filled with sorrow. I remain still and keep looking at the wooden floor like it is the most interesting piece of art available. "We still have an hour left.

We can leave now and you won't get suspended," he states and removes his hand from my back. I lift my head and nod a bit but no words come out of my mouth. I am still reliving the moments in my head when I wasn't in control of myself. What had gotten into me? Was it because I was too stressed recently or is it something else? We both know crying blood isn't normal and I have a feeling that this isn't something not to worry about.

But he is right, the most rational thing right now is to go back to school with my head low and pretend I didn't just run out of there like a maniac.

He gets up from the floor and holds his hands out for me. I slide my hands into his and use his support to get up without any hesitation. He picks up my bag which had fallen on the floor and grasps my hand. We both leave the apartment without exchanging any more words, yet our hands are stuck together. Which I am very grateful for, because his hand is the only thing which prevents me from falling from the abyss of my own thoughts.

Wow. The last line was kinda poetic.

Note: This mystic creature is currently traveling and it sucks :D

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