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22. Leaving for good


So, what really was going on in there?

Those words are stuck at the tip of my tongue, but I can't seem to speak them out boldly. I feel Damien's gaze flicker at me a few times and I know he is waiting for me to ask him the same question but alas, my mind is in a frenzy.

This place is making me go crazy and I have yet to figure out why I was crying blood a few moments ago. It doesn't feel as scary as it once was before and now all I am searching for is answers.

After walking for a while the familiar silhouette of our goth school is visible and it looks even more gloomier than it was before. A dirty basketball rolls over the ground and Damien breaks his hand away from mine.

"Rose, can I explain everything to you after school is over?" He asks, his voice brittle and his gaze down with his shoulders slumped a little.

"It's alright, you don't need to explain anything to me," I whisper and walk away. Damien doesn't say anything, but I feel his stare burning in my back.

Once I enter the empty school corridor someone with super speed grabs my arm roughly and shoves something in my hand and before I can do anything the person is gone and all I have is a note in my hand saying I should visit the principal office immediately. Guessing it is just a student I huff and walk towards the office.

I rub my arm, the part where the stranger grabbed me and feel a bruise forming. Their hospitality couldn't get any better. In front of me sits the same familiar principal who I met on my first day but this time he looks anything but friendly. Sitting arms crossed behind the oak chair he has his jaw tightened, "Miss Rose," he greets me coldly.

I nod my head in response and keep my head down, ready to face the consequences of my mistakes.

"Do you know how many times you have broken our school rules?" His voice is demanding and gruff. I shake my head and look down, my palms are now sweating.

A flash of irritation crosses the principal's eyes and he responds, "Four times, if it were anyone else they would have faced severe punishment. You should be grateful that Damien is by your side or else you wouldn't have been standing here, healthy."

Odd choice of words, I note and glance up to see his fangs sprouting out of his mouth. "Do you know why we have such strict rules for students?" His voice has a hint of amusement. I clench my fists by my side and shake my head again, head still low. Why is he asking this? Something feels odd, I muse in my head.

"It's because we have limited blood in our pantry only."

It takes a few moments to grasp what he intends but when I realize that I gasp loudly and scrunch my face up in disgust when I find what he means, "So if Damien was not by my side I would have been dead by now?" I raise my voice, yet all the old man does is nod his head.

"Now, if you break another rule, this time Damien cannot help you, he has done enough already. And don't worry, none of us will be furious next time. We will be glad to see you. I am sure all the other students are hungry too."At that I frown and don't take his permission to leave the room, I simply walk away from there.

I rub my arms and take huge long steps, the seriousness of the situation slowly settling in. Scarenville is a place filled with vampires who need blood to survive, no reason they don't have enough blood.

This place is isolated from other areas and all of them must either be living from animal blood or other resources. But it is no secret they will run out of blood soon enough and next they will target the humans living here. Being their first target, I walk to the corridor and find Damien near my locker. Good, I was searching for him.

"Hey," he says and stares on the floor like it's the most interesting thing he has ever seen. I don't reply to him, instead I question what has been in my mind for a while now.

"When you said you were sorry and I can leave the town. Does that mean I can leave now safely too?" I fidget with my fingers as I anticipate his response.

A sigh escapes his mouth, "Why? You want to leave Scarenville?" His voice is laced with sorrow and disappointment.

"Yes, I just found out that you all are running out of blood."

His eyebrows scrunch up. "Is that what the principal said to you? Well then it's true, yes we are running out of blood but we still have blood stocked for a few more months," he states casually and his gold eyes stare into my dark eyes.

I break the contact, "Well, what do you think will happen to me after a few months? Do you think they will let me go when they don't have any more blood?"

I question back, but this time my voice is hoarse, my body shifts nervously and we both know the answer. "No," he says, still looking at me. "But you can leave now if you promise to not tell anything that has happened here to the outsiders."

I nod my head curiously, "Consider it done. So I can leave now safely?"

He looks at me for a second before putting his hands on my shoulders, lightly. "Yes, but before that allow me to explain myself and take you on a date." He smiles as he waits for my response.

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