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23. Rain and Love


"You don't need to-I mean, I am not- You don't," I stutter for the first time, but my stuttering makes his smile even broader. His golden eyes sparkle and he even chuckles at me.

"Yes, I need to. You will be leaving after all, I would like to enlighten some of my load off my chest before you leave."

His voice is fruity and I can sense the butterflies in my stomach flying around in shock and blushing. "You are not pretending to be happy are you?" I ask, pouting a bit, mostly because of confusion.

A few days ago if I had said the same thing to Damien, he would have stopped me. But why is he happy that I will be leaving for good this time? And more importantly he will ensure my safety this time too.

"I am not pretending. Yes, there is a little bitterness inside that I may never see you again, but you will be safe."

He pauses and his smile droops a little but continues,"Scarenville is not safe for humans anymore. This once used to be a place where all vampires, werewolves, witches, dark fairies and humans lived together. But now, we are divided and things are probably gonna get more dangerous, especially by the recent events that have arisen."

I gulp audibly and swallow the lump in my throat. I am glad that Damien hasn't mentioned that the recent events have only arisen after I came here, but nonetheless I am worried. "But what about the other humans?" My eyes fall to a boy with bright brown hair and red cheeks. If he was anywhere else but Scarenville he might have looked handsome.

His slim figure and puncture wounds in his neck shows that the vampires have been feasting on that boy, and all the life from his eyes is long gone. It's more like he has accepted his fate that all he will ever be is a snack to the vampires. Two cold hands are placed at my neck and move softly. Restricting the view of the young boy and instead I face Damien whose mouth is half open.

"They are tied to Scarenville. We all are, including me. We cannot survive if we leave this place,” he said with a shrug, accepting defeat. “The same applies to the boy you were looking at. The Scarenville secrets lie deeper than you can imagine."

His voice leaves no room for arguments even though it's explained in a whisper. Leaving no choice, I nod my head and watch my reflection from his eyes. A scared girl who has no idea what is going on, is what my reflection screams and I wonder if he feels the same too.

After a few moments of staring at each other, he breaks the contact first and shakes his head. "Let's meet after school is over," he says softly and at the same time I hear the bell ringing.

He kisses my forehead and vanishes, literally. I sigh and walk towards my next class. I sit at a window seat and beside me sits a pale student with bright green eyes and green hair who I worry to be a Vampire. Luckily, he completely ignores me and the only reason he probably is sitting next to me is because all the other seats are occupied.

The weather soon gets darker and before I know it, the sky turns dark and loud lighting fills the sky, breaking the small silence. After a few warning lightings one loud lighting bolt confirms the rain which soon starts a few moments later

The light smell of ground enters the classroom and if it was any other day, I would have enjoyed this moment. Because after all, I do love rain but unfortunately if the weather is dark tomorrow I worry I may not be able to leave the town. I am just hoping Damien has an idea on what to do about this situation. As my mind goes back to our conversation, I remember the date he asked me about. My heart races in shock as my fingers begin fidgeting on their own. Did he really mean it? Or was it just because of the sudden announcement that I was wishing to leave this place? Those thoughts engulf me.

I attend a few more classes and then school is finally over. Though it is still raining heavily when I go across the exit of the corridor, Damien stands at the corner of the exit with a black shirt and Jeans. Him busy on his phone, I find his shoulder part of the shirt already wet due to the rain. I take a few long steps and smile.

I don't need to announce anything as his face automatically lifts up and he smiles, his golden eyes glittering and his lips crooked upwards in a smile. "It's raining outside," I say and point outside and as if the weather approves my statement, more thunder is heard.

"Doesn't matter to me, does it matter to you?"

He smirks playfully and winks. "I don't think it matters much. But where will we go?" I ask and I feel my skin tingle in excitement. Honestly where is he planning to go? Knowing Damien till now, he is pretty random and creative and where he planned the date to be is still a mystery to me. "Hmm, just follow me. Oh, and I hope you are into thrillers," he says with finalization in his voice and grabs my hand.

Without a second thought he walks away from the building and into the rain. Still heavily rain, a gasp escapes my mouth when I feel the heavy droplets fall on top of me. I feel a tug in my arm and when I look up through all the rain and wind, I see Damien smiling.

I grin at him too and a blush creeps across my cheek on top of the rain and shiver visibly too. But the cold is not my priority, it never was. Instead, the sensation of the tiny droplets falling into my skin brings nostalgia. When was the last time I had danced in the rain? As far as I can remember, it's probably years ago. A giggle escapes my mouth and Damien starts running.

Following him I start running too, crossing all the dead students who walk with a plain face and slow speed even in the rain. We both start laughing abruptly as we run through the abandoned roads of Scarenville.

But with Damien with me I feel no fear, instead I feel excitement building up inside me. I soon see my apartment but we cross that, and by the time we reach it, I am huffing in exhaustion.

With the cold rain still pouring heavily, I blink a few times when we reach our destination. I pause in my tracks and take in the location, realising his date spot was an empty and isolated graveyard. The rain splatters all over us even faster, violently crashing against the ground. My eyes flicker over to Damien who smiles gingerly and points at a specific grave in the corner.

"You see that? You remember Cason? My late best friend? That is him." He points again and grabs my hand and leads us there in complete silence, with the sounds of the rain fading off into the background.

I almost published the wrong chapter today. I can already imagine that today ain't gonna be a good day. T-T

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