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25.The truth


It has been a few days since we first kissed and I still remember it as if it was yesterday.

It was raining heavily and Damien and I were sitting near a grave.

But when I had accepted to go on the date I definitely didn't know that I might fall deeper in the pits of Scarenville. Now kissing Damien has already made things a lot more complicated and hard.

I sneeze loudly, breaking away from the train of thoughts and wipe my nose with a tissue and toss it in the bin. Sitting in my bed with a blanket wrapped around me, I look through the window and find that it's drizzling lightly. I cough again and tightened the blankets around me.

After I had returned home from my date, I had a high fever for the next whole 24 hours. I mean, who didn't expect it? I was vibing in the cold rain with Damien for hours and lucky him, his half vampiric body seemed to be stronger than I had thought because he didn't even shiver once.

I open my old laptop, continuing my plan on what to do after I leave the town. I am supposed to leave this Friday which is two days away, not giving me much time. I should be happy and I am happy. But a small part of me will miss Damien, but not even he is enough to make me stay here any longer.

I shall accept the fact that I miss him and move on.

I promise myself and continue my research. After a few hours of intense research I decide on shifting to a nearby town for a few days just a few miles away from Scarenville and this time, I make sure that it's a normal town unlike Scarenville.

Next, I decide on shifting to a nearby state which offers better music career choices. I smile at the screen when I see that, how long has it been that I had forgotten about pursuing my music career? Not long but it feels long.

After a few moments of staring at the screen, I close my laptop and plug it to the charger sitting on my bed and connect it to a switch point below my bed. I sneeze again and get up from my bed and the comfort of the blanket. In my purple pajamas, I trudge towards the bathroom and feel the need to puke when I look at my face through the bathroom mirror.

Eyes drooped, I notice a bunch of fresh pimples and spots which I believe have come from the sudden excessive use of makeup I had used recently. With the condition of my face there is no way I would be leaving the house without using makeup. It's tragic that something so commonly used could make you beautiful on the outside and ulgy on the inside in a day.

My red face doesn't help the situation and my dry lips yearn lip balm. Pity they wouldn't be receiving lip balm anytime soon since I have none left with me. Stepping into the shower I turn the knob and the sizzling hot water touches my skin causing ne to shiver involuntarily. Normally I don't use hot water but since I have a fever I feel that's the best for me and my health.

Rinsing my hair thoroughly I get a small urge to check the records. I want to take the records with me but I feel like dropping them off here will be a good idea. I am already a nuisance to Scarenville and I don't want to cause more trouble for Damien or anyone else. If my assumptions are correct they are still searching for it, so maybe tossing it away in the forest while leaving will do no harm. But in order to do so, I still need to read the contents in the book and now as I wash my hair I get the confidence to read it. It's just a book after all… right?

I sigh in despair and wrap my hair in a towel and wear another pair of pajamas, this time blue with little golden flowers in it. I breathe three times and look at the doggy mirror in confidence. Then, I walk out of the bathroom and pick the books from behind the desk and sit on my bed. The two books seem to stare at me from the bed and I immediately pick up the Vampires record. The one containing information about Damien, even though it is unnecessary, curiosity gets the best of me and I open the page which contains his profile and immediately start reading it. My eyebrows twist in a frown, an old habit of mine when I concentrate and find myself surprised when it's all written in english.

Ok, this is easy for me.

Crossing my fingers I quickly start reading it with my heart hammering in my chest.

Name: Damien Adler

Position: Sub-Head of Scarenville Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Dark Fairies and Mortals.

Age:16(mortal age)???(immortal age)

Victories: Protected Scarenville in 2017, Youngest Sub-Head in history, Smartest Strategist in ??? and ???, Loyal to Scarenville for ??? years, Head of Scarenville High School Mortals project, Youngest candidate for Head of ??? and ???

Short biography: Turned to a complete vampire in ??? Damien Adler, one our youngest Sub-Head has benefited Scarenville in many ways. One of his first successes was protecting Scarenville in 2017 during the ??? Adler also has benefited Scarenville by creating the project Scarenville Highschool by which Scarenville till now has no issue with finding blood for surviving.

I gulp as I read his profile and close the book. I rub my forehead slowly as the tension and anxiety arises within me. The closed book stares at me again and I try to get the courage to open the book again. If this biography is correct, I don't know whom to trust anymore. Just as my palm touches the book again, I shiver involuntarily and this is unlike anything I'd ever experienced. It's the same sensation I get when someone is staring at me and my body freezes.

Heart racing, I glance up to look and find Damien.

Standing in front of the open window the curtains hover inside due to the strong wind but I can see him just fine. In his black pants and a white shirt, he almost looks like a man from the 90's. My eyes dropped down and noticed his clenched fists, making me feel unsafe. It is as if rage pulsed through his veins and the golden eyes I once admired makes me feel like a prey, which I believe in this situation I truly am a prey

"I am sorry Rose, but you can't leave on Friday." Is all he says with gritted teeth.

Sorry for re publishing the last chapter again. >.<
Hope y'all don't mind.

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