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27. Green eyes


I squeeze my fists while I lay still when the sounds of their snickers breaks the silence. Anger stirs inside of me as the pain in my head slowly eased. Within moments, I am able to hear them loud and clear.

"-For a moment she did get us though!" The other guy - the one with the blue hair babbles, trying his level best to contain the laughter within him.

"Right, but that still was a stupid move. Is this the reason humans are the weakest? Do they lack sense nowadays? I thought they knew we could listen to their heartbeats." One of them questions, and both of them start laughing so loud that it echoes throughout the dungeon.

I dare to open my eyes and at first I see two figures standing outside the cell. Despite the fact that it's too blurry to recognise them, I knew deep down it was my guards. I blink a few times and a few tears also escape during that moment, but once my vision is clear, I can see my whole surroundings.

Fangs sprout from both the guards, the one with the pixie hair mimics me and pretends to hit the wall while the other one rolls on the ground in laughter.

While the two guards laugh at my idoticy, I notice the cell door is open and a list of ideas fill my brain but when I look at the guards again they all vanish. The reality of the situation slowly kicks in. Even if I can magically move my body, I had no idea what would happen next. After all, there was no way I could beat two vampires in this condition. And why the hell did I even think that there is a chance of me escaping this place? Now, I am both injured and humiliated.

I decide to rest, stay for a while and let the guards humiliate me for how long they wish to, but just as I decide to close my eyes I hear footsteps. Even the guards hear it as they come to a halt.

"Has the Count arrived a bit early?" The one with blue hair questions, his voice lacking any humour now.

"We would have received a letter if there were any changes to the original plan," the pixie haired guard says. They both look at each other for a moment before the blue haired guard springs to the action. A bunch of commands pass between them and I try to lift my head to get a better view but immediately fail due to the wound in my head. It pains as if multiple nails have been fixed on my head and as the seconds pass the throbbing in my head increases.

So, deciding to stop making reckless choices, I put my head in the ground and close my eyes - giving my body peace. Whatever issue has occurred must not be a big deal, or else they would have called more guards. It's probably some thirsty vampire who was passing by but was hit with the scent of my blood. Hmm, that's right, let the vampires deal with the vampires. My death certificate is signed anyways.

Time passes by and I hear hushed whispers and footsteps which seem to disappear into the stairs. Yet, I stay still because it's no use, I will be caught again just like the last time. I am a human after all.

It was only moments later when I heard loud heavy footsteps coming towards my cell. Odd, this is different from the guards. The footsteps near my cell and I hear the creaking of my cell door.

Someone has entered.

Heart beating, I wait for it to move. Wait to feel any movement but I feel none.

Is the person just standing there?

What if it's the Count? I recall the guards' words. According to them, the Count can read minds but why doesn't it feel like it? Curious and cautious at the same time, I decide that I need to know who it is.

Gulping slowly, I dare to open my eyes only to find two bright green eyes staring right through my soul.

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