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28. Camouflage


The smell of nature wakes me up from my deep slumber. A groan escapes my mouth and I rub my eyes. Where am I?

Glancing around, I find a bunch of small home plants located in a neat row as they hang above my bed. Whoever lives here must love plants.

Speaking of bed and plants, where am I? I jolt up and check my surroundings. It's too dark to see anything but the window opposite to my bed allows some light to pass through the dark room.

The room is small and there are plenty of shelves with small plants, all having a similar strong scent. Other than that, I only find an armchair in the middle of the room stuffed with clothes.

The slight drizzling and thunderstorm breaks my attention, causing me to turn to look at the window. I stand by the window, clutching onto the edge of it as I try to locate where I am.

I reach out and try opening it, sighing in frustration when the window does not shift. I stare into the distance, glancing over at the forest in front of me, with the full moon shining brightly in the night sky. Instead of pressuring me, it gives me doubt. Shaking off the uneasy feeling I crack my knuckles and start thinking the basic questions.

Ok, so I am kidnapped. Congrats sherlock!

What is the last thing I can remember? Green eyes.

That's absolutely correct!

Even though I am locked in the dungeon, I keep telling myself that someone has come to save me. I kick Damien out of my mind before his face can even enter my head. Idiot has golden eyes and I was rescued with someone with green eyes, but for some strange reason I can't remember anyone I know with green eyes.


I hear a small creek and my eyes dart towards the door, expecting the saviour which also in disguise might be someone else, but the door is still locked. The muscles in my jaw bunched. I glance at the single armchair which is filled with clothes and see it wriggle a bit.

What the fluff? Why are the clothes moving?

I narrow my eyes in suspicion and move towards the armchair. A lighting strikes and the room is filled with light for a few seconds. And those few seconds are enough for me to realize that the armchair is not filled with clothes but a person is sitting on top of it with a blanket covering him. Well, more like sleeping, since I can see his eyes are closed and his mouth is open.

Very carefully, very slowly, I inch forward towards him. Curiously, I pinch his eyelids upwards so I can see his eyes.

Good news, his eyes are green. This is the same guy who helped me escape the dungeon.

Bad news, I was staring at his green eyes for a bit too long and now he just closed his mouth and with force, closed his one eye.

He is going to wake up soon.

Soon, isn't the right word as he blinks several times and looks at me.

And strangely, his features are a bit similar to Damien. With a strong jaw and a sharp nose, he looks intimidating, especially in the dark room.

Holy shit. Pale lips, and fangs hidden in the corner. He is a vampire! I am going to be sucked dry in here!

The stranger jumps on to his feet. And opens his arms.
"Omg! Rose! You are finally awake! I am Damiens younger bro-"


He falls unconscious on the wooden floor with blood dripping from his nose.
I just sucker punched a vampire. Wait, what did he say before? Damien's brother? Ohh… ok. So I sucker punched Damien's brother.

I hope you laughed at the end... at least a little.

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