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29. Killing a Vampire:101


I take a few steps back when Mark regains his consciousness. Even if the idea to knock him out is pleasing, there is a high chance I won't be lucky enough like last time, because after all Mark is a vampire.

He curses as he stands up and blinks for a few seconds before glaring at me.

"I'm gonna let that one slide," he says, his voice adenoidal. I gulp and my nod furiously, not wanting to cause any more problems.

"It's fine. There are much more important things to discuss right now." He settles down back on his arm chair, his blanket long forgotten on the floor.

As if a silent command is passed, I take my seat on the bed again, something about him tells me he is not a threat to me.

It's still drizzling outside and the only light available in the room is the bulb dangling on top of Mark's arm chair. The room just couldn't be more unsettling.

"I know, you have a lot to ask and I know you are confused." He clears his throat, "but don't worry, you can trust me."

I scoff at that, "I am sorry but I already trusted your brother too much. Look where it has gotten me now!" I exclaim and point at the room I am now in.

"That's because you trusted the wrong person." He releases a sign and looks at me as I remain silent.

"Look, he may have not spied on you and he may have taken your side in certain situations but his loyalty lies to Scarenville," he says and rubs his forehead. I fold my hands in my lap, listening with all my attention now.

"Even though he has to hide the fact that he is half vampire or else they will kill him?" My voice is much louder than I had intended.

At that, he stops rubbing his forehead and freezes, silence takes over and the only sound can be heard is from the wind and rain.

Doubt overtakes me when he says nothing. Wait, could it be he didn't know?

"Wow, I am surprised by the amount of information you know about my brother. He sure did have a lot of faith in you, pity that he is now searching to kill you. All the love that once was in the air is now probably all gone." Mark ponders, his eyes still unfocused.

I clench my fist, my face feeling hot. His words have definitely hit my weak spot.

"Searching to kill?" I whisper, fuming in rage. I narrow my eyes at him, clenching my fists beside me as I wait for him to elaborate.

He smirks at my reaction and continues, "alas, it's true. After I rescued you from the dungeon all the supernaturals were searching for you. They consider you lethal."

Lethal? I start shaking in fury. I have never felt this much amount of anger before. And I never had a reason too, but now I can't even imagine the amount of lies the vampires have spread about me. They were wary of me from the beginning and Ihad stayed calm throughout it all. But there is a limit to everything, right now is my breaking point.

"What about you? Why did you rescue me? Don't your loyalties also lie with Scarenville?" It's more like seething than questioning and I can't even dare to look him in the eyes, I cannot show him the tears that are at the verge of falling.

"Hmm? Me? I am not loyal to Scarenville. I am loyal to justice."

I dare to look at him and his once sharp green eyes are looking at me with much more understanding. One might say it's a pity but I feel it as pain, years of pain.

"Rose, the vampires are after you because they think you are connected to Jennet and as you can guess Scarenville has a history with Jennet. Unfortunately, she never left any lead for them and when you came and told them that you are her stepdaughter… well, it's was like you came to them in a silver platter." He stops to let me take in the information, after a while he continues.

"Now, the higher ups of the council? Are selfish and greedy as hell, they are also the ones who resent Jennet the most. So even if you are absolutely innocent they won't leave you. They will torture you and tell the crowd that they are close to finding jennet. They might even blackmail her and if it doesn't work, well they will torture you and take there anger on you." He completes in defeat. His head hung low and his clenched.

"Does Damien know about it?" I whisper.

"He does, but now he hates you. So he won't stop."

He hates you. He won't stop. His words echo in my head. The same Damien who kissed me in the rain and remembered his childhood friend. The same Damien who has a snarky attitude only to hide his past scars can turn out to be so… cold? It's unbelievable, I want to argue but I can't. No, not after I read about a completely different vampire in the records.

"Rose I know you are hurt and I know that you loved him-"

"I never loved him." I stop him mid sentence with a lie. It's a lie, I loved him. Mark pauses for a few seconds, as if analysing me and continues, "Alright, but I know you are still hurt. You need to overcome that. I will help you. I won't be like my brother. I will get you out of here alive. It's a promise," he states boldly, his voice is honeyed and his words help my mental wounds heal a little bit more. In other words, he doesn't sound like he is lying. In contrast, they seem genuine and sincere .

I look at him and our eyes lock, his green eyes look deep and pure. Infact, everything about him sounds pure. Why is it like that? Unfortunately, I can't bring myself to say these words and thus they are stuck in the back of my head.

"So what now?" I ask.

It turns out he was waiting for me to ask that. His lips lift upwards in a smirk and he gets up from his armchair, tall and straight. He puts his hand in front of me and explains to me in the most peculiar way, "Now I teach you how to kill vampires."

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