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31. The attack


I'm sure Mark won't be able to smell me because I'm covered in plant fragrance. Plus, I'm not unprepared; I've brought a knife made of witch bones that is extremely lethal to vampires, not to mention the training Mark has given me. So this time, if things go wrong, I'll be ready.

The cloudy morning is shafts of light amid the grey and they show the blue amid the dove-grey, rays of silvers that ripple outwards the sky. I’m overcome with sweet memories, making it harder to focus on Mark. Although most memories have my parents, Jennet and Damien, I wonder if I can ever have sweet memories with someone who doesn't abandon me.

I almost choke as I watch him strut towards a large building from my hiding spot. This is the masquerade hall where Damien and I went! No matter how hard I try, nostalgia hits me, and my heart aches at the thought of Damien. I really can't seem to get him out of my mind.

I pull a red pill out my robe and swallow it as the familiar beige structure with portraits across its walls greets me ominously. The person who swallows the pill, which is made of witch blood, becomes invisible for twenty-three minutes. It isn't much, but it is enough for me to get in safely. I dash out the door as soon as the gates open to let Mark in. The gates will close in exactly five seconds, just as I predicted.

As I cross the road from behind the bushes, the gates start closing. But strangely Mark doesn't enter the hall, instead he stretches his arm and then moves in, giving me just the right amount of time for me to get inside.

As soon as we enter the hall, I forget about everything. The majestic hall catches my eye and I stop as I take it all in.

The ceiling must be twenty feet high. Portraits of great vampires are painted to perfection and cover most of the walls in here too, but something about them looks different as these paintings have an extra touch to them which makes the portrait look both terrifying and beautiful at the same time.

Vases of blossoms give off a cloying scent that makes my eyes itch and the giant chandelier dangling above the ceiling shines as brightly as ever. I follow Mark, but this time with no shoes, to make sure my footwear doesn't click.

The empty hall looks odd, when I visited the hall it was filled with vampires dancing and chattering amongst each other. But this time things look tense, I see Mark taking a sharp turn and enter a room.

I dangerously move closer to Mark as he opens the door and I sneak in with him.

In response, my back straightens as I enter the room. Things are getting real now that I am in a room full of strong vampires. I quietly make my way towards the thick curtains, taking a quick scan of the room and the vampires. I notice the members' sudden scowl, but thank the fates when they glare at Mark and think it's him toying with plants. Luckily even the curtains are thick enough for me to squeeze through. While I slowly hide behind, I make sure to move as quietly and quickly as possible. Even though I am now invisible, I cannot guarantee how long I will stay like this. But fortunately things are going better than I expected.

Now that I am comfy in my hiding spot I take my time assessing the vampires one-by-one.

There are twelve vampires in total, including Mark. Six women and six men and all have a class in them starting from their posture, clothes to their facial features; everything screams class in them.

Including Mark, his sharp green eyes hide revenge, but his mouth converses with any vampire as if they were best friends but not too informal. I have to say, Mark's charming abilities are astounding. As I stand there watching all the vampires settle, my eyes land to Damien and Mark and they sit right next to each other.

Damien in the middle, Mark on the right and another vampire with similar features like Damien sits on the left. The three brothers now that they are together look both strong and alike. Anyone in this room can probably make out that the Adler brothers are nothing to joke about.

I gulp as I try to calm my nerves down, Damien who has a sharp look across his face sits straight and clears his throat to get the attention of everyone. I put my palm on my aching chest as he starts talking to the vampires in their scared language. He uses his hands to convey what he is saying and his voice is sweet as honey.

I try to control my tears but seeing Damien as he is now just proves to me that the past him was fake. He may have liked me before, but he had never told me anything more about him except the fact that he is a half vampire and God knows how many actually know about his secret. Probably the whole council. As everyone in the room starts to converse, I space out. I can't understand a thing and all I can do is watch all twelve members argue and talk amongst themselves in their language. My grip on the inner curtains tightens and I close my eyes. Every once in a while the vampires talk or curse in english if things get too sensitive and I take note of all of them
We need to put more guards!
We should have locked her the moment she had came here
We can't have Damien in the council anymore
That nit!
Calm down everybody!
It's your fault
We all make mistakes! Damien has proved he-
Sorry, any ideas then Margaret?
Vote count, guys.
Can we please be more practical?
We need more guards! Simple.

By the time half an hour is spent, I get a pretty good idea on what they are talking about - increasing their security and catching me. I look down at my body again and I am still invisible. I wonder why the portion still hasn't worn off, not that I am complaining. I shrug and frown when Mark makes a horrified face by what they are discussing now. What can it be?

And this time it isn't the others who speak in english but Mark. In fact he shouts loudly with his eyes wide open, "You mean to say Rose has healing powers? And that Jennet might have lent powers to her?"

All the council members stare at Make oddly and Damien excuses him on his behalf.

I stare at my hands and stay frozen in my spot. This was something I always tried to avoid. But what they say is just as different as what I had read in her journal. She was a music witch, according to the journal and wanted to use me for unspecified reasons. But again, the moment I had freed the Alpha is still stuck to my head and I still remember everything vividly. I had not sung anything. Instead he got out of the chains by just cutting my arm and let's not forget the golden threads which surrounded me.

What Jennet might have done to me is still a mystery but that does not define me. I like music and I had to admit I hadn't sung in a while but it had nothing to do with Jennet.

And admitting the fact in my head makes me feel better as I rub my arms. But just then I hear a loud boom, a sound so loud, it almost bursts my eardrums. It is followed by the light shaking of the ground; almost as if an earthquake has occurred. The whole room goes deadly quiet, before one of the vampires screams. "Get the guards!"

I am so uncreative with the titles.

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