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"Woah there, go slow! Take a break," I say, surprised by how far Rose has come by training only for a week. She now has the ability to injure a vampire using just her bare hands, and her stamina has boosted a lot more than what it was before. It's both scary and mesmerizing as I see her get stronger. Her focused eyes now bounce back to lounge at me again. This time, I barely get enough time to dodge her attack.

"Break?" I ask again as I watch her pause and take deep breaths. I don't think she wants to quit but right now we both know her body needs it.

"Fine. Ten minutes and I am back up." She declares and re-ties her knee length hair. Sweat forms at the top of her skin and we switch on the AC to get some cool air. Rose wears a black tight and a loose top which has 'sorry, not sorry' and I find that very cute. Once we get out of the ring we both go in different directions. Me, to the kitchen to fetch her a glass of water. As I leave, I feel her staring at me from the distance and I can guess what she is probably thinking. Why am I not sweating and huffing like her?

Probably because I am a vampire. I may not look tired with my straight and bold posture, but inside I am tired. I need some blood.

So while I fetch her a glass of water I also take a swing of blood from a bottle stored in the fridge. I imagine it might be awkward for her to see me drink blood in front of her. The kitchen is dark and the only light comes from the refrigerator light. Once I am done I walk back to the indoor house gym and find her sleeping at an odd angle in a chair next to the ring.

I chuckle to myself and approach her. Quietly, I put the glass down and pick her up. She feels slightly heavier than I had expected, but it's probably because of all the exercise and the nutrients she is receiving now, something she probably didn't get much after she had come to Scarenville.

Now that she is deep asleep, her face looks much calmer than it is when she is awake. Probably because when she is awake she is filled with rage, rage at my brother and training is the only way she can get him off her mind. I wonder if she slept thinking about my brother too. That would suck. I really hope she didn't.

Nonetheless I carry her back to the guest room which she has now claimed as her own and lay her down on the middle of the bed. I place the covers over her, covering her up and shut the door behind me. I walk out of the house, needing some fresh air.

The rain has stopped from yesterday and all that's left is the fresh scent of the air and the cloudy sky.

A gust of wind passes and I feel nothing. When was the last time I felt anything? My fist clenches at the sour memories my brothers had given me. It's been years since that happened and both of them forgave each other but not me. I won't forgive him. I won't let him take another life and claim it as a mistake and apologise to another grave. No Damien I won't let you harm any more lives.

"You don't need to hide anymore, you know? Come out, let's have a talk," I say aloud to the figure with a huge cloak hiding behind the tall trees. There is silence for a while before the bony figure comes out from its hiding spot.

"How long did you know I was hiding?" She rasps warily.

I snort. "Quite a while actually. You can stop doing that," I say as a matter of fact.

The figure hidden behind its own shadows stands there for a while, as if assessing me. Then without a word removes a scroll and hands it over to me.

I raise an eyebrow, but keep my mouth shut.

"Read it when you are alone. I don't need to explain myself anymore," she says, her voice adenoidal.

"Then shoo off," I say and roll my eyes. Why was I angry today? I dunno.

The lady makes a hissing noise before vanishing in front of me. She is probably irritated by my attitude but sorry, I am not kind to stalkers. At least she got my work done.

Safety tucking the scroll underneath my clothes I walk back into my house. I take a small peak where Rose is resting and find her snoring.

Chuckling to myself I walk back to my room and prepare for tonight's meeting.


Around 2 in the morning, I hear Rose shifting on her bed. She is awake. I quickly wear my tuxedo and head towards her room. Ready to decline the first question she would ask me. I quietly open the door and find her sitting on her bed straight.
"Can I come with you to the meeti-"




She lets out a groan of frustration and pouts at me. I feel like chuckling again but I don't, probably because I don't think she would appreciate it now. I only give a smile and lean on the door sideways.

The environment of the room changes suddenly, her irritated expression wears off and a controlled expression takes over. I frown, "everything alright?" I ask and she shakes her head, as if trying to get rid of something. Then laughs nervously.

"No nothing. It's just Damien leans on the walls like you often." I immediately stand straight, causing her face to fall."Um no! You didn't need to do th-"

"It's fine. I don't want to make you uncomfortable," I say, and it is true. We have come this far, I have so much waiting for you, I cannot lose you now.

There is a moment of silence before she signs again and ruffles her hair, trying to fix her bed head. But instead it becomes messier.
"Mark, please. You have taught me a lot already. I can take care of myself. I want to hear what they say." She pouts at me with puppy eyes, I feel my dead heart beating for a moment.

"I am sorry Rose. It's too risky. I am doing it for your own good. Besides, I will tell you if we discuss something important. But I doubt they will do that. The max they would do is trash talk about you for an entire hour," I say and raise my hands. She doesn't argue this time. She lays back down on the bed in defeat and releases a deep sigh. I take it as a good sign and walk out of my house.

Walking down the empty streets of Scarenville, I try to take in the deep scent of the forest. Since I was young I had always loved plants. They were like friends to me. Like how humans have dogs as their friend. I had my plant's. And I still do, twenty plants are in my home currently residing and just when I decide to increase my speed, I smell a distinctive scent of my house plants. Odd, why is my plant over here?

I shake my head, Rose, she never listens.

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