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35. Revenge


The stinging pain in my abdomen brings me back to consciousness and I blink. A small groan escapes my mouth as I remember what had happened a few moments ago. My eyes burn at the memory and my stab wound. Oh did I have to wake up? I could have died back then. It would have decreased my agony a bit.

Putting an end to my depressed thoughts, I glance around my surroundings and realise I am in a dark and isolated room. Cobwebs appear in my peripheral vision, sending shivers down my spine. The thick smell of rust fills my nostrils which is enough to make me think this clearly hadn’t been used in a long time. Lying on the floor I note that the room doesn’t seem to have much furniture and as my eyes scan my sides I almost scream when I find a pair of green eyes staring at me lifelessly. I gulp, this stare is nothing similar to the smile Damien had. Yes he looked menacing with his sharp golden eyes in the dark but he didn’t look so… lifeless. Is this the true face of Mark? An empty lifeless soul behind the cheerful boy?

He notices me staring at him and shifts, his eyes not leaving mine.

“How’s the wound?” He asks and oh my God even his voice sounds dead and lifeless.

“It’s not like you care.” I wish to say with sass but it comes more as a whimper.

“I don’t but I at least pretend to, not like him.” Him… does he mean Damien? Something tells me that’s exactly what he means.

“What are you going to do to me?” I groan and press on my wound to stop it from bleeding.

“I’ll take you to where your parents are,” he says and I freeze. My eyes widen as I stare at him shocked. How did he know about my parents?

Pleased with my reaction he smiles which doesn’t reach his eyes and continues,“Surprised? Your parents are the reason we are all here,” He says and grins.

“No, that’s impossible,” I mumble, he is lying. My parents didn’t even know about this place! I wanted to scream at him but a part of me also argued back, but Scarenville isn’t far from your hometown is it?

“Oh yes, I believe Damien must have said we were orphans right? Well your parents were the one who arranged for us to go to Scarenville.” I stare at him with wide eyes as he twists his knife in his hand as if he has a hard time reliving the moment. A tear escapes my eyes. He is lying. He just wants to see you suffer.

“Oh, do you want to know how they died? I’ll be straight forward. They are not missing. They are dead. They were killed the moment they left you alone. And they were killed by a half Vampire. Know who? Of Course you do. There is only one Half Vampire in the entire world and he lives here.”

I let out a guttural scream and lunge at him, how dare he!
But alas, the wound slows me and he simply gets up from the floor in one swift move. He tsk’s at my poor attempt and I try to get up, but immediately cough up blood.

I let out an ugly cry and collapse to the floor hard and curl. My hand rests on my abdomen as I take a deep breath. Blood still seems to pour from my wound and I know I am not going to survive this without medical support.

Before Mark could torment me any further, the door opens with a creak and Jennet enters with a few items on her arms. She doesn’t seem to mind the fact that her step daughter is almost dying. Instead she has a mischievous glint in her eyes. Strangely when her eyes do travel to me, she coughs and sneers as if her health issues are caused by me.

“Mark my dear, I have gotten all the ingredients. We can start!” She clasps her hands with excitement. He nods at her and slowly glances at me and I watch his fangs pop out including his claws. When his skin turns a few more shades paler his lifeless expression suits him.

He turns away and Jennet puts and removes her hood, a book and a knife.

I breathe loudly,“At least tell me what you’re gonna do to me you maniacs!” I shout and though Mark ignores me, Jennet cackles like the witch she is, “I was wondering when you will ask that,” she remarks and Mark gives her a warning glare but Jennet continues.

“For starters you are going to be consumed. Yes my dear, that’s right. I for one will take that healing power of yours, which technically belongs to me since I passed it down to you for my own safety. Then Mark here hasn’t drunk blood from someone alive for a while so since half your blood is already spilled he might as well clean the floor-” Mark lets out a monstrous growl. Jennet simply laughs it off and sits next to me, avoiding the places where my blood isn’t spilled.

And I wonder for a second. How did such a clown make such a reputation? No she isn’t a clown, she is awkward. From the moment I have spent with her till now, she is more awkward than smart and cruel. A weird combination but if I had to guess, she would probably suit as the silent kid.

Nonetheless when my eyes hover over Mark, I can tell he is annoyed with her and I wonder if he really helped her only to drink my blood alive? He could’ve done that long before and by his manipulation skills I hardly doubt that’s what it is.

Jennet stops chanting and slices her palm with the knife and her odd dark green blood spills from her skin. I might have puked at that if I weren’t in so much pain. Next without my permission she lifts my arm and cuts my palm, making me wince in pain. Then she claps our hands together so our blood mixes and joins. I am in too much agony to make out what’s next. Will I die now or will I have to witness the ultimate betrayal and then die? The first option is definitely better. And I keep chanting in my head as I collapse onto the floor, as my vision deteriorates.

Someone must avenge me.

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