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36. The rescue


I groan.

Rose… she is in danger.

The thought pulls me back to reality and I open my eyes with a jolt.

I find myself lying in the ground with a pool of dark red blood surrounding me. Mark is nowhere to be seen and I know he has Rose with him. I try to get up and I do it slowly as my head starts to spin and the stab wound sends ripples of pain through my body. I try not to make noise and sit up.

Once I sit on my knees I let out a sign of relief. One step at a time. I think of calling for help, I am sure the other members of the council are nearby but I do not want to take the risk. I have many trusted companions amongst the league but not trustable enough for them to know my secret.

I press the wound with my palm and watch the poison flow off my body? Witchblood poison. Highly deadly for Vampires but not for half vampires. I have been studying for a while and as far as I know half vampires are extinct because no one wants half breeds. They are unpredictable and their bodies are highly resistant to poison made for purebreds. Luckily for me, this means I’ll live and heal within an hour.

But that’s a lot of time. I do not know how long I have been unconscious so I can’t take the risk. I need to find Mark and Jennet and put an end to it.

I groan again and clutch the table corners. Taking the support of the object I pull myself up and don’t leave my grip as my head spins a lot faster than before. God, this is hard.

I glimpse at the half open door and feel the negative energy rippling outside. The witch is doing something.

I let out a frustrated growl and focus on my body. Closing my eyes, I focus on the supernatural power within me and put all the energy on healing my wound. More blood mixed with poison gushes out of the wound, dropping onto the floor. I wince as I feel the nerves and muscles attaching back to itself.

I focus harder but I don’t push my luck. If I overwork myself I might faint again, so slowly as still as a vampire, I walk towards the door. The wound slightly hurts as I walk but I can still heal the wound. The poison is almost out of my system.

I limp when I reach the doorway and when I look at my shirt, I find it soaked in blood, luckily my coat is dark and no one can make out my blood colour. Yet, the stale blood on my clothes is still uncomfortable. I decided to remove my coat and head outside.

As soon as I reach the corridors, the strong scent of magic fills my nostrils. It’s been placed there to confuse vampires, but since the spell is too new, I realise it’s coming from the old ballroom where the first disaster had occurred years ago. When I first visited the place. I glare at the dark hallways, then gulp.

I start walking towards the right where I know the witch is hiding.

If my hunch is correct, years ago Jennet was reported to be using forbidden magic, healing magic which can not only make you immortal but others immortal. Using this power in the wrong way could definitely ruin the balance of nature and thus the council members had decided to ban it but Jennet, being the greedy witch, went through lengths to obtain this power.

Strangely two years ago when she was called to the court of supernaturals, she didn’t have the power. No one could sense it. My guess–Jennet has hidden it somewhere…. Or someone. Please, I hope I am not correct.

If what I am thinking is true, Rose can never go back to normal life; her fate would be forever tangled with the infinite lies of the supernaturals. For her sake I hope I am wrong.

My thoughts finally stop. I am at the entrance of the ballroom. The door is closed and locked and my blood freezes when I smell human blood. A lot of human blood.

I glance back at my wound, my concentration has increased and my wound is almost healed, but I don’t have the energy to fight. I have wasted it on healing. I don’t know what to do, but I stop listening to my head when I hear Jennet chant the world’s most evilest and powerful words.

My eyes go dark and just as I give up on my life and burst through the doors I hear Mark’s voice, the one he uses to deceive people.

“Jennet, look behind you!”

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