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37. Over


I watch Mark pounce on Jennet like a monster. His claws and fangs free as he disrupts the spell, causing Rose’s hand to slip away from Jennet’s. She slides away to the back and I note more blood spilling from the wound. My nostrils flare as I watch the scene from behind the door and strangely neither Rose nor I look surprised when he bites Jennet. The light on the room fades and Jennet screeches, “you backstabber, you think you can kill me?″ He snarls and attacks her abdomen with his claws. They both let out an inhuman scream when Jennet’s safety spells activate.

My eyes fly over to Rose and see her trying to get up from the floor. I turn my attention onto Mark and Jennet again, before flickering my gaze over to Rose once again.
I contemplate whether I should just run and carry her away but the sane me knows they would sense me no matter how fast I go, even if I use my vampire skills.

Jennet claws Mark’s face and he howls, momentarily letting go of Jennet and without wasting the opportunity, she runs towards the door (and me) in an attempt to flee and my eyes widen. When the door opens and she finds me standing there, she freezes and so do I.

“Damien?” I hear Mark and Rose’s voice behind me, both confused. I don’t waste time with my claws out, I plunge them in Jennet’s heart with a cry. Jennet was already hurt when Mark (who has an obsession with attacking people on the abdomen) attacked her and now I know she has no spells to save her soul from leaving this world.

The whole room goes quiet when I stop and see Jennet slipping from the floor. I killed her and for a moment, I feel a sense of calm spread over me. She is gone. Rose is safe but when my eyes land on Mark I know that Jennet isn’t the real devil here.

He smirks when he sees me and pretends to hide his shock when he sees me alive.

“So I believe what Rose had said was true. You really are a half vampire,” he says and my eyes land on Rose who in return snarls back, “You tricked me into telling you coward!” And Mark flashes her fangs towards her, but remains quiet.

“Mark, you can still leave if you wish to escape. I know I wasn’t the best brother so let me give you a last choice to stop whatever you are doing,” I say clutching my abdomen.

At that he lets out an evil laugh. I wasn’t sure my brother was capable of.

“A choice? Really? You can’t change the past and neither can you change me, so no I won’t leave. I am finally doing something for myself and not you. And look at you, you can barely walk and you have the audacity to threaten me?” He says with deep hatred but I return it with a glare of mine.

“I wasn’t the best brother, but neither was I the worst. I did everything I could to help you and if you don’t leave now then I will kill you here,” I say and for a moment Mark looks scared and small but it only lasts for a second before he laughs again.

“Oh? Kill me? Well, let’s see which one of us survives.” And with that, he pounces on me. Still shocked with the words, I try to dodge his attack but he is too fast and he slams my head on the corridor behind us. Rose lets out a scream and for a moment, I feel like I might faint but bringing in my last bit of energy, I punch in the face right where Jennet had clawed him and he leaves me and backs away in pain.

I use this opportunity to attack and try to claw him in the face again but Make is quick. He turns his back and heads over to Rose who is laying on the floor. He bends down to pick her up and I charge over at him, throwing myself onto his back to stop him. Three strong cuts appear on his back and he howls loudly in pain, throwing his head in the air. He raises his fist, colliding it with the side of my face, causing me to wince. I pull away as I lost my footing. He takes advantage of this and lunges forward. I dodge him and collapse onto the floor.

He lashes out at me with his claws. I let out a loud shout when he tried clawing my wound and see him smile. Nothing in that smile was human and that was when I knew that my brother was gone and what replaced him now was nothing but a monster. Neither do I act or say anything when I find Rose limping behind him with a huge dagger. It is only when she stabs him in the heart that I see some sort of satisfaction on his face before his body crashes on top of me.

Rose and I stare at each other for a moment when we both realize he is dead. I feel a single tear fall from my right eye and that’s when the door bursts open and the entire council enters the room. All in shock and I curse at them with their pathetic timing. When I glance at Rose I see her losing consciousness and falling to the floor. I look up to the members who are unable to fathom a sentence. I open my mouth to speak, but no word comes out. Finally it’s all over.

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