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38. A New Beginning(rose)


I lie on my bed while scrolling through my phone. I like photo after photo - consisting of my friends, and lifelessly watch a few random videos and memes.

It’s been a week since the attack and I’ve been bedridden ever since. After we were rescued, all the vampires were ready to torment me after Damien came to consciousness and told the truth. When he did tell the truth, many of the councillors looked disappointed and even though I was wrapped in bandages, I was still able to muster my biggest smirk and make a face that screamed ‘Ha! I am blameless!’

Once everyone had apologized to me, I was taken back to my apartment and was appointed a nurse from the member’s of Scarenville as a token of their apology. I didn’t argue because now knowing that Jennet and Mark are gone, I am relieved; the fact that Scarenville was at peace now was unbelievable. I clamp my hand around the phone and I put it aside when a nagging thought occurs to me.

Mark is dead and Mark is Damien’s brother. I never had siblings so I do not know what he is feeling now and even though he did do some awful things, he was after all his brother. I gulp nervously, after the accident we didn’t exchange any words, but I know sooner or later I need to face him. It’s the right thing to do, after all.

A knock on the door breaks me away from my train of thoughts and I am glad for the distraction. I shout from my bed hoarsely, “Doors open! Come in!” Usually whenever there was a knock on my door, it was bad news, hopefully it isn’t this time.

The door slides open with a creak and two agents enter my room. I recognise one of them, Spike! The agent who came to me for a discussion after I was almost killed. The other one with dark pink hair nods slowly to Spike as if indicating to him to continue and he steps forward. “Hello Rose, How is your recovery?” He asks politely and I answer, my voice short and curt,“It’s good. And you can cut the chase.” I smile dryly at them and he stares at me flustered before continuing, “Right! As you can tell the CF wants to apologise deeply for the mistreatment and we want to make a few things right. At the last attack we found you to be quite talented as we have dug up that Mark had taught you how to fight supernaturals.” He pauses for a moment. I tilt my head and frown, I think I know where this is going.

“We also noted your past history and found you to be quite resourceful and recently we are lacking human members of the Scarenville. We believe with more training you are fit to be a part of CF and we propose a position within our ranks to you,” he says and I think about it for a moment.

After all the events I have witnessed by myself, I by any chance, would never want to join the members. Not only did I see how dead their heart is, but I doubt I would be able to live a good mundane life.

I raise my hand to decline the offer but Spike continues. It is only fifteen minutes later that they leave disappointed.

“Alright Miss Rose if that’s what you wish. We will schedule your return from Scarenville next week. If you ever change your mind you know where to find me,” Spike says and leaves. I stare at the now closed door dumbfounded. Cursing at an uprising headache, I get up from my bed. My abdomen where I was stabbed feels a bit tight and raw but I feel no pain, probably because of the pain meds I am in.

I get up, careful not to move my body much and get out of my room. I know the nurse and will be mad when she sees the bed empty so I quietly write a note explaining that I wish to go for a small walk to clear my head.

I close the door and exit the building, finally glad to feel some fresh air.

Y’all- the book is not over yet. I still have a few more chapters and woo! I’m early! Love y’all!

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