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39. A New Beginning(damien)


The walk towards Amoras apartment is quiet. Knowing Rose is also a few floors above is even more overwhelming. We need to sort out what happened between us, but our scars will never heal.

Since I cannot face her right now, I quietly knock on Amora’s door and silently cross my fingers in hopes that she will answer. Fortunately, a few seconds later the door creaks open, and Amora, now disguised in her forties, emerges. As she examines me, Amora nods and opens the door for me; I hesitate, but it seems she always knows why someone is visiting her, so I don’t bother to explain my visit. I stare at the plain room for a while, it was rumored that Jennet and Amora were once close but soon set apart on different terms. Though I have never met Amora in my orphanage, I had found her in Scarenville in an apartment grumbling about the weather, which is odd, considering Jennet was also in Scarenville. Why both the witches were in a town named Scarenville is beyond me.

“Are you sure? I can’t go back once we’re done.”
‘Yes, this is what I want.’ I reply and stand straighter as I hear Amora say behind me. I shudder involuntarily as I answer, but manage to answer.

“It is impossible for me to make you a dhampir again. The only way you can ever be a vampire is by the blood of another vampire. There will never be dhampirs again.” She walks past me and sits in the chair, her body stiff. She stares into the depths of my soul, trying to find any hesitation so she can dismiss my choices, but I hold my predatory gaze and show no weakness. There is a moment of silence before she mutters some curses in the witches’ language and I relax physically.

Her charm necklace swishing in the air as she rubs it impatiently, she pats the chair before her. After slowly approaching her chair, I sit beside her and gulp. Another time, she asks me what advantage I am getting, and I simply respond that it’s just for myself. I receive a huff of annoyance in return.

I know there is no turning back once she takes my hand in her palm and begins chanting. My mind goes back to Mark and Jake as the room becomes fuzzier around me. When we were growing up, Mark would ask me to play with him, but I would always decline, make empty promises, but we were kids, is that why he did that, or does he have a story of his own? Guess I’ll never know. Jake makes me wonder if he’s connected to Mark by any chance or if he feels the same way about me but not so much like Mark’s rage, which had turned into madness, and how he kept that chaos within him all this time is beyond me. As my vision begins to dim, I take in a large breath and feel my senses dull. I can feel my heart beating again somewhere in my body.

I think about Rose and the possibilities of our future. Are there any chances that we will be able to reunite? Or will she start screaming at me to get away from her sight? I felt the prickle of tears escape my eyes at the last thought. The possibilities are endless, but the answers are even fewer. I lose consciousness as Amora’s chants become louder.

Whenever I do, I dream of sitting on top of a building with Rose, Mark, Jake, Cason, and watching the city sparkle from below.

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