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The wind greets concrete and skin just the same, yet I am blessed to feel it. Its powerful currents run through the forest, oblivious to the fact that those who can hear it are soothed by its singing. I’ve always imagined the wind as wild, even chaotic, but it, too, has a route, even if there are an unlimited number of alternative destinations. It’s passion in the air, a drive that propels you forward.

Stars shine above me and for once I am surprised that there are no clouds hiding the sky’s beauty. Like glitter splattered across the dark, the stars twinkle at me and momentarily, I forget all the problems and wounds I received recently.

Suddenly, I don’t feel guilty for leaving my room anymore, I needed the scenery and fresh air. My room was suffocating me and the nightmares I had the past nights weren’t very comforting.

It’s strange that my dreams seem to be coming in pieces, I think to myself as I walk by the dark streets and for once I am not scared.

My dreams felt more like memories; memories buried deep inside my mind. Most of them consisted of my early days spent with Jennet. Most of the time I would dream of her coming back from the dead to kill me, but sometimes I would dream of her speaking to some man in the kitchen while little me would spy on her from behind the wall. The face of the man looks familiar but I cannot point out anything about it. Every day I feel like I am missing something, some deep part of me believes that he might be connected to Jennet and maybe he is.

I kick a rock and toss away from my track. After taking a few more uncanny steps I pause. The only reason I am alive right now is because of my choices and trusting my gut. Jennet was nothing but kind to me, yet I believed in myself which made me see past through her fake get-up and right now something tells me someone is following me.

I turn around in two swift moves and scan the area. The trees in the dark forest covering the sides of the wide road are nicotine-brown. Orcs are gobbling meat and grinding on bone. Gloomy scrubs now seem to be dangerous creatures. The musty air suddenly makes it difficult to breathe. This place now feels old and otherworldly. All because of one stalker.

But one thing I learned from my past events is to never show fear to your foe. So head high, I speak loud, “Who is there? Show yourself.” My words echo through the forest ominously and I take a step forward on my way back. If I can just make myself look unafraid and walk back to my apartment-

Something crunches under my shoe, catching my attention before I’m able to finish my thought. I pick it up and see a photograph, my blood chills at that. Staring brightly are two young witches, one with sharp fox eyes and there is another one which is most definitely Jennet. Both figures look young and stare at the camera. The picture is colourless and it is definitely from the early 1900′s, and my dreams seem to make a lot more sense. The figure standing next to Jennet is undoubtedly her brother. A brother I had never known or heard off.

The crunch of the boots from behind me sends shivers down my spine, I think I know who my stalker is. My mind goes to a bunch of different things I can do now. I can try to run but I know it won’t be useful. I can try to fight but my injuries will be a great disadvantage to me. The only option left for me is to confront him. Maybe he doesn’t know about her death, yes, that’s my only shot.

Taking a deep breath, I turn around and my breath hitches. The sibling reference is so obvious that I could easily mistaken them for twins.

In the dark, the trees are staring at us like silent sentries and he stands in front of me with no ounce of emotion. His face, his fox eyes tells me he is from the witch family but his fangs are of a vampire. His claws are very similar to the Alpha I freed in the past and the two dark wings that seem attached to his back block the night sky.

What is he?

All the plans in my mind vanish and I take a few steps back as my knees wobble. No way in hell will I be able to converse with a monster and something now tells me he knows about Jennet’s death and the culprit. I turn around, wasting no time and flee. Despite my injuries, I run faster than usual, maybe it is the sense of death and danger that looms over me but my legs don’t slow down.

I have been running for the past thirty minutes and I do not know why I still haven’t reached my apartment, in fact I don’t see any light anymore. The sky is now all dark and with no ounce of light, leaving me utterly defenseless and blind. The wounds have now opened and my pain meds can no longer dull the pain. Even though I do not hear him behind me, I know he is chasing me, hunting me as if I am an animal and right now I don’t doubt the logic. Still hope in me doesn’t shatter, if only I can play the little game of catch for a little while longer until I reach my apartment or anyone’s sight I will be safe. So despite the odds I keep on running, no matter how sore my legs are.

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