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4. The note


My eyes lock with Damien’s as I stare hard at him."What do you want?" My voice quivers as the sound of a chair scraping against the floor fills the darkness.

"I want to talk." The lights flicker back on, reducing the intensity of the situation. I inhale a sharp breath and calm myself down, keeping my eyes focused onto Damien - who is now seated by the table. His fangs extend as he straightens his back against the chair.

"Come, sit. " He motions to the chair opposite to him with a small wave.
I remain lost in thought as I mentally debate on doing as he said. He loses his patience as he growls in frustration. "Oh come on, I haven't got all night!"

Ok, better not anger a killer Vampire .

I move and sit on the chair next to Damien, patiently waiting for him to break the small silence. I rub my hands in anticipation and flicker my eyes over to him. "So what's your full name?" He asks out of the blue and I raise an eyebrow.

"Rose Gracia...yours?"

"I am a Vampire, I don't have the last name," he answers with a smug expression displayed on his face.

I simply roll my eyes and remain motionless in my seat expecting Damien to ask me another useless question. But, he doesn't, instead he puts his hands in his pockets and looks at me with no emotion. His pale face and golden eyes shining even brighter than the lights of my room. I slowly squirm under his gaze.

Is something there on my face?

"Uh.. hello?"

No response
He continues to stare at me, and we stay there for the next 20 minutes. Me looking at him awkwardly and ready to jump any time, and Damien looking at me with no expression as if he is a rock. He doesn’t move an inch, keeping still as a statue. Has he really turned to a stone? Do Vampires hibernate like that or something?

I slowly move forward and move my hand to check if he really has turned to a stone.

Haha if this happens I could easily run out of here.

I stretch my hands even further to touch his skin. His eyes are still looking where he was looking before.No movement at all. I poke his nose with my index finger and instantly his eyes shift to me, who is now weirdly half sitting and half standing with a stretched arm.

Talk about the most embarrassing moment.

"What exactly do you think you are doing?" His cold voice snaps me out of my thoughts, as a scowl forms on his face.

"What? It's you who turned into a statue for the last twenty minutes.". He moves back to his previous position,, causing me to shake my head. "Oh, no no no you are not going back to looking at me like a statue again. I need an explanation."

"Look, I was just thinking ok, so chillax." He rolls his eyes, and looks outside my window. I follow his gaze and look up to see everything completely dark. Right, No lights or tall towers like Paris or anything. The only thing I could see was the moon, and it was full.

"What are you looking at?" I ask and expect a response, but he only grunts before getting up to walk over to my kitchen.

Excuse me? This is my room.

"Hey! Answer me! What's up with this weird attitude?" I follow him into the kitchen, pausing when I spot the coke in his hand. My coke.

“What?” He opens the can in front of me and raises it up his thin lips, taking a sip.

"What's with this weird attitude?" I question again and he shrugs.

He pretends to think as he lifts his finger to his chin, with his eyes flickering over to the ceiling. "Hmm...Let's see, maybe because you are the first human to ever last so long without me killing you yet." He glances back at me and releases a chuckle.

Oh, awesome, I just realized Damien is not only a Vampire but a psycho too.

"Well, why don’t you just go back to your home and we can call it a night?"

He shakes his head instantly. "You might run off, and I am not really in the mood of human hunting later." He tosses the now empty coke can into the bin and turns to face me.

"Fine, I won't run, " I mumble, voice sounds being drowned by my thoughts of escaping tomorrow.

"Can you say that a bit louder?" He says and I huff some air and say my words louder, "Fine I won't run!"

My stomach twists as I see Damien looking straight through my eyes. As if looking at my soul."I am renting a room next to yours, so I will know if anything sneaky is going on." And with that, he trots out of my room and closes the door with a small bang.

After a while of just standing there clueless, I shake my head and open my mini-fridge, taking out some canned food which I had gotten with me before reaching Scarenville. While I sit back at my table and eat the canned food, I think of what just happened right now.

By the time I finish my food, it's already 9 and I haven't completed my homework. But after all, who in the right mind would actually be doing homework? So like a rule breaker I am, I doze off to sleep with my favorite PJ instead of completing my homework.
Where am I? I think as I twirl around and realize that I am at a ball dancing with a person hiding behind his mask. Around me, everybody else is dancing while wearing masks, keeping their identities hidden. My eyes flicker towards the ceiling, glancing at the majestic chandelier hanging at its full glory. I glance around me, letting the faint music fade away into the background as people sway along to the music.

"You look beautiful." My attention is placed onto my dancing partner. His voice sounds oddly familiar, but I’m unable to pinpoint this.. His words ring inside of my head as I glance down, eyeing my own outfit. A rose themed gown with a matching mask covers my body.

Within a moment, the scenery around me changes. Loud screams fill my ears as I catch a glimpse of the war filled scene with thousands of people fighting and vanishing. Wait? Vanishing? Hold up! And then the scene changes again and I find myself about to open a door with no knob. The corridor is dark and just as I open the door the scene changes and then I find myself looking at myself holding a knife. What is going on?

“La la la la la, wake up, it's a new morning.
You gotta rise and shine or else
you can press the snooze button and IIIIII
will say these words after 5 minutes.
Cause I gotta job to do.
To wake you up-"

My hand automatically goes towards my phone next to the nightstand and press the snooze button.
"Ugh," I groan. I hate mornings. Whoever had said that waking up early keeps you fresh and hyped was totally mistaken.

I force myself up and rub the sleep away from my eyes. My mind wanders off to the dream I had and before I know it I forgot. Great!
I stretch my arms and jump out of my bed -an old habit I always had, and move towards the bathroom, closing the door. I slowly squeeze some paste on my toothbrush and start to brush while looking at my sleepy eyes through the mirror, closing every now and then. "What's up with my hair? Why do I look like a monster?" I say aloud and think, but laugh at the situation. After some minutes, I am all fresh and ready to go to the monster school, hoping I can survive today.

I grab an energy bar, munching on it as I stuff my bag with all my books. Throwing one last look at the time, I turn towards the door, only for my movements to come to a halt.

My energy bar slips from my hand as my eyes focus onto my door. My jaw drops open, as my eyes widen in horror. On my door in a scratchy creepy way is written 'NoT aLL DReAmS aRe mEaNInG LeSs, esPECIaLLy tHe oNes WHich ArE FoRgOTTeN :)'

Beneath it is a yellow sticky note stuck onto the wall with a second message - this time, written out in an ordinary font.
yes I entered your room and wrote this message.-Your one day neighbor'

The strap of my bag loosens as it crashes onto the floor, tipping all the contents onto the carpeted floor. My eyes bore into the sticky note, as I reach forward, snatching it from the wall. It didn’t take a genius to figure out who wrote this. But the real question was why?

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