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5. Surprise


I enter my new school, holding my breath with each step and my books clutched to my chest. The note Damien left in my room is still ingrained in my memory, making me expect the unexpected.

Thousands of questions evade my mind, and I dont know the answer to any of them. But I couldn’t just sit there lost, so I ended up packing up my stuff, which explains why I am now dragging my feet down the school halls - with hesitance evident in each step.
People’s stare shift towards me, before quickly diverting their attention elsewhere.

Well... I guess that means they probably don’t know what has happened… luckily.

I walk through the now-familiar corridor and stop next to my locker. The timetable is stuck with a magnet inside my locker and I note it is time for Geography. To be honest, I am not really a fan of geography, but I don’t really have an option here, so I start navigating towards my class while trying to calm my nerves. My eyes search the labels on each door as I stroll through the corridor filled with pale teens.

I am still not exactly familiar with the corridor since I am always alone - not that anyone is going to come and help me, so I am on my own. Lost in my thoughts my body collides with a hard chest, causing me to almost lose my balance and break my nose, groaning I glance up at the person. And all the color on my face drains out of me as I lock my eyes with Damien- the last person I wanted to see today.

“Watch where you are going, Rosy,” his voice being laced with a playful tone, before pushing me to the right wall and walking past ms. My shoulders hurt to the impact and I immediately snap.

"Hey! You should also look at where you are going!” My nose flares with rage.

I mean, you can’t just boss me around! I am THE boss.

He freezes in his tracks, his back still in front of me and his jet black jacket mocking me. He faces me with an eyebrow raised, causing my heart to beat faster. He was making this moment nerve-wracking for me purposely, and I hated that.

“Is that so?” he challenges.

I nod my head. Damien watches at me with an amused expression and starts approaching me, stopping when his face is just inches away from mine. I stare into his golden coloured eyes, slowly getting lost in them. Neither of us blink as a silent staring contest occurs between us. Within a second, his body is behind me, surprising me.

He was just in front of me!

“Your mortal eyes are too slow to capture my speed.” he replies with a mocking tone, clearing my doubts that he has supernatural speed. My breath hitches when I realize how close his face is to my neck. He has the power to dig his fangs into my skin if he wants to.
But my question is why hasn't he bitten me yet? What is he waiting for?

He then chuckles and studies me and then speaks in the most enchanting voice.

“Time for class.” Then without another word he walks past me while whistling, and just then the bell rings.

Well, he isn't wrong; I think and move in search of my class. I soon find a door with “Geo” written on top and push the door open. As soon as I enter the class, My eyes automatically scans for the devil's face, once I don't find him my shoulders slump. Ok, Damien isn’t in this class. I grab a random chair and sit on it.

The class soon starts, but my mind is somewhere else. It is still on the time when Damien had scratched the note on my door, The new nickname Rosy, ugh, Amora looking younger, most of the people acting cold, Damien, Why he hasn’t bitten me yet… and many more.

I am confused and to be honest; I am surprised by how nicely I took in all of this information, instead of running like a headless chicken.
I need to know about this place or else I wouldn’t be able to escape from here. And Damien, knowing that I am planning to escape from here wouldn’t be much help.

But my question is - how will I get out? Ugh, this wasn’t helping me much, so I decide to pay attention to the class instead of thinking too much. The same old teacher with white hair is now standing at the front of the classroom, pointing to the board with his pale hand. I find myself listening to everything she is saying and before I know it, the lesson is over.
Damn, this school at least has a good syllabus as promised.

The day flies by and nothing bad happens throughout the day. Until the last period which is Biology.

As I make my way towards the class, I look for Damien just in case. But luckily he isn't there in any of my classes till now. The teacher soon enters the class and stacks his books on the table. She is an average lady with glasses and brown hair while she scans the classroom before narrowing her eyes at me. “Are you Rose Gracia?” she asks. All the curious cold students turn to stare at me, making my body stiffen.
“Yes, it’s me,” I intone and see the teacher nodding.

“Damien wants to talk to you, he is waiting outside.” At that, some students gasp. But I ignore them and quickly step outside. Outside a nervous Damien fidgets with his fingers as he paces around. Well, that’s unlike him, I wonder and call out, “You asked for me?” he nods and grabs my hand pleadingly, his skin completely cold and leads me out of the building within seconds - with his Superhuman speed. I blink.
“We have a minor crisis,” Damien says, and I nod suspiciously. What happened now that he had to interrupt my class?

“I need a partner for the masquerade ball party and apparently mine just got killed.”

Just killed? I look at him in horror and pause.

“So you mean to say she JUST died and you are looking for a partner now?” I say and he nods. How did she die? Why did she die? All questions pop in my head but I refrain myself from asking them because after all-this is Scarenville. “So why are you asking me?” I ask and he shakes his head.

“Ain’t that obvious? I am asking you to be my partner... Also it’s today so I hope you are prepared,” He continues and my eyes pop out in shock-obviously in my head. But in reality I keep it cool and narrow my eyes suspiciously.

“What will I get if I come to the party?” I ask and Damien dramatically puts his head with fingers before answering,
“The food over there is coming from the world’s most famous chef"

Unbelievable, he expects me to with just because of that? No. That was not why I decided to go with him. I decided to go with him because I need more information about Vampires in order to escape. And knowing that they aren't really harmful, I nod my head. Let him think I am doing this for food.

Looking at the dress in front of me now, I try my best not to cringe or laugh. On the sofa sits a huge gown in Rose colored with some rose flowers on the hem of the gown. I smile internally as I realize why it’s Rose themed. Yes, you guessed it right. Because of my name, but I still wear it and put on my Rose colored mask which now covers my face and smile to myself in the mirror. I take my keys and lock my room, heading outside. The corridor lights make my gown more shinier.

Once, I walk outside my eyes focus on to Damien who is waiting in the reception in a black tuxedo, with his hands clutched behind him. His golden eyes hold my gaze as they shine brightly through his dark mask. He pulls his hand out for me like a gentleman once I stand in front of him. I ignore the small blush forming in my cheeks and take it politely.

There is no need for words right now as we both can feel a strange electric nervous energy surround us. Both of us then walk out of the rusty old apartment and head towards a black limo. The driver's seat automatically opens and a young driver exits the car to open the doors for us. I have never felt such a lady as I feel now and honestly I am clueless on what to feel. Whether happy, excited, nervous or upset. The driver says nothing as I and Damien get inside the vehicle. Once we are seated the doors close automatically and before I know it the car starts moving.

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