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7. Spy? I am not a spy!


What do I do? What do I do?

Pacing back and forth in this small room is not helping. My eyes flicker over to the window, examining the weight I had shoved against it. I had done the same to the door, placing my dresser against it to barricade myself inside. But I don't think it would help much since they probably have superhuman strength.

Be aware.

Damien's written words whisper in my head as my pacing continues. I look back at the clock and realize it's 11:20 already. "Damn it! This is of no use"

I grab for the landline and try to call Amora. I groan in frustration once the voicemail fills my ears. "Think Rose… Think," I whisper and search through the small mini-kitchen, finding a small knife and see it glint. Glint… Google. Hopefully, whatever they say is right - I think and shuffle through my bag to remove my phone. I then remove my old beat-up phone and open the search engine. My fingers type against the keyboard - 'How to kill Vampires' and click the top article.

I read through the points they make and think.

Ok, out of all of them the only weapons I have are garlic, fire, and the knife to slow them down. I think and look at the time again 11:36.

I hurry into the mini kitchen and remove the garlic before pausing in my tracks. . Do Vampires really die from garlic? I think and try to remember Damien's dinner, which he ate tonight, and shake the thought off since it's useless. (I shake it off, shake it off yea. Cause the Vampire gonna kill kill kill…)

No need to take risks, I think and helplessly go to the counter to find a matchstick. I quickly light some fire and toss the stick on one of my clothes, which is wrapped on a wooden stick on the tip. The cloth instantly catches fire and spreads while I pick it up carefully and stare at it intensely.

Ok, I should be safe now.

I get my knife and hold it in my other hand, clutching it tightly, I glance at the clock again and notice it 11:51 oh god, how much time did I take to light some fire? And just as I was about to sit, the lights flicker, causing my body to jerk.

They are coming. I can feel it in my bones.

Closing my eyes in anticipation I take a deep breath- feeling somewhat prepared.
Looking at the window and then at the door, my gut feelings tells me something bad is going to happen. I take a breath in deeply again, and close my eyes shut, listening to my gut. Why do I feel like I am forgetting something?

Just then, the sound of a loud crash fills the room instantly grabbing my attention. Dang, it! I had forgotten to lock the window in my bathroom.! Frick Frick! Being caught completely off guard, I feel someone spin me around and hold my right hand in a death grip. In reflex, my left hand quickly moves and slashes the assaulter's arm. The man gives a cry and howls in pain, clutching onto his wound, and drops my hand in the process. I turn around to run but freeze as I come face to face with two more men.

Both of them wearing a dark velvet tuxedo. The one on my right has Blue hair while the other one has jet black hair. Both look well built after years of training on breaking into student's rooms. But the one who assaulted me is different than both of them. 8 foot tall, he glares at me with those red eyes of his.

They look at me in furry and the blue-haired guy says "Knew she was a spy!"

I frown but stay alert. "I am no spy... Look I think this is a mist-"

I wasn't able to complete my sentence as all three of them quickly charge at me at superhuman speed. I try to dodge them quickly and run into the bathroom, hoping to lock the door. But they catch up to me. Ok, speed is not an option now. I need to use my brain. "Oh, yea? How can you fight then?" The one who I attacked earlier questions. Squinting his red eyes suspiciously. I pause and shrug "Reflexes" and quickly throw the stick I had wrapped with fire before on the tall guy who was standing in front of me. But rather than hitting him in the chest, it falls near his neatly polished shoes. The red-eyed guy glances at me and raises a perfect eyebrow before chuckling. "Now, I believe you," He states, before bursting into laughter . Almost rolling on the ground wearing tuxedos. For a shot, I really wished I could take another chance to hit them right but then think better of it. And head towards the bathroom. This time successfully locking it.

"I told you I am no spy!" I shout back as I hear some banging on the door. Hell, they are quick. I look at the bathroom window again next to my shower. Considering the option. If I jump from there, I would definitely break some bones. Then I hear one of the hinges break and I know that they have broken the door. I watch them as they all enter the bathroom and I am cornered. "We might let you live if you tell us where your boss is!" The raven-haired man on the right says.

My hands shake and I take a step back. " I told you I am no spy!" I try again, but one of them lets a frustrated groan.

"Then why did you react to us when you heard the wretched whitches name?" The others nod in agreement.

"I just know her, and it's all terrible memories," I drawl and quickly glance at the open bathroom window again. I might not get hurt much, after all, it's not that high.

"Liar," one of them shouts and charges towards me. !n a panic, I quickly jump out of the window -shocking the intruders and myself.

The lightness of my body is creepy as hell as I am falling down rapidly I know that I will break some bones. I close my eyes and brace myself to feel the pain, but it never comes. Instead, I fall into someone's arms. My hands automatically wrap around the person's shoulders and the familiar sensations run through me

I open my eyes and find two golden eyes looking straight at me. The moonlight highlighted Damien's features making eyes even brighter, and he is in his Vampire mode. Pale skin, fangs extended, and sharp claws. I suck in a breath, he indeed looks like a dangerous Vampire. "Are you alright?" he asks with a frown and I nod. Still speechless by what happened.

Behind us, I hear some footsteps and then a familiar voice which I have learned to hate. "Phew! good thing that you caught the spy before it fled off," the guy I attacked says and smiles. Caught? I look at Damien in alarm, but he says nothing. Instead, he walks towards them, still gripping me. Wait, he can't give them to me? I mean, he is the one who warned me!

"She said she knows her and hates her, Blade," Damien says. Oh, so the tall dude's name is blade… wait, who names their kid blade?"

"No, she is a spy!" Blade says and Damien rolls his eyes

"Stop acting like a kid. You don't know that."

"But she attacked us! And she was prepared!" Oh, shoot.

"Sorry, but if someone breaks through your washroom, you would attack them too if you had the guts," Damien says cooly.

Yea, I got a load of guts.

"Let's do this more maturely, shall we? Let her talk," Damien says, and I hear some grumbles behind me.

"Fine, but the others won't be happy if they hear it!"Someone warns and Damien scoffs.

"Oh please, the others are babies."

And with that on a superhuman speed, we reach my floor again, but this time we enter the opposite room. Probably because mine is a mess. We enter the room and Damien switches the light on, probably because of me, and helps me down on my feet.

"Thanks," I mumble and he nods, closing the door. We automatically move towards the bed and sit; The moment soon turns awkward.

"Look," Damien starts and I look at him. He is busy trying to form a sentence. "They don't trust you.

"I realized," I say in a high pitched voice.

"Uh, we all have some trust issues and I know... um, that your past might be tough," he adds.

Oh, I see where this is going.

"But the only way I can help you is if you tell me the whole truth, I have some power, so I might convince them," he continues and I look at him. I see nothing but sincerity.

"Fine but for a promise." My voice is calm as I stare hard at him, waiting for his response.

He furrows his brow and tilts his head to the side. "And what is that?"

"You need to share your past too."

The room is silent for a moment until I hear Damien muttering, "Fine"
I suck in a breath.

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