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8.Her Past

Rose's Past

I used to live in a little town near the Blue Hue Frost Forest. My parents both owned a bakery shop and were busy people which meant most of my time was spent alone. But during one sunny day when I was around six years, an unusual noise grabbed my attention when I was cycling down the neighborhood. I heard some noise behind me and saw a truck lifting furniture from the back, and realized that someone was moving into the house next to mine.

I turned my bicycle and paddled through the house's to look who our new neighbors were. Maybe it was someone of my age? The idea made me giddy. Finally someone I can play with.

But instead, I found a skinny lady dressed in purple. Watching me with her beady eyes; of which one was colored green and the other blue. Her cheeks were hollow, showing her cheekbones and thin brown hair was tied in a bun. She looked like one of those women from supernatural cliche TV shows.

But something more had creeped me out. She was watching me without blinking her eyes for a whole minute. And something inside me was telling me to turn away as far I can from her. So listening to my guts, I quickly tried to make a turn.

My cycle wheels squeaked when I took an unsteady turn. Although, instead of finding an empty road, I found a tree in front of me. In fear, my body froze and I had automatically closed my eyes while waiting for the impact. But it never came. When I finally opened my eyes, I found the unusual woman holding my back seat.

Oh, she saved me!

There was no denying that this was even creepier. The last I remembered she was at least 11 feet away from me. How did she…? But my pondering died when she spoke. "Watch where you are going," Was all that she said. I gulped down and nodded while quickly turning. Slowly this time. After that, I quickly cycled back to my home and ran upstairs to my room. I was shocked by what had happened that day.

After a few days, I started seeing her more often. After all, she was my next-door neighbour. She used to always visit our bakery and even started talking to me. Eventually, I started engaging in the conversations, ignoring the bad vibes. It turned out her name was Jennet Gracia, a 21-year-old artist who was selected to join an art college nearby. After hearing that I relaxed a bit and shrugged off my creepy vibes about her.

My family started interacting with her a lot, too. We used to have dinner together and often talk until one day my parents suddenly had disappeared. It was one casual night in the middle of August. Just, as usual, my mother came to my room to tuck me in my bed. But unlike the other mornings where I would find my dad cooking bacon while my mom baked cakes, they vanished. The police were just as confused as everyone and searched for them for 6 months but after that, they gave up and considered them 'dead'.

There was no news and everything had seemed to move in a blur. It was Jennet who had invited me into her home with open arms. It seemed as if she was the only one who had the wits to handle such situations and I was extremely grateful for that but no, I was wrong, I was VERY wrong.

After I had shifted to Jennet's house, the nightmares began - consisting of my parents. Of them screaming for my aid, and every night I used to wake up and cry until I started taking sleeping pills to prevent them.

I hadn't told Jennet about it because I was a little suspicious about her. Once the numbness was gone, I started noticing things about her too. One. She had a brown leather journal which remained locked. She constantly wrote in it every night using a feather.

The second odd thing was the lock I’d found near the fireplace, revealing a secret room. My mind started to fill with the worst-case scenario but I didn't do anything. Not until I had solid proof that I was in danger. And so I waited for years, and in those years, I got interested in music and started singing in many choirs.

Jennet always approved of my music and seemed to be extra interested even when I sang. She would always stare at me with a gleam in her eyes while I used to sing.

It was a while later when I’d discovered her leather journal unlocked and sitting over the table while Jennet was asleep one cold night. I eyed it suspiciously and stepped into her room to touch it. Nothing happened. I knew I shouldn't read other people's stuff without permission but my curiosity got the best of me.

I took the diary and went to my room to read it. Once I had locked my door room I opened it up and began reading. As I flipped through the pages, glancing at the multiple notes and sketches my stomach twisted as I learned who she was.

This cannot be. I screamed in my head. Jennet was a witch, more specifically a music witch. And she intended to use my voice on my 16th birthday. That was in three days. My blood turned cold as I read more and more. It was her writing about me and about my music skills, and how long she waited for my 16th birthday. But for what reason? It wasn't mentioned, but I didn't need to know more. Instead, I slipped the journal back onto the table with shaking hands and checked my room lock again. If it's securely locked.

Even though it might all be a bluff and she might just be a crazy young lady, I still was suspicious about her acts. It doesn't matter whether she is a witch or not because I got to know that she was intended to harm me in a few days. So being the sane person I was.

I opened up my laptop, preparing to research what I’d just read. I had to do something about it and then as if someone had heard me, an advertisement for Scarenville highschool popped up.

It wasn't far away, my mind ran through the odds of running tonight. It was not that far away from here and it would only take a few hours to get there. I had my debit card; I could cash out some money and hail a cab, going to Scarenville.

Yes, that could work. I had never trusted Jennet because even after all these years, she had always given me an odd vibe, and for the first time I understood why. Next, without giving my plan another thought, I packed my bags with my essentials and jumped through my bedroom window, into the garden and freedom…


I snap out of my thoughts and force myself to look at Damien after I said everything. Throughout the whole conversation which consisted of me talking, he seemed rather calm and understanding. "And here I am," I say and shrug. The moonlight is lightly entering the room through the cracked blinds, casting a light shadow on his side making his features more prominent and handsome. I gulped audibly.

He nodded. "Thank you for sharing your past, I am guessing it might have been hard to say it," He says in a low voice and I nod. The next few moments are of silence.

"What about you?" I ask.

"What about me?" He raises an eyebrow.

The dude forgot about his word

"You told me you would share your past with me too!"
"I did?"
I say it a bit louder and see him rubbing his neck nervously.

"Can we talk about me later-"

"No" I interrupt and continue," Look I shared my past and it is only fair you do it too!"I flicked my eyes over to him and watch as a deep breath leaves his lips. "Come on, please," I add and give him my puppy eyes.

He turns his face to argue and looks at me with a frown. "What are you doing?" he asks when he sees me trying to pout and give the puppy eyes. Must have looked horrible.


"That's not gonna help, and besides I am willing to talk already.”

He nods, darting his eyes over to the room, making sure no one else is around. "Alright, before talking, promise me you won't say anything about what I am about to say now?" All the humor in me dies and I realize that his past might be more messed up than mine. Of course, it will, he is a Vampire after all.

"Okay." I nod and see him closing his eyes for a second as if gathering his courage to say something.
After a few seconds he opens them and in a very flat tone continues, "I lied, I am not a Vampire."

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