The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Chapter 10


A rogue hadn't been found lurking around the pack. That was just a way to get Scar and her boyfriend to come back. I didn't like him, but that wasn't surprising considering I didn't like anyone who looked, touched, or even thought about my girl. And he was doing all those things.

All my life I had to ward people off so they didn't go after my girl. Even so young I had known that she was the one and as future Alpha, I knew I had to keep everything that was mine safe.

I still remembered the first time I had met Scarlet. She was a beautiful Angel, much like Radiance was to Noah. As Radiance was his shining light, Scarlet was mine. But everyone knows that eventually, every light fades. As I got older, Scarlet started eating more, getting bigger and bigger. It wouldn't have mattered to me how big she got, as long as she was mine. But fate didn't have a good future in mind for me.

In my ninth year of school, I was finally going to ask Scar out, but a rumor went around the school that I had slept with the head cheerleader, Meghan Price. As the most popular girl in school, that wasnt a werewolf, it wasnt hard to believe that I, the to-be Alpha, had gone after her. I hadnt. But it wasnt like people were going to believe me.

Then, more and more people started to spread rumours, saying that they had slept with me too. Showing up with pieces of male clothing and saying they took it from me. I tried to ask Scarlet out, but for a long period of time she ignored me. She believed what everyone around her was saying.

One year later, when everything had died down, that’s when I made the biggest mistake. My first kill. It was horrible. Once I felt the pulse of the rogue lying under me die down to a dull beat I had felt strong, almighty, and I had loved it. That night I went on a rampage. Killing almost everything I could find. A deer, a squirrel, more rogues. It wasn't until I had shifted back into human form and taken in everything that I had just done that I realized that I couldn't let Scarlet be around this. I couldn’t be my great, great, great Grandfather.

Antonio Moriss, Alpha of the Red Blood pack. A pack of old bloods. Wolves that believed in no mercy. They were ruthless. Much like I was during my first kill, but much, much worse. They didnt only kill rogues but innocent wolves as well. Scared that they would be attacked, they began killing packs one by one, but the other wolves, seeing what they were doing joined together as one to form a plan to kill all of the Red Bloods.

Their plan was in the form of one woman. A female werewolf to be exact. With undeniable beauty that could only be described in fictional books. Her skin, a flawless pale hue. Her hair, long and lustrous locks of bright red. Eyes the colour of summer grass. Her name, Maria.

The packs sent Maria into the woods, somewhere they knew that Antonio would be. Somewhere they knew that he would come across Maria. Antonio found Maria singing on a boulder next to a waterfall, brushing her hair. Antonio had thought Maria a serpent, a mermaid, but he had quickly discovered not.

Blinded by her beauty, Antonio took Maria and hid her, not wanting anyone to see the beauty that was inside and outside of her. For days they stayed together, Antonio trying to get Maria to trust him. By the time he did, the other packs had finished killing Antonio’s rogues, for he had not been looking after them.

They then came for Maria, knowing where Antonio had taken her as Maria had been in contact with them. The packs killed Antonio, but only just. It wasnt until after that they found that Maria was pregnant. She had slept with Antonio. After the baby boy was born she killed herself. Leaving the baby to the hands of another. The baby grew up to be fine. His baby wasnt though.

People soon realised years later that it skipped a generation. My father was lucky to have not been the one to get the curse. Me... I was not so lucky.

So I had to stay away from Scar. I couldnt put her through this. Couldnt put any children we could have had through this and their children after that. I had to make her stay away, I had to reject her.

Radiance was Noah’s saving grace, but his situation wasnt the same as mine. It was much, much different. So Scarlette, my sweet, sweet, Scarlette Rose... could not be mine.

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