The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Chapter 11

“We’ve got to start training them harder, Jamie. We don't know when the rogues will attack and we have to be ready. Cade’s pack? They... they are not ready.”

Jamie and I were currently walking down the path that leads toward the packs training place. Ever since we got back two weeks ago, things had been going okay, but not good. Cade’s pack was still weak, and we couldn't have that when we had no idea what the rogues were planning.

Tristan and Christian, the warrior geeks they were, kept going out into the woods, trying to find where they were making camp, but every time they came back with nothing. Daxton, being the computer geek was spending his time finding abounded warehouses or cabins that could be possible hiding places. Kaiden was helping him.

Jamie looked at me with a helpless expression. “We cant help them get better at fighting if they don't want to learn. It’s impossible.” He says.

I looked at him, a smirk starting to appear on my face. “Then we’ll just have to make them learn.”

Jamie glanced back at me, worry clearly written on my face. “Scar? What are you thinking...?”

“You’ll see. Call the rest of the guys and get Liz and Brent, too. We need all of them for this.”

Exactly five minutes later, all the boys had been rounded up.

“Okay, so what do you want us for, Scar? I’ve got to get back to the computers.” Daxton speaks up after staring at me for several seconds.

“Cade’s pack hasn't been training corporately, so I thought that we’d give them something to cooperate with...” I smirked. “We’re gonna give them a fight they’ll have to participate in.”

“Scar, we can’t just go up to a pack of rogues, who by the way, we have no idea said pack is, and expect them not to kill us while asking them to fight Cade’s pack,” Christian says.

“Yeah, that’s kind of asking for death,” Tristan adds.

“I’m not talking about rogues. I’m talking about us.” I reply smiling.

“Okay, correct me if I’m wrong, but you want us to fight Cade’s pack, with the intention of killing them?” Jamie asks, his face showing the confusion he felt at the moment.

“Yes... and no. We won't have the intention of killing them, but we will pretend that we do. Get me?”

Kaiden nods his head beside me. “I understand what you’re saying. And I’m in. I think it is a pretty smart idea. Why not scare them into a fight. It’s training them at the same time as well.” he nods. “Good thinking, Scar.” He places a gentle kiss on my nose.

I smile. “Thanks.”

“I’m in.” My face whips to the side as I head Jamie’s words. He puts a fist in the middle of us.

“Me too.” Tristan and Christian chime at the same time, both their fists joining Jamie’s.

“I guess I am too.” Daxton connects his fist with the other boys.

Brent and Liv hadn’t said anything, but they both place their fists into the circle.

As they do, Kaiden does as well.

“Let me first say, that this is really retarded, but I’m just going to say: YOLO,” I tell them before pumping my fist with all of theirs before we disperse.

“Go, team,” Jamie calls out excitedly and we all laugh.

“Remember,” I say, just as we’re about to go into the training area. “Only pretend you have the intention to kill. Don't go as far as actually... you know, killing them.”

“We get you, Scar. No kill. Pretend. Let’s go!” Kaiden says as he lets out an ear piercing raw.

All the boys shift into their wolf, while Liz and I stay in human form.

We smile at each other before running after the boys and as soon as we see the pack we start attacking. My eyes flicker to the pack, trying to decide who to go for first. Seeing one of Cassie’s groupies a few feet away from me, her wolfish eyes alight with fear, I knew I’d found my wolf.

Sprinting towards the girl, vaguely remembering her name as Emma, I kicked her in the muzzle before she even new I was coming her way. Her head snapped towards me and I registered the crack that came with her broken nose.

Oops. I thought to myself as Emma’s eyes flashed with a hidden fire.

[You are so dead.] Even though she didn't say it, I could see it, and I could work with it.

Emma lunges at me but I jump to the side, rolling on the floor before getting into a defensive position. She walks around me in a circle for a few seconds and I match her moves before I lash out, striking her cheek with my fist. Emma growls and swipes out her paw. Before I can evade her she catches the blow to my arm, leaving four bright red lines on my arm. I let out a muffled scream before running at her and jumping onto her back, pulling at her fur.

A yelp sounded as I kept pulling her hair, trying to gain a tight grip so I could get to her pressure point. Once I do, she drops like a rag.

Before I can do anything else I hear a familiar groan of pain. I turn my face to see Cassie on top of Kaiden. But it didn't look like she was fighting him, more like trying to get him to join her in...

“Oh no, you don’t. Bitch. No pun intended.” I said before running towards them. Shifting into my wolf on the way I use all my strength to get Cassie off of Kaiden. How dare she think she could have sex with him, in the middle of a (pretend) war, of all things.

We both land in a jumbled heap on the ground, me on top of her. I begin yapping at her before taking a hit to my nose. My paw lashes out and I sink my claws into her skin, digging deep. She lets out a sharp yowl and I feel like smirking in satisfaction.

[Scar, don’t kill her. Remember, we’re not killing them.] Kaiden’s voice rings in my head.


[No. Scar, you have to get off of her.] Kaiden insists.

I hear myself sigh as I take my paw out of Cassie. Climbing off of her I turn my back to her as I look for Kaiden. Seeing him off to my right I begin to walk over to him when he yells out. Not hearing what he said I prepare to ask when something hits the back of me.

Cassie's strength surprises me and I turn around underneath her, shifting into my human form. Her face glares at mine as she growls low in her throat. Just as it looks like she’s going to bite me, I lift my hand up and before she can do anything I jab her pressure point.

It takes less than a millisecond for her to collapse on top of me. And let’s just say, having a full grown female wolf lying on top of a human you... it ain't that comfortable.

Before I can say anything, Kaiden is beside me with a shirt. He hands it to me and then begins to roll Cassie off of me.

When all my important parts I covered I stand up and face Kaiden who’s standing in front of me, the boys next to him.

“How do you always know?” I smile, leaning up to kiss his bare chest.

“Call it intuition... but I think it’s just because I know you.” He smirks and I wrap my arms around him.

“Did my plan work?” I ask.

“Look for yourself.” He replies as he turns my head in the direction of Cade’s pack, who are sporting a few injuries but they all had those expressions on their face that said: “You should see the other guy.”

I laughed. “Good job. I need to go fix up my arm.” I say, remembering what had happened. “I’ll see you guys later.”

I begin to walk off, but look back to see Kaiden following me.

I smile and reach my hand out.

He takes it and we both head to the cabin for the first aid box.

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