The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Chapter 13

The words Cade had muttered as I left his room had been on my mind for the rest of the night. What did he mean I would be dead if he hadn’t rejected me? Another thing that had been on my mind was Kaiden. Where was he? I didn’t see him at dinner, or game time, a thing that Jamie and the other guys had set up.

It was midnight at the moment and I had no intention of going to sleep anytime soon, I didn’t think I was able to. There was too much on my mind for me to fall asleep yet. As I felt the bed dip behind me I turned my head to find Kaiden lying beside me while facing towards me.

“I’m so sorry, baby. So, so sorry I got mad at you.” He told me as he pulled me close, burying his face in my hair.

I was shocked, to say the least. “Kaiden, I’m the one who should be apologising. God, I am so self-centred at times. I know that you weren’t the only one who lost your mate. God, do I know it, but all you hear from me is bitching about how sucky my life is, when I have the most amazing guy in the world as my boyfriend.” I murmured as I brought my hand to his face and traced the line of his jaw.

Slowly Kaiden kissed me and I replied with a bit more intensity. Pretty quickly are kisses turned heated and the clothes were coming off.

Kaiden’s hands travelled under my shirt and down my belly until he reached the line of my cotton shorts. He ran his hands across my belly just above my shorts, teasing me, before clutching at them and pulling them down my legs.

I moaned as his fingers brushed against the front of my lace panties. “Kaiden,” I murmured breathlessly.

“Mhmm?” He muttered back as he brought his hands back up to my sides.

“Make love to me, please.” I whispered just before he crushed his lips to mine in a passionate kiss.

He brought his face just above mine and whispered, are lips brushing, “What have we been doing every other time.”

I bring my hands to his top and lift it over his head before running my hands down his toned stomach. “Oh, you know,” I wink. “Rolling in the hay.”

He laughs as I pull his pants down and then his boxers as well. “I want you bare this time.” He looked like he was about to object so I added, “I’m on the pill.” He still looked unsure and like he was having an inside battle with himself. Suddenly he smiled so I guessed that I’d won.

“Okay,” he said as he pulled down my panties to find them and my clit already wet. “Are you trying to kill me?”

“If I wanted to kill you I’d poison your candy.” I smiled.

“Please don’t talk about candy as I’m about to enter you.” He laughed, flustered.

Laughing as well I reply, “Just hurry up already.”

“Hey, you want love, I’m doing it slow.” But entered me none the less.

I moaned at the feel of him being bare inside of me.

“Scarlett?” At the use of my name I jerk my head up to look into his eyes.

“Yeah?” I whispered.

“I love you, so much.” He whispered, placing a feather light kiss on my lips.

“I love you, too. More than the stars.”

“More than the stars.” He confirmed as he began to move.


That night Kaiden and I made love to each other many more times. So many that by the time we finally got to sleep it was already morning. I woke; feather light kisses fanning my face, what felt like only minutes later.

“Mmmm.” I murmur, stretching out my muscles as my eyes flutter open to find a smiling Kaiden holding his weight over me. “Hello to you too.” I whisper.

He smiles at me then proceeds to trail his lips over every part of my body and I let him.

An hour later we finally just lay snuggled against each other, my hands tracing the lines of his exposed stomach. “What a great way to start the morning.”

“To be specific it was the afternoon when we started. But yes, it was a great way to start the day. Especially when you started doing that thing with your—”

“Jackass.” I slap his chest.

“I wish we could stay here forever.” He turns to look at me, his gorgeous blue eyes sparkling and I suck in a breath. He’s so beautiful and he wants me.

Then I remember what he just said. “You want to stay here? With Cade’s pack?” I’m confused.

He laughs. “No. Not here with Cade’s pack. I wish we could stay here forever, in this bed, just the two of us. No interruptions or distractions; just us against the world.” He pauses before rolling over me so the only thing I can do is look at him. “I love you Scarlett Rose Maxwell and I want you to be mine. I know I’m not your mate, I will never be him, but as I want you to be my wife I want to be your husband, for as long as forever lasts. Scar, will you make me the happiest damn werewolf in the world and marry me?”

I didn’t even have to pause before I answered. Kaiden had seen me at my worst and loved me at my worst. He hadn’t cared that I was fat, didn’t care if I was still fat now. He didn’t care that I would always have a place for Cade in my heart, because he knew I would always have a special part that I saved just for him. I would marry him, not just because he loved me, but also because I loved him. “Yes!” I exclaim, throwing my naked body into his arms.

“Hey, hey, hey. At least let me put the ring on before you start molesting me.” He jokes, winking as he pulls away, reaching down beside the bed and coming back up with a small velvet box. “Open it.”

“Is this what I think it is?” I whisper on a sob.

“If you’re thinking it’s my great-grandmothers ring then yes; it is. But if you don’t like it I can get you—” He’s cut off by my lips on his.

“I love it.” I murmur against his mouth. “And I love you.”

“I love you, too.” He replies before slipping the ring on my finger. I admire it for a second when someone barges into the room.

“Scarlett I need to talk—oh, I can come back later...” Cade’s voice trails of when he notices the big rock on my ring finger and Kaiden beaming beside me, both of us naked between the barely-there covers. Without another word he storms off and I jump when I hear the front door of the cabin slam shut.

Liz comes into the room. “I’m sorry, I tried to stop—holy shit you’re getting married!” She squeals and runs over to me and hugs me. “Brent get in here, Kai and Scar are engaged.”

Something clashes in the kitchen. Less than a second later Brent comes into the room and is man hugging Kaiden.

Cautiously I let go of Liz and pull the covers over my body more. “Looks like getting engaged isn’t the only thing they did...” Liz chuckles leading herself and Brent out of the room. But before they make it out they both say one word: “Congratulations.”

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