The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Chapter 17

Let’s just say that things were getting better here. Cade and I were getting along like we used to, Kaiden was being sweet and adorable, Alex and I spent some quality time together and my parents were still lost in their love for each other. Things were going great.

Until they weren’t…

“Are you insane?” Kaiden was yelling at me from behind the counter.

“Excuse me?” I yell back, surprised at his outburst. All I said was that I was going out for dinner with my family and Cade. Sheesh. It was something we always used to do when we were younger and my mother wanted us to restart the tradition because she missed it. I quietly admitted that I missed it too.

“You cant go out to dinner with him! He wants you! He’ll molest you into getting back together with him!” He shouts as both hands slam against the granite of the kitchen counter and I swear I saw a dent mark. Great.

“‘Molest me’? God, Kaiden what are you talking about! First of all that is so rude and inappropriate, honestly why would you even say such a thing! And second, it is insulting to me thinking I would let him if he ever did do that.” I pause, then add: “Which he wouldn’t.”

“Oh, come on, Scar! Look at him. He wants you and he would stoop to any levels to get you back. Seriously, how many times has he invited you to do things with him without me there to watch over you!”

“I do not need a watchdog, Kaiden! I am a grown woman who can look after myself.”

“I know you can, but I am your fiancé! We should be spending time together, instead, you’ve been spending all you’re free time with that son of a bitch.” He exclaims and I instantly calm down.

“I’m sorry, I just—we were friends since we were little. Where Cade went I went, even if he didn’t want me. Since I could walk I’ve been following my brother around because I knew he would always lead me to Cade. I’ve been gone for a while and now I’m back and I just wanted to remember what it felt like to be loved by him, even if it was only as a friend.”

“You still love him.” He doesn’t say it as a question. Just states it.

“No! At least not in the way I used to. Maybe now, the love he felt for me back then, a friends love, is the love I feel towards him now, and our roles are reversed. I don’t love him the way I love you, but Cade and I used to be two peas in a pod and I guess my heart still craves his love. Do you want me to deny my heart?”

“What I want is for you to not need his love. For you to want and need my love. For you to crave it like a drug you’re addicted to.”

“I cant do that. Cant promise you that I will never not need his love. Because Cade, always was and always will be a part of me.” And with that, he leaves the cabin and I look down, not wanting to see the look of distraught that I know is on his face.


I get ready for dinner with my parents and Cade. Standing in the middle of my room with varieties of clothes splayed on the bed in front of me I wonder what I’m going to wear. I finally decide to wear a pastel blue crop top with shoulder sleeves with a black high-waisted skirt that reaches my thighs. I place to gold studs in my ears and a gold necklace around my neck.

I then head to the bathroom and put on some light makeup and apply some lip balm.

I pick up some heels to match my top and take them into the living room of the cabin, leaving them on the floor as I turn on the TV. Vampire Diaries is on. I know ironic right considering. It’s the first episode of the sixth season and I am screaming inside with glee although I’m also upset about the recent events. Is the producer serious or do they just have a few screws loose?

The episode is just finishing when there is a knock on the door. I quickly yell that its open and then return my eyes to the screen and my eyes widen. “Oh hell no!” And I then begin to cuss profusely. Shit just got real.

“Now those are not words that a young polite lady should be using.” Cade’s smirking when I turn towards him after switching the TV off. I smile back. “Was that what I think it was?”

“I don’t know?” I murmur sarcastically. “What do you think it was?” Now I’m the one smirking.

“That TV show that had you gushing over Stefan for so many years.” He states.

“I can't believe you remember his name. But no, now its ‘that show that has me gushing over Damon’. Seriously, he’s yummy.” I laugh as his face screws up in disgust. “I’m ready, just let me put my heels on.” I slip them on each foot quickly and then head towards him, still standing at the door.

He offers me his arm to take and I link my hand through it as we walk towards his car. I hop into the passenger seat as he takes the drivers and then we’re off. We make small talk along the way with soft music playing softly in the background. He reminds me of our childhood together and I laugh at the fond memories of how annoying and cheeky we were, always playing pranks either on Alex or each other.

“Remember that time we had the water fight and you and I were teaming against him except our pistols held something a little different to water.”

“Oh my god yes! That was so gross, though. I can't believe you actually peed in the pistols. And that I held a gun with your fluid in it! I feel so embarrassed.” I cover my face with my hands and groan. Granted that had been one of the funniest moments in my life. Alex never got the smell out of his favorite shirt and pants, we even watched him as he burned them several weeks later because they stunk out his room.

“Yeah, we were pretty ruthless together weren’t we?” He’s smiling as much as I am and the moment our eyes meet I’m swept into those deep pools that are his eyes and I feel like I’m drowning. In self-doubt. In uncertainty. In a love,I didn't think I had. In a love I told Kaiden I didn’t have. But I did and it would never go away. I love like that never does.

Dinner was great. Even Benny was there. I don’t think he’ll be leaving anytime soon, especially since he found his mate: Cassandra. She was absolutely beautiful and it was clear that he adored her. Like Cade and I had been doing in the car, everybody started talking about the old times and how awesome they were. But even though things were going great, there was still a big elephant in the room making me suffocate. Because this never would have stopped if Cade hadn’t rejected me. It wouldn’t have stopped if I’d never fallen in love with Cade. It wouldn’t have stopped if I’d never gotten fat.

“So, let me get this straight,” Cassandra begins. “You.” She points at me. “Used to be fat?” I watched as everyone, besides her and myself, took a big intake of breath, preparing for the worst. But I wouldn’t give them the worst. She didn’t mean it in a hurtful way, she was saying it with wonder.

In answer I just nod my head.

“And then you,” She points at Cade. “Rejected her because of this?” This time she speaks with anger in her voice now.

“Well…” he says as if he’s going to argue, but then stops after looking at me and lowering his head. I assume his ashamed. “Yes.”

“Well you’re a dick.” I laugh. She said it so bluntly. I loved it. I think I also loved this take-no-bullshit girl.

I thought Cade would just nod his head and agree, or even disagree. But what he says instead roots me to the chair, shocked. “And because of that I will spend everyday—every single day that I am on this earth—making it up to her, because she is the most amazing, most beautiful and most intelligent girl in the world and nothing—nothing at all—could compare to her: ever.”

By the end of his mini-speech I am pretty much bawling my eyes out. I stand out of my seat and murmur that I need to go to the bathroom and shakily make my way away from the table.

When I reach the bathroom I look into the mirror and wipe under my eyes, getting rid of the still falling tears.

“I’m sorry.” I whip my head around at the voice.

“Cade! What are you doing in the girls toilets?” I ask a small whimper in my voice, though I try to hide it.

“I came to see if you’re alright. You know I cant stand it when you cry, especially when I’m the one that caused it.” He walks right up to me and pulls me close as I snuggle into his warmth and comfort. After what feels like hours, but was probably only minutes, he pulls away and wipes any excess tears away. “Now let me see your smile pretty girl, God only knows how much I love it.”

“Do you really think I’m pretty?” I ask in a timid voice.

“Sweet, sweet, sweet Letti. I think you are the most beautiful girl on the planet. Inside and out. I bet that when that witch lady from Snow White asked the mirror who was the fairest of them all, it was you, because you are and you always, always will be. At least in my eyes.”

I couldn’t help it, not even if I tried. I held onto his shoulders and as quick as lightening placed my lips on his. Immediately the sparks were there, and it felt great. I could feel the passion behind the kiss and how much it meant to him. I could feel how much he missed me, how much he did want me and I could feel my heart beating rapidly under his palm which he’d placed upon it.

Then he pulled back suddenly and rested his forehead against mine. “I can’t.” He whispered panting, his chest moving rapidly as he tried to calm his breathing, as if he’d ran a marathon. “I can’t I’m sorry.” He pulled away from me, but the sparks were still jumping inside me. “You’re with Kaiden, Scarlett. You’re engaged to Kaiden. And as long as you are we cant do this. I want you. I do. But I cant share you and definitely not with him.”

And with that, he left me there. Alone.

And once again the tears started to flow.

Because I knew he was right.

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