The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Chapter 1

I ran until I realised that I was no longer in my territory. But I realised too late. Howls echoed through the air and I darted into the trees again. I was too tired though and I knew I couldn’t keep it up for long.

The howls grew louder with each step I took. I whimpered.

Before I knew what happened a large brown wolf appeared in front of me. I quickly stop in my tracks. I turn around to see I’m surrounded, so I back away whimpering.

The brown wolf shifts into a devilishly handsome young man and I quickly look away. He wasn’t wearing any clothes. After he throws on some jeans that sit dangerously low on his hips he speaks.


I look nervously around at all the wolves. I wanted to shift, but no way would I do it with all these wolves watching. The guy must have sensed my uneasiness as he told me to shift behind a tree, but not to run away.

I nodded my big head and did as he asked. I throw on some baggy sweatpants and an oversized jumper so that you can’t really tell how fat I am.

Walking out from behind the trees I let my brown hair flow down my back. I see that the other wolves have shifted into their human form and, my God, they are all good-looking.

“You trespassed on my brothers land, Rogue.” Rogue. I guess I kind of was a rogue now wasn’t I?

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I ran away from my pack and I didn’t realise I had trespassed until you guys started chasing me.” I stutter nervously, looking at all the guys. They stared back at me, not saying anything until one of the guys spoke up.

“What were you doing running away from your pack?”

I looked at the brown haired guy who asked me. The other guy standing next to him looked like his twin. They looked almost exactly the same, except they had different haircuts and one's hair was a bit darker than the others.

“They don’t want me. I’m a pathetic excuse for a werewolf and I’m fat. I was bullied a lot and I wanted to get away from it… So here I am.” I shrug like it's not important.

“How dare they call you fat!” The other twin exclaims. “He’s right, but you’re leaving something out.” The black haired guy says. The one who had the brown wolf.

“Umm, can we talk somewhere else? I promise I’ll tell you the rest, but just not here.” I ask.

“Sure, we can go the pack house. I think you should talk to our Alpha, anyway.” He replies.

“Hey! Maybe you could join our pack!” A guy with blonde hair says excitedly. Shouts of agreement ring out and I almost cry at how kind they were being. They barely knew me and they were already offering me to join their pack.

“Come on. Let’s go.” The twins walk over to me and put their arms around my shoulders and lead me to the pack house.


(Cade’s POV)

I was sitting in my father's office helping him sort out pack stuff with a few of my friends when my best friend, Alex, comes barging into the room. He starts throwing things and smashes his fist into the wall.

“Alex, what the fuck are you doing? Calm down, bro!” I shout.

He turns his glare on me. “Don’t tell me to calm the fuck down! You’re not my bro! Thanks to all you dicks my sister is gone. POOF!” He makes exaggerated gestures.

Wait--Scarlett is gone?! No. “What do you mean?” I ask, afraid of the answer.

“She left. Because you assholes were so mean to her. I knew she would leave sooner or later. I only just stopped her last time. But now she’s gone.” He holds his head in his hands and starts cursing with tears running down his face. Never in my life had I seen Alex cry. He was always the stronger of us two, emotionally.

“You have no proof. How do you know she didn’t just go to Alyssa’s or one of her friends or something?” John, my fathers beta, asks.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe the fact that 1) I already called them and they said they hadn’t seen her since You asked to talk to her,” He points at me. “2) Because all her stuff is gone from her room 3) Maybe because she left this fucking note on the kitchen bench.” He says through clenched teeth and threw the crumpled up note at me.

I quickly scanned over her delicate handwriting and feel tears building up in my eyes. This was all my fault. I caused her to leave. It even says so. God, I’m such a dick.

“I’m going to fucking kill the stupid idiot who rejected my sister!” Alex kept on going on.

My heart clenched. I had no doubt in my mind that he was telling the truth and that’s why I couldn’t tell him. I just told him that we would send out a search party and call every Alpha in the area and tell them about our situation. He agreed, but there was still anger and sadness in his eyes. I knew this was going to be hard for him.

I didn’t want to reject Scarlett. She was beautiful, even if she weighed a bit more than most werewolves. But, I didn’t want her to find out about my dark past. I wasn’t a good person. She deserved someone better, someone who would make her laugh and not cause her pain.

“Someone,” I say softly. “Who is not me.”


(Scarlett’s POV)

I sat on the couch in the living room of the pack house, waiting for their Alpha. The guys were playing COD (Call of Duty) when someone cleared their throat. I looked up and met the most gorgeous pair of blue eyes I’d ever seen. His brown hair was spiked in that stylish way that most guys had their hair these days. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, so I guessed that he’s just been out for a run or something.

Everyone, including me, stood up and bowed their heads respectfully as he walked into the room. He nodded at each of his pack members and turned to face me. Before I could say anything Daxton, the brown wolf guy, spoke up. “Kaiden, this is Scarlett. Scarlett this is Alpha Kaiden.”

I smile and wave. “Hey.”

He walks over to me and sticks his hand out. “Hi.” He replies with a small smile.

We stare at each other for a little while before someone coughing brings us out of our state. “Alright, so now you can tell us the rest of your story.” The blond guy, Jamie, says.

So I do, I tell them everything. I don’t know why I feel like I can trust them, but I do. “…And then my mate rejected me, calling me all these names. I’m fat, ugly, a pig. I guess that’s what finally made me leave. I always though your mate was supposed to protect you. But it’s like he’s the one I need protection from.” I shrug. “Plus he doesn’t want me.” I hold back the tears in my eyes.

Tristan and Christian, the twins, pull me into their arms and I cry into their shirts. “Sshh, it’s okay. We’re here for you. Even if that bastard isn’t.” They murmur, over and over.

“Scarlett,” Just his masculine voice sends a shiver down my spine. I turn to Kaiden. “You are free to join our pack if you wish. We will train you to become the best fighter. We will give you a home.” He tells me.

“Why are you helping me? You don’t know me.” I ask.

“Yeah, we do. Your name is Scarlett and you need a place to stay. Our pack is it.” Kaiden replies with an encouraging smile.

“Okay.” A smile tugs at my lips.

“Okay?” Kaiden questions.

“I’ll join the pack.”

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