The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Chapter 19

My stomach was still playing up and I was really getting annoyed at having to wake up at 3 in the morning just to vomit. I still hadn’t talked to Kaiden about him nearly cheating on me and he hadn’t tried to which I was kind of disappointed about. Shouldn’t he be trying to fight for me?

Clearly, I wasn’t as important to him as I thought. I had decided that I really needed some girl time and so I was going to visit Liz and see how she was doing. My stomach rumbles. That settles it, I’d leave after having some breakfast.

When someone knocks on my door I assume its Kaiden and quickly run to it. Instead of Kaiden, I meet eyes with Cade. “What are you doing here?” I ask, confused.

“I wanted to make you breakfast.” He holds up a grocery bag and strides into the kitchen, leaving me stunned in the entrance way.

“Sure, just help yourself,” I say sarcastically.

“God, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Or is this just PMS?” He says jokingly, but my eyes quickly widen in horror. “Letti? What’s that look for? I’m not seriously that bad of a company am I?”

“Cade? What’s the date today?” I ask, cautiously, although already knowing the answer.

“24th of April? Why?”

“Shit, shit, shit!” I should have gotten my period on the 4th. “Cade, could you take me to your pack doctor? I think I might be pregnant.”

His eyes widen as well and he quickly takes my hand and rushes me out of the cabin and I vaguely remember that I’m only in a tank top and shorts as we rush towards the pack house.

Once again I come face to face with the female pack doctor, whom I’d learned was named Patricia.

“Hi, Patricia. Can you please do a pregnancy test on Scarlett, she thinks she’s pregnant.”

Patricia nods and turns to me. “Alright, what’s been happening that you think contributes to being pregnant?”

“Well, I’ve been sick for a while and I skipped my period this month,” I tell her.

“’Okay, well I’ll run some tests and we will have a look.”

15 minutes later, Cade is holding my hand while I wait nervously for the test results. Patricia comes into the room and holds a cup with my fluids in it, and a pregnancy test in the other. “Pink means your pregnant.” Then she shows me the test.

“I’m pregnant.” The words leave my mouth in a rush and I feel like fainting. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against having a baby, in fact, I’d always wanted one. But Kaiden and I had just had a fight and weren’t talking. But whatever happened, I knew I’d be keeping the little being growing inside of me.

“From the test results, I can see that you’re two and a half months pregnant.”

“How can that be? I got my period last month, although it was only spotting.” I whisper the last part.

“That is common in most first pregnancies. Spotting can also happen during pregnancies when the mother is stressed or tired, so I would recommend not participating in activities that would cause you to be that way and get an extra hours sleep every night. There are just a few guidelines I have to go over with you so as not to have anything unexpected happen, but apart from that your baby is healthy.”

“When will she be able to find out the gender?” It was only then that I realized Cade was still here beside me, our fingers intertwined.

“You’ll be able to find out around the four-month mark. You can either set up appointments with me for every two weeks, or you may choose to go to another OB/GYN.” She smiles at me.

“I’ll go with you. I’d rather have someone I trust instead of someone I’m not familiar with.”

“That’s fine with me. So I’ll see you two weeks from now. Come any time that suits you.” With that, she leaves the room and Cade and I are alone.

“Can you believe this. You’re having a baby! That’s amazing!” Cade pulls me into his arms and squeezes, then abruptly stops just as I’m about to hug him back. He stares at my stomach. “I don’t want to hurt him or her.”

“Don’t worry, you won't.” I smile at him. He looks so excited and it's not even his baby. I know I need to tell Kaiden and I will, just not right now.


Three weeks later I still hadn’t told Kaiden or seen him. Per doctors orders, Cade had been staying with me so I didn’t stress and got the right amount of sleep. He was great. Helping me cook and do chores.

We were sitting down watching the Vampire Diaries together after having just eaten dinner. Damon was so freaking hot I was literally salivating at the mouth.

“You know you should tell him,” Cade tells me all of the sudden and I know straight away who he’s talking about. “He deserves to know. It’s his kid. I know I would want to.”

“I will,” I reply.

“Now.” He says sternly and pulls me out of the house and into his car.

“But, but! Damon!” I exclaim and start bawling my eyes out.

“Are you crying?” He says, laughter filling his tone.

“It’s the hormones!” She pouts, her tears slowing.

“Seriously, blaming it on the hormones again? It’s only Damon. Hell, I’ll buy you the box set if that’s what it takes to calm you down.”

I immediately chirp up. “Really?”

He replies straight away. “Yes, now ring Kaiden and tell him you have to talk.” Cade hands me my phone and I take it reluctantly.

I dial Kaiden’s number and he picks up almost immediately. “Scar?” He whispers, as if it couldn’t possibly be me.

“Kaiden? We need to talk. Where are you?” I tell him. when he replies with the address for a hotel just off the highway Cade puts the car into gear and drives off.


Half and hour later we arrive at Prince Alfred Hotel and head up to his room. I count the door numbers. 103. 104. 105. 106. Oh wait, he was number 105. I quickly walk backwards and knock on the door.

He answers it with a forced smile and looks between me and Cade whom had insisted on coming just in case, then down at the bag in my hand. I didn’t know what this ‘just in case’ was. Kaiden wouldn’t hurt me. Physically, that is.

“Scarlett. Cade. Come in.” He opens the door wider to let both of us and then sits down on the couch after closing the door and leading us into the ‘living room’. “So what do you want to talk about?”

“I think this will explain it.” I hand him the bag I’d been holding. On the way over Kaiden and I had stopped at the baby store just down the road from the hotel and purchased something. Kaiden opened the bag and pulled out the black onesie that Cade and I had bought that said in white writing “Sorry, Daddy. You now have two bosses.” Cade and I had thought it was hilarious.

I watch as Kaiden stares at the onesie, processing, before tears start to form in his eyes. “We’re having a baby?” He chokes out.

I nod, tears forming in my own eyes. Quick as anything Kaiden all but leaps from the couch and pulls me into his arms, hugging me tightly, before bending down onto his knees and kissing my stomach over and over again.

“I love you, I love you, I love you. I’m sorry. I need you, baby, I need you.” Kaiden kept murmuring the words over and over again. He loves me, his sorry, he needs me.

“I forgive you, don’t worry. I forgive you and I love you, too.” I whisper into Kaiden’s hair before kissing his forehead.

“It wont happen again. I promise.” He mumbles into my stomach.

I nod, then realise he still cant see me. “I know, I trust you.”

I turn my head to thank Cade but he’s no longer in his spot which was next to me on the couch.

The hotel room door is open and Cade is gone.

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