The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Chapter 20

I hadn’t seen or heard from Cade since he had taken me to Kaiden. He was distant. I kind of got the impression that he hadn’t exactly wanted Kaiden and me to get back together despite helping us with the matter and I felt really bad for him, knowing how he felt about me.

Even though Cade had been distant he’d still been incredibly sweet. True to his word he’d bought me the entire 6 season box set of the Vampire Diaries, going to extreme lengths to buy the full 6th season even though it wasn’t even supposed to be out yet.

I was around the four and a half month mark of my pregnancy and would be able to find out the gender of my baby at my next appointment. Even so Cade had been buying multi-gender clothing for him already although he didn’t have to, it’s not like I could tell him this as he hadn’t been around.

I call my baby a ‘him’ because it was just a natural instinct for the mother of the tiny life inside her to have an idea of which gender the baby was. Kaiden swore up and down that the baby was a girl as there wasn’t us much kicking going on at the moment, even though I told him he would start kicking a lot in the upcoming months.

Cade’s pack was prepared for the war, though we didn’t know when, or even if, it was going to happen. There had been no traces of the rogues lately, no more attacks. Although this fact made me even more cautious. What were they up to? Clearly, I hadn’t been able to train the pack, but Jamie was doing just fine by himself and his lady friend.

I know what you’re thinking, in the voice of Caito Potatoe ‘What the heck?’. When did this happen? I had no idea myself. I knew they were mates, I also knew that she was defiant to the idea of mates. I loved it, she was exactly the kind of girl Jamie needed to keep him in line. I got giddy with the idea of Jamie finally realizing what it was like to have to work for something other than you’re Alpha.

I had wanted to see what Jessica was like and so we’d had a lunch date the other day. It was awful. Wait, no. She herself wasn’t awful, in fact she was really nice and so lovely. But it's not exactly great when you go out expecting to have a nice meal with a soon to be best friend, but it is ruined by people saying that maybe you shouldn’t indulge yourself with a triple cheeseburger because clearly, it's showing. I had then proceeded to burst into tears while Jessica bitched out the employee for upsetting a hormonal pregnant woman.

We then enjoyed the free food the manager gave us to apologize for the misunderstanding his employee had caused and then told said employee not to come in the next day. Or ever. He said if anyone ever treated his pregnant wife like that he would want them fired, too.

I kind of felt bad, but when I heard him whisper ‘Fat psychopath’ as he passed me once his shift had ended I didn’t feel as bad. Bitch, I still got free food.

Jessica and I had been inseparable ever since. Unless I was sleeping, in which case no one was allowed within a 15 meter radius of me.

Brought back to the present by kisses on my abdomen I chuckle. “Leave me alone, sleepy time.”

“You have to go to your appointment with Patty.” Kaiden murmurs as he kisses a trail up my stomach and towards my lips.

“Don’t you mean ‘we’?” I mutter looking at him as he cringes.

“I’m sorry, but Landon called and said there was business I had to deal with back at home. I’m sorry, why don’t you ask Jessica to go, I’m sure she’d love to.”

“Okay. That’s fine. You have to go.” I smile. “I’ll see you when you get back and I’ll show you his pictures.”

Hers.” He corrected with a smirk.

“I guess we’ll find out today.” I giggle. “Or do you want me to wait to find out until we can be there together?”

“No, find out today. Just message me as soon as you do.” He smiles. “I’ll be waiting. I better go now. Remember to have breakfast before you leave.”

“Will do.” Then he was gone. Like a lover in the night.

After putting on some leggings and a long shirt I walk towards the pack house to find Jessica in the kitchen along with Jamie and another person I wasn’t expecting to see. Cade.

Nevertheless, I continued to grab my breakfast. “Hey, Jess, can I ask you a question?” Then immediately regretted doing so, because I knew exactly what she was going to say in reply.

“You just did, but go ahead, ask another one.” She smirked devilishly.

“Hardy-har-har. I was wondering if you wanted to come to the ultrasound with me to find out the sex of my baby. Even though I already know he’s a boy.”

She squeals in excitement but when Jamie shoots her a look she calms immediately and then looks upset. “I would, but I already agreed to Jamie’ request of taking me on our first date.”

With those words, I became the squealer. “Yay! That’s great news. No, that's fine. Have fun, you too.” I walk over and give them both a kiss before they smile and leave the kitchen.

“I’ll go.”

At first, I didn’t know who the words came from and then realization sunk in. “Cade? You want to see him?”

He smiles. “Of course you would be the one to know the gender of you’re own baby before an ultrasound. Yes, I’d like to see him. I bet he’ll be just as good looking as his mother.” His smile grows.

“Yes, Cade, as good looking as he can be from inside my stomach with my organs around him. Just gorgeous.” I laugh and that’s when my baby decides to kick. “Oh.” I lean over, placing my hand on the bench for stability.

“Woah, are you okay?” Cade asks, coming to my side immediately.

“Yeah, he’s just kicking. It was a big one. He doesn’t kick often, but when he does, Jesus. I swear he’s going to be a soccer player.” I laugh once again.

“Do you mind if I feel?” Cade asks, looking into my eyes, before glancing down at my stomach in wonder when I nod.

Suddenly Cade’s phone starts ringing and ‘Hey, Jude’ begins playing. As the song continues to ring in the seconds it takes Cade to answer it my baby begins to kick furiously, clearly liking the song. But as soon as Cade answers the phone with a ‘Hey, dad’, he stops. I smile at the cuteness of it.

After a few words over the phone with his father, Cade hangs up and I tell him to put the song back on to see what happens. As soon as the familiar music hits my ears he starts kicking again. When Cade pauses the song, the kicking immediately stops.

“If you put the song back on you can feel him kick, he clearly likes it.” After Cade presses play once again I grab his hand and place it on the round of my stomach. Once again my baby is kicking and Cade’s eyes widen in awe as the kicking goes on. Then Cade starts singing along, changing the words a little.

’Hey Jude, don’t be afraid,

You were made to be let into the world.

Remember to let love into your heart.

Then you can love your mumma better.’

I laugh at Cade’s poor try at changing the lyrics, but his singing makes up for it. His voice is so raw and lovely to listen to, even though the words coming out of it kind of suck.

Hearing my laugh Cade looks up. “Hey, at least he likes it. Don’t you, buddy.” With the answering kick, Cade smiles in accomplishment. I just roll my eyes.

Glancing at the time I see that I’m almost late or my appointment. “So, do you really want to see him?”

“Yeah, I really do.”

“Then let’s go.”


“What’s that noise? Is that normal? Please tell me its normal!” Cade asks. We’ve been sitting—well, I’ve been laying—down in the ultrasound room for a little over 5 minutes and Cade can't get over the sound of the babies heartbeat.

“Yes, Cade. It's just the heartbeat.” Patty laughs as she reassures Cade that everything is fine. “Now, Scarlett were you wanting to know the gender today?” With my nod, she continues as she continues to rub the ointment over my lower abdomen. “Congratulations, it’s a boy.”

I grin and notice that Cade is grinning too. “You were right. Congratulations.” He smiles.

Once I receive the photos Cade and I leave and I pull my phone out, texting Kaiden the news.

Me: Guess what?

Kaiden: What?

Me: I was right.

Kaiden: It’s a boy?

Me: It’s a boy.

Kaiden: I love you. I’ll see you and my son when I get back.

Me: I’ll be waiting.


A few days later and Cade and I had been spending more time together. Kaiden was out getting some things for the baby and Cade and I were watching the Vampire Diaries in the theatre room.

Suddenly screams of terror pierce the air. “Rogues!”

Cade jerks towards me, gripping my arms. Run to the safe room next to my bedroom. Lock all the locks, you’ll be safe as long as you’re there.”

“No, I wont—“ I begin.

’Yes, you will. You have another life inside you right now that you need to think about. Please, I can't worry about you. Please do as I say.” He whispers before placing his lips on my forehead and turning away. “Call Kaiden get him to bring any additional warriors.” With that, he’s running out of the packhouse and out into the war.

Doing as he said as he had a good point, I speed walk to the safe room on my way collecting any other females and children unable to fight with me.

“Everyone not a part of the war come with me. Children in the middle.” I yell. “Josie, Liam, Matt, come on!” I call to the little kids playing with their toys in the living room. They sprint to their feet and—along with their parents and others—follow me.

I take them all to the safe room and lock all the doors. We’d been locked away for about ten minutes and I’d just finished doing a head count, trying to remember all the kids and whether or not anyone was missing. I’d called Kaiden earlier and he was coming.

Suddenly a friend of Cade’s mother is running up to me with tears running down her face. “Timmy! Timmy isn’t here. He was in his room sleeping! He’s probably still in there. He’s only two, you have to help him!”

Thinking how I would feel if I was in this situation I nod. I knew where his room is and knew it would only take a few minutes to get there. Willing to take the risk of an innocent child I quickly tell Teresa—Timmy’s mother—to look after everyone while I was gone before darting out of the room.

I make it to Timmy’s room unnoticed but can hear things going on outside that don’t sound good. I hear cries coming from inside the room and open the door to find Timmy in his crib bawling his eyes out. I cradle him in my arms and murmur sweet words to him.

“It’s okay, Timmy. I’m taking you to your mumma. Sssh, baby, sssh.” I rock him as I walk out of the room and back towards the safe room. I’m cautious to make as little noise as possible while carrying a whimpering baby.

I release a breath as I make it to the room and tell Teresa to open the door because I have him. Immediately the door is opened and Timmy is out of my arms, but not before her eyes widen at something over my shoulder. Too late I realise someone is behind me as they pull me against their chest and hold a dagger to my throat. “Hello there, Luna.” He whispers as he pulls me away from the safe room.

“Close and lock the door now!” I yell at Teresa. She just stands there shaking her head, not wanting to leave me on the other side. But someone else does it for her, and I hear all seven locks and the vault lock click into place as I’m dragged outside into the middle of chaos. Because that's what it is. Chaos.

The rogue holding me has stinky breath and it's really getting on my nerves. “You know what? I don’t think I’m going to kill you. You’re beautiful, but you're tainted. That baby won't be there for long, don’t you worry. Then you’re mine.”

At his insinuation of killing my baby, I jerk upwards and back my head into his nose, causing him to be so stunned he drops his knife to the floor as he cups his palms to his face. Using this to my advantage I turn to sprint away trying to find Kaiden or at least someone who can help me.

“Kaiden!” I scream as I run. Not daring to look back for fear the rogue will be right behind me.



I hear the shout from two different people in two different directions, no idea which direction is who’s.

Not having the time to think about it I sprint right running as fast as my legs can take me until I see Kaiden in wolf form, fighting three rogues at the same time. Even though he looks as though he’s winning the battle as he chucks one off his back using his jaws. He’d obviously shifted in the time it took for me to find him.

All of the sudden somebody kicks my legs out from underneath me and I land on my back staring at the rogue who had me before, blood dripping down his face. He drags me back up into a standing position facing Kaiden. “Oh, Alpha. Looky, here. Who’s precious pregnant fiancé do I have?”

Kaiden’s head snaps upwards towards me and he pales, his eyes darkening in fury as the rogue places the dagger he had once held to my throat down to my abdomen.

“Or maybe it will just be fiancé as of a few seconds…” He says as he begins to pierce my stomach with the blade.

“No!” The shout once again comes from two different people. I see Kaiden, tackled under even more rogues as he had been distracted watching me. I also saw Cade—in human form—just emerging from the line of trees in the other direction. His shout came out more as a roar; a desperate one. Just as the blade began to cut deep and a cry left my mouth his eyes darkened and I watched as he began to shift.

“Cade, don’t! You know what will happen if you do!” He couldn’t let the curse take over. It was the reason why he never shifted since his first shift.

Too late.

He was spiriting towards me at full pelt. No—not at me. At the rogue behind me. His eyes were full of so much hatred that I knew if I didn’t leap out of the way, the rogue wasn’t the only one that would feel his wrath.

Not wanting this to happen I jumped to the side, knocking my captor to the ground just as Cade pounced managing to tear the rogue to shreds. Knowing he would be fine for a few seconds I chanced looking at Kaiden.

A scream bubbled in my throat as I noticed him barely keeping himself upright as he fought off the last two rogues. I ran towards him, shifting as I did so, tearing through of the rogues. I wasn’t fast enough.

A cry tore through the air as the rogue dug his claws into Kaiden’s ribcage, clutching what would be the heart. I quickly ripped him away and snapped his head before crawling to Kaiden’s side. He looked broken.

Tears were running down my face as I stared at him. “Kaiden, please talk to me, please.” I cradled his head on my furry stomach and he struggled to look into my eyes.

“Scarlett?” His voice cracked as the whispered words left him. Even he knew there was no saving him.

“Yes, baby.”

“I love you both.” He wheezed. “More than the stars.” He began to close his eyes.

“No, Kaiden. Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare close those goddamn eyes of yours.”

But he was already gone.

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