The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Chapter 22


I was fat. I was hormonal. I was really freaking pregnant.

Holy, mother of God, I felt huge. My back hurt and my feet were swollen, not like I could even see them.

Cade had been a massive help since Kaiden’s death and had helped me get through some really hard times when I felt at my lowest. He’d also helped a lot with getting Little One’s room ready for his near arrival.

For the first night in weeks, Cade wasn’t going to be with me. I was becoming reliant on Cade’s foot rubs at night time and his cooking and even just his presence alone that when he told me he had a pack meeting tonight I almost burst into tears. Damn hormones. He almost didn’t leave because I’d had a little series of Braxton Hicks. I assured Cade that it was fake labor and I would be fine.

Before he left he placed a loving kiss on my stomach and whispered sweet words to Little One, telling him not to give me too much trouble while he was gone. He then stood up and gave me a hug and a swift kiss on the cheek before leaving with a wave.

I sat on the couch cautiously and began my weekly ritual of watching Vampire Diaries. I couldn’t believe what was recently happening and I was seriously excited.

I’m about halfway through when I get this warm sensation between my legs. Then I watch with horror as I pee all over myself. Cade is going to be so annoyed that I peed on his couch. Then I realize what happened.

“Shit sticks!” I scramble up, as fast as you can when you’re the size of a whale and waddle to my phone, speed dialing Cade.

“Pick up, pick up, pick up!” I murmur over and over.

“Letti, what’s wrong, pretty girl?” As soon as I hear his voice it immediately soothes me.

“Um... I’m pretty sure my water just broke.”

“What! Are you serious? Are you okay?” He exclaims and I hear movement, obviously, he is getting ready to pack himself up to get me. I hear people in the background asking questions like “Is she okay?” and “Is the baby coming?“.

“I’m fine, Cay, the contractions haven’t started yet.” But just as I say that I feel a wave of pain hit me and I double over screaming out in pain. When I regain my breath I shout out quickly into the receiver, “On the other hand, get here as soon as possible so I can get this baby out of me!”

“I’ll be there in three.”

“Not five?”

“Three. You and little one are depending on me.” With that, he hangs up but immediately rings back.

“Hi?” I speak into the speaker.

“Stay on the phone so I know you’re okay. Remember what the doctor told you and time the contractions.” He says in a rush. “Take deep breaths for me, baby.”

I do as he says and measure out my breathing.

“Good girl. Keep doing that for me yeah, I’ll be with you soon.”

No later has he said that that I see him burst through the front door and run over to me and land to his knees in front of me, kissing my stomach.

“It just had to be the night I went out, didn't it Little One.” He murmurs into my stomach. As if hearing his voice, the baby gives a kick to Cade’s hand which was placed on my stomach. At this Cade smiles and kisses where the foot imprint is.

Cade stands and walks over to the kitchen where my overnight bag had already been prepared in case this sort of thing happened. I’m surprised when Alex comes into the room and waves shyly. “Hey, sis. I was at the meeting with Cade and thought I could lend a hand.” I love my brother, I think to myself as I smile warmly at my twin.

He walks over to Cade and takes the bag out of his hands. “Here, I’ll take that and I’ll meet you at the hospital.”

Cade murmurs quiet thanks and turns his attention to me. He walks over to me and bends, hauling me into his arms bridal style. Holy shit.

“Cade put me down! I’m as big as a whale and way to heavy.”

“Oh shush. You are not big, you are beautiful and I’m a werewolf, I can pick you up.” He continues to walk out of the room and down the stairs and places me carefully in the car. No less then ten seconds later he’s speeding away from the pack house and towards the hospital.

When another rush of pain hits me I scream and Cade jumps and accidentally swerves the car.

“Sorry,” I say sheepishly.

“Here,” he says and offers his hand, “squeeze my hand when you start hurting.”

Was he sure he wanted me squeezing his hand in a death grip every second for hours?

Another contraction hits me and I squeeze to try and ease some of the pain. “Drive faster! I am not giving birth in this car.”

“Can’t you hold it in?” He shouts, distracted.

I glare at him and give him an are-you-fucking-stupid look.

He glances at me and grimaces. “Yeah, sorry that was fucking stupid.”

I smile. He understands.

When we finally reach the hospital 10 minutes later, the pack doctor is already there as Cade pushes me in while I sit in a wheelchair. “We’ve set up a room for you so once you’ve fully dilated we can get straight to it.”

I smile at her gratefully than grimace because the contractions are getting worse as they keep coming.

Thankfully, it’s not long until I’ve dilated fully to ten centimeters. “Okay, we’re ready to push.”

Oh, I’m sorry, but what was this ‘we’ she’s talking about? Was she pushing too? Yeah-I didn’t think so.

“I’m sorry, but unless you’re the father or immediate family you can’t be in here.” A male doctor says to Cade.

I start to panic. “No! Don’t go, Cay, I need you, please don’t leave me.”

He rushes over to me and brings my hands to his lips. “I’m not going anywhere ever again.” He kisses my fingers then adds, “I promise.”

I look up at the male doctor and glare at him. “I am pregnant and you do not want to argue with a pregnant woman. He stays.”

I feel satisfaction when the doctor appears slightly scared. That’s right, dude, back off.

Pam, the pack doctor, brings my attention back to her when she starts to give me instructions. “Okay, I’m going to count to three and then I want you to push as hard as you can.” She looks at me and when I nod she goes on.

“One...Two...Three...Push! That’s great. And another one... Push!”

I gasp in pain and squeeze Cade’s hand and I’m surprised that he doesn’t look ready to pass out.

“He’s crowned, just a few more pushes.”

Suddenly I feel Kaiden’s presence, reassuring me that I’m almost there. That our son is almost here and I give all I’ve got. In the next 15 seconds I push as hard as I can until I faintly hear a cry and Pam is holding a gorgeous tiny baby in her arms. “Cade? Would you like to cut the umbilical cord?” Cade looks at me for assurance and I nod, too tired to care-as if I would.

I rest my head back against the pillow and breathe out and deep staggered breath. I look to my side and startle. Kaiden’s standing there staring at me with a proud smile. I don’t know if he’s actually there or if I’m hallucinating. Probably the ladder because I’m coked up on drugs. He looks to our son and then back to me. “You did good, baby. You did really good.”

Hallucination or not I whisper, ”We did really good.”

“I love you. Both of you.” He whispers.

“I love you, too. I miss you.”

“I know. Bye, baby. Take care of them.”

“Them?” I’m about to ask, but he’s gone. I’m then nudged back to reality when Cade pokes me softly. He’s holding my baby and he’s beautiful-both of them. Is this what Kaiden meant when he said take care of ‘them’?

“Do you wanna hold him?” Cade murmurs as he looks from the baby back to me.

“Yes, please.” He carefully places him into my arms and I start to get tears in my eyes. He’s just so beautiful and he’s a part of both Kaiden and I. We made this little human being. I run my finger across his bottom lip and watch as he smiles at my touch.

“Isn’t he beautiful?” I say as I look up at Cade. He’s looking at me already.

“Yeah, he is. Just like his mummy.”

I blush.

Pam cuts in. “So what’s his name?”

I smile and whisper, “Jude Kaiden Williams.”

“Jude?” Cade murmurs, obviously remembering.

“Jude.” I confirm, nodding my head.

“God, I love you.”

I’m taken aback at his words and am left speechless.

He quickly adds, “You don’t have to say anything back. I just felt like I needed to tell you. I’m honestly so in awe of you right now. You just gave birth to this little piece of sunshine and I’m so proud of you for becoming such a strong woman after so many people, including me, put you down. So yeah, I love you.” He kisses my forehead and then Jude’s. “I’ll go let everyone know that you and the baby are okay. Don’t worry, I’ll let you tell everyone the name.”

And with that he leaves the room, leaving me speechless.

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