The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Chapter 2


Kick, dodge, drop to the ground and kick, hop back up, punch. That’s right, keep going like that, Scar. You’re doing great.

“Come on, sweet heart. Give up already. You’re no match for me.” I tell Jamie, our second best fighter. I was the first. Not that I was boasting or anything.

“As if, old lady.” He replied and I chuckled. I dodge his punch aimed at my stomach and swiftly run behind him and kick him in the back. He falls onto the ground and I crawl on top of him.

“Got you. Again.” I laugh, hopping up, turning to look at all the younger pack member s watching me. “And, THAT’S how you do it.” I smile and they applaud. I hold my hand out to Jamie, but he ignores it and get’s up.

“Bitch.” He tells me.

“Ass.” I reply.





“Why, yes, I do have one of those.” He replies cockily. This was a normal routine for Jamie and I. Throwing insults at each other for fun. “Oh, I’m not so sure about that.” I stare at him. “You’re welcome to check.” He raised a brow.

“Hmmm, that sounds like good idea.” I say seductively, trailing my hand up and down his bare chest, since he wasn’t wearing a shirt.

He groans.

I smile.

Trailing my hands higher I twist his nipples with my fingers. Smirking in satisfaction, I turn away.

“Ow-Shit! What was that for?!” Jamie exclaims as Tristan, Christian, Daxton and Kaiden walk out of the pack house.

“Dude, did she get you again!” Tristan laughs walking over and picking me up bridal style. I let out a giggle and Jamie scowls.

“Come on, I’m hungry.” I tell the guys.

“You’re always hungry!” Kaiden replies, laughing. I smack his chest, still in Tristan’s arms.


“You love me.”

“Nuh uh.” I reply.

“Mmmhmm.” He says back.

“No, my one and only love is Zac Efron, sorry babe.” I stick my tongue out at him.

I’m suddenly dropped as Tristan holds a hand to his heart. “What! I thought I was your one and only love!”

I hop up and dust my bum off.“Ahhh….. Yeah, about that….” I pause, getting ready to bolt. “See ya.” I run up the stairs leading to my bedroom and run into my room, locking the door behind me. At first I think I’m safe, but then I remember my window.

“Shit!” I exclaim, running to it, but not before all the guys jump through it. I quickly turn around and am about to unlock the door when someone wraps their arms around my waist and pulls me back up against their chest.

“Say you love me.” Kaiden whispers into my ear.

“My parents told me not to lie.” I reply, cheekily.

He growls, low in his throat and pulls me closer to him and begins to tickle my ribs.

“Okay, okay, I love you.” I tell him, giggling.

“To them.” I can could hear the satisfaction in his voice.

I turn around to the other guys walking closer to me. “I’m sorry guys, but it’s Kaiden Williams; Son of Brandon and Trisha Williams. He’s the one I love.”

Groans emitted around the room. “Damn, he bribed her again.” Tristan and Christian shook their heads.

I mouthed ‘I love you’s’ to them and they smirked. “Come on, let’s eat. After all that running and training I’m hungry. You stupid idiots kept me from eating.”

“Stupid?!” Tristan mock gasps.

“Idiots?!” Christian says outraged.

I shrug as if saying ‘nothing I can do about it’ and turn and walk out the door.

They give me the silent treatment as I cook scrambled eggs.

“Guys.” I say exasperated.

They ignore me.

“Do you want food or not?”

They suddenly come over and hug me. Murmuring sorry’s.

That’s right. You better apologise.


Later in the afternoon my best friend Liz comes down the stairs with her mate Brent. They were adorable together and I’m sometimes jealous over how much they love each other.

I snuggled up to Kaiden and he pulled me close as we watch ‘The Lucky One’. We were always like this. He even slept with me. No--not in that way. Geez. We just fell asleep together… in the same bed… every night. Nothing wrong with doing that.

A few minutes later the phone rang.

“I’ll get it!” I shout so no one gets it.

I hop off the couch and fall because I get tangled up in the rug that I was using. “Owch.” Quickly getting up I scramble for the phone.

“Hello.” I say into the phone in a sing-song voice.

“Hey, who’s this? You’re voice seems familiar…” Cade asks on the other end of the phone.

“Shit.” I say and slam the phone down, hanging up.

Daxton comes into the room. “Who was it?” He asks.

“No one.” I say, but my voice betrays me.

The phone rings again. I had a feeling who it was. Daxton goes to answer it.

"“No! Don’t answer it Dax!” I squeal. What does he do? He friggin answers it.

“Hello?” He speaks into the phone.

“Yes, this is the Blue Moon Pack… No, I’m the Third in command… Yeah Alpha Kaiden is here, but can I ask who this is…? Oh, it’s you. Well in that case… Goodbye.” And with that Dax hangs up the phone as well.

I giggle. It wasn’t like Dax to be so rude.

“I don’t like him.” He tells me.

“That makes two of us.” I mutter under my breath. The rest of the guys come in.

The phone rings again. Argh, stupid phone. Kaiden answers it. “This is Alpha Kaiden speaking.” Kaiden says into the phone. “Really? Rogues? Hmm…” He puts it on speaker.

“… Yeah, we’ve been getting attacked by rogues and I was wondering if maybe you could live in our territory for a little while and we could work together to stop the rogues from going anywhere else.” He finishes. He doesn’t sound like he cares much that I’ve been missing for two years.

‘No’ I mouth to Kaiden. I don’t want to friggin work with Cade. He can get friggin eating by rogues. He deserves it. But my old friends don’t… plus, my brothers pack was near Cade’s and if they were getting attacked, then my brothers pack would probably get some Rogue visitors as well.

“I don’t think--” Kaiden begins to say ‘no’.

“We accept.” I say and before he can say anything else I hang up the phone.

“Scar? I thought you didn’t like him and his pack.” All the guys look at me confused.

“I do. But, I love my friends. Plus, if Rogues are close to Cade’s pack, they’ll be close to my brother. I don’t like that. Which means I’m willing to put away my hatred towards Cade and those other dickheads to help them.”

“I knew you would come around.” Kaiden smiles at me before placing a soft kiss on my lips.

“Guys, save the PDA for the bedroom.” Jamie jokes.

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