The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Chapter 3

Today would be hell. In just a few minutes the boys, me and a few other of our fighters would be leaving to start heading to Cade’s pack. The joy. Note my sarcasm.

“It’s going to be okay, Scar. Just remember that I’m here for you.” Kaiden says next to me. He turns to me and places a soft, featherlight kiss on my forehead. “We all are.” He nods his head to the boys who were packing things into Kaiden’s car.

I wrap my arms around Kaiden’s waist and turn into him. We both lean towards each other and just as our lips are about to collide....

“Hey, love-birds! We would like to leave sometime this year!” Jamie exclaims from the car.

I scowl at him. “Somebody’s asking for another teddy twister.” I raise my eyebrows questionably, referring to me twisting his nipples.

As quick as lightning he jumps into the car and I chuckle as I watch him lock all the doors.

“Now... where were we?” I murmur softly as my and Kaiden’s lips near again.

“I’m serious, though, lovebirds! Now! Save the PDA for later.” Jamie shouts. I find him with his head sticking out the car window.

Picking up a nearby rock from the ground I throw it at Jamie’s head.

“Yes!” I exclaim jumping around like a little girl when it hits him.

“Come on, let’s go.” Kaiden holds a hand out to me.

“Actually, I want to take my bike.” I smile remembering the feeling of freedom it brings. With my hair whipping out around me and the breeze against my face. It was nice.

“Okay, that’s fine,” Kaiden says placing a kiss on my forehead before starting to walk off.

“No,” I pull him back to me. “I want to ride with you, though,” I whisper.

Without answering he leads me towards his bike instead of mine. I roll my eyes. Just because mine was purple...

He hops onto his black motorbike and revs the engine. “Hop on.” He smirks.

I grin and swing my legs over the bike and get up close to Kaiden, wrapping my arms around his muscular chest, kissing his back.

He guns the engine and speeds off down the long road leading to the highway.

[Come on guys, we’re on the bike] I mind-link the guys.

[We figured] Dax replied and I could almost see him rolling his eyes.

[What are you saying?]

[I’m saying that separating you from a bike...] Christian starts, joining in on the convo.

[is near impossible.] Tristan finishes.

[You’re addicted to those things] Jamie adds.

[Whatever] I pout my bottom lip.

[Come on, guys. Stop teasing.] Kaiden says. [Although it’s true]

I hit him on the back and he chuckles.

“Hands to yourself, missy.” Kaiden scolds me, shaking his head as he turns his head back to face me.

“Oi, eyes on the road, mister.” I scold back. “I’m too young and gorgeous to die,” I say pinching his cheek.

“Hey, hands off the merchandise.” He takes his hand off the handle and slaps my hand from his cheek.

“Pfft, what merchandise?”

“Oh, you know I’m sexy.” He replies.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, big boy.” I pat his back.

“I sleep perfectly. Cause you’re next to me.”

His words melt my heart as I blush. Kaiden used to have nightmares. Call it childish, but he had a reason. It made me glad to know that it helped when I slept next to him.

“Yeah, yeah. Just drive.”


Many hours later we finally arrived at Blue Moon territory. Tugging on my black leather jacket I then wrap my arms around myself.

Cade was close. So, so close. But, I couldn’t have him. Nor did I want to. That was just my wolf. Although she liked Kaiden, she hated the fact that I wasn’t with my mate. But, sometimes things happen in life that change the way things are supposed to turn out.

Suddenly, arms wrap around my waist and pull me into a hard chest. “You’ll be fine, Scar.” He kisses the back of my head. Turning around I thread my fingers through his hair as our lips collide. We kissed for what felt like hours but pulled apart in shock when a growl filled the air.

I looked up to see Cade with his friend, Jimmy. Cade’s eyes were wide in shock as Jimmy stared at him with a surprised expression. Cade’s wolf probably recognised me and that was why he growled.


As soon as I heard wheels on the gravel road I start heading outside. When I do I see this beautiful girl fixing up her leather jacket and wrapping her arms around her waist. She was beautiful. Her brown hair falling in waves down her back. The colour of her eyes was hidden by her hair as she looked down at the ground.

A male walked up behind her and I recognised him as Alpha Kaiden. I watched as he whispered something in the girl's hair and she smiled and turned around. Their lips locked and all I wanted to do was walk up to them and rip them apart. The girl seemed so familiar, yet so different.

Without even knowing what was happening, I found myself growling.

What the fuck?!

[You’re an idiot for not recognising her.] My wolf chastises.

[Dude what the fuck are you talking about?]

[Can’t believe you cant even recognise your own mate] I can feel him rolling his eyes.

[What are you--] I cut myself off as the girl looks up surprised at my growl. It was then that I notice the resemblance. Her hazel eyes stare at me and I feel myself falling into the browny-green pools.


I watch as recognition flashes in Cade’s eyes before they glaze over completely, turning into pitch black pools.

Before he or I can say anything Jamie and the others arrive in the car. After they park they all jump out and stand beside me on each side.

**Hey, you never told us your mate was a sexy beast.** Liz says through the mind-link. She had insisted on coming since she didn’t want to be away from Brent. I thought it was sweet.

Rolling my eyes at her comment I reply, **Yeah well, did I tell you about how he rejected me?**

I can feel her stare at the back of my neck. **Yeah, yeah. He’s still sexy though.**

It was true. He was pretty damn sexy. But, I wouldn't tell him that. Or anyone else for the matter. Plus, I couldn't, nor wouldn't, feel that way about him anymore. I was a new person. In some ways. I was still the kind person I was a year ago, but only to people who deserved my kindness. Cade...? He was not one of those people.

“Scarlett.” Although he speaks so softly to himself, I hear it as clear as day. His voice echoing inside my head several times before disappearing from my mind.

“Cade,” I reply coldly.

“You’re here?” He says it like a question.

“Well obviously.” I roll my eyes.

“How?” He whispers, almost to himself.

I don’t answer. No one else does either.

“Alpha Cade, if you wouldn't mind, we would like to get our luggage to our rooms,” Kaiden speaks up from beside me.

“Uh..” He mumbles. “Yes, that’s fine. There’s a two-roomed cabin just to the side of the pack house so two of you can sleep there...”

[Brent, you and Liz can take on of the rooms. Scar and I will take the other] Kaiden says through the mind link.

“The rest of you can take some of the rooms in the pack house. I’ll show you the way.” Cade finishes. He shows the boys into the pack house while Brent, Liz, Kaiden and I head for the cabin with our luggage.

I let out a sigh. “This is going to be a long day.”

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