The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Chapter 7


The next few days of training ran smoothly. Kaiden would watch from the side as Jamie and I organised a few small duals between pack members. Jamie and I did our job providing tips on ways they could win the fight and some tactics as well that lead to at least a bigger chance at winning.

When Kaiden and I had left my parents house the other day and didn’t come back until the morning, Cade had gone wild, thinking that we had gone somewhere to have ‘crazy-hot-wild sex’, but immediately assured him that if Kaiden and I wanted to have ‘crazy-hot-wild sex’, we wouldn't run off anywhere to do it. And we did do it, he would know. Let’s just say that hadn’t made the situation better.

A featherlight kiss touched my lips and brought me out of my thoughts and to the present. Kaiden and I lay together in our shared room in the cabin, our naked chests touching as we stared at each other. One of his hands rested on my shoulder, brushing stray strands of hair that had fallen around my face. His other hand lay softly on my waist, just over the Chinese characters in-scripted there. He didn’t know what they said, no one did. I had many more tattoos like this, in many more languages, in different places, but still, no one knew what any of them meant.

“Are you ever going to tell me what your tattoos say?” Kaiden asks, his eyes staring at me with such confusion that my heart suddenly feels empty. Why? I have no idea.

“I-I don’t know.” I shrug my shoulders. “They’re symbols of my past, each script means something important to me.” I force a small smile, for both his and my sake.

“If that’s all you can tell me at the moment, I’ll accept it.” He says, a reassuring smile on his face. He leans down and places another short kiss on my lips.

A noise from the room next to us brought us apart. Liz and Brent were doing some noisy stuff in there. If they weren’t going at each other so hard, I’d go in there and tell them to shut up, or at least quiet down, but God knows they wouldn't listen to me. They probably wouldn't even be able to hear me over their own grunts, moans, and groans of pleasure and lust. And don't even get me started on the screams.

I mentally shiver. “They’re so oblivious,” I mutter to Kaiden as another grunt sounds. “Can’t they go at each other when we’re not around?”

“Trust me, they tried.” Kaiden rolls his eyes. “Don’t worry about it, just go to sleep.” He whispers as he places one last soft kiss on my pouted lips.

I nod and put my head up next to his chest and fall into a blissful sleep.


I woke from my not-so-blissful sleep in the middle of the night. The clock on the bedside table next to me tells me that it is two past three. Deciding that I wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep, I hop out of bed and quietly--so as not to wake Kaiden--slip into some yoga pants and a black, thick strapped singlet. I hastily shove my sneakers on and do the laces up.

Grabbing my iPhone and some earphones I press play on the playlist I made of all my favorite songs.

A Rocket To The Moon’s ‘Mr. Right’ comes on and I smile to myself. I hadn't listened to this song in ages, despite it being one of favorites.

As soon as I’m outside of the cabin I begin running. Past the pack house and into the trees. The smell of pine hits my senses as I run through the trees and past shrubs.

Thirty-six songs through my playlist I pause my music to take a breather. To my left, I hear a twig snap and the crunching of feet meeting grass.

Standing up straighter I turn my head towards the sound. As the noise gets closer I put myself in a defensive stance.

Less than two seconds later Cade comes bounding out of the trees. I jump back in surprise.

“Dont do that!” I exclaim as I point my finger at him, scolding.

“Do what?” He says with a smirk.

“Jump out of the bushes like that!” I tell him.

“Aww, did I scare little Scar?” He asks in a baby voice.

I scowl at him as I say, “Of course you didnt! You just surprised me.” Turning around I start walking back the way I’d come from, leaving Cade behind.

“Scar! Watch out!” Cade screams from behind me and for the second time today, someone jumps out in front of me.

And this time... I do scream.

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