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one shots/short stories

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BL one shots with my favorite couples.

Fantasy / Romance
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The whole lawn in the garden of a three-story house filled with people who were in their full black attire, it’s the funeral of a man who was loved by many. The deceased body was already placed in the coffin and waited to close it. The pit was ready but the loved ones are not.

Still, people placing roses inside the coffin, the silent and muffled cries filled the garden, finally the figure everyone waited for, steps near the coffin with eyes still in disbelief, he felt defunct. He bends down to the coffin and with his trembling hands placed the rose and 2 rings which is a witness of their love.

“I don’t have anything other than this kongpop.... you promised me you will take care of me for the rest of my life while putting this ring on my finger, why did you break the promise kong... is it that hard to take care of me? Is it that hard living with me instead you choose to end your life? Tell me!!!.... tell me you bastard!!!.... why did you leave me!” Arthit cries echoed the whole garden and breaks everyone heart.

Arthit and kongpop friends who witness the couple love from college days shed more tears. “Arthit it’s time” knot placed his hand on arthit shoulders and try to pull him away from the coffin where kongpop is lying lifelessly. Arthit shook his head and hugged the coffin dear to his heart.

“I.. will not knot. I will never.. he will get scared” Arthit cries while clenching kong suit. Knot tears flow, he doesn’t know how to console his friend, kongpop is arthit world, kongpop love always makes arthit blind to his surroundings now how will the latter live without him.

“Arthit he will not... God will take care of him, allow them to do the burial for the kong, your son needs you so please hold yourself” knot told with a little pleading to his close friend who is not ready to leave his husband coffin anytime. “No..No knot! I will not..how can I live without him knot? maybe I should accompany him” saying this arthit about to get inside the coffin but got stopped by his friends.

“Phi.. please hold yourself.. your son and family need you... we need you, kong will not rest in peace if you send him off with tears” Prae told arthit who is hitting his friends to allow him to go to kongpop. His friends all hugged him, arthit eyes catch the small kid who is watching his moves with tears.

Composing himself for everyone arthit turned and went back to the coffin again, leaning forward he kissed kong lips and forehead “sleep my 0062” arthit whispered and leave a way for the elders to do their job. His eyes never leave the coffin. Arthit still in mourning even after everyone leaves.

Knot approached arthit who is still standing near the ceremony “Arthit, come inside man your family needs you, they are worried for you, no one is eating anything even Fiat” knot called his friend to get inside the house. Arthit asked them to do the burial for kongpop in their home garden because he wants kong to be in their home even after death.

Arthit turned to his friend “knot,.. will you please...take me to our vacation home...I need some time knot...I want to be alone so ask...my family to come next morning” Arthit pleaded at his friend with tears, his eyes were red from crying, his face resembles like a ghost, pale. Knot sighed and nodded his head.

“Arthit, remember, kongpop never likes when you give up” knot reminded before arthit walks away from his car. “I too don’t like when he gives up Knott, especially on life,” arthit said without turning around. Knott waited until arthit crosses the beach, once the latter pass through it and walks towards the latter home Knott drove away.

Arthit stopped before the gate, he inhaled the beach smell while tears flow once again, it’s kong favourite place in the world that’s why kong bought a home here and spend time during almost all vacation. Arthit opened the gate, after getting inside he closed it.

Their love starts from college, it was hate first, kongpop famous annoying character always rubbed arthit in a wrong way but soon it triggered the feelings which arthit never felt before for anyone. ‘I will make you my wife’ the words still rings in his ears as it rings around the auditorium.

His legs lead him to the swings which presented at the entrance of the home. Arthit pushed the dry leaves from the swing and sat on it.


Kongpop! Someone might see us!′ Arthit hissed at his boyfriend with a blush while trying to get away from kong lap. ‘So what phi? You are mine no one can stop me’ kongpop told arthit while adjusting the latter position on his lap.

Arthit shyly nodded his head and leaned his head on kong chest for kong to tighten his back hug on the latter ‘I loved this beach phi, that’s why I bought a house in this place, it always calms my heart, and you with me in this swing made me very happy and warm’ kong confessed with a kiss on arthit hair.


Arthit moved his swing slightly “This is where you asked me to marry you, this is where you asked... me to go for surrogate mother... this is where we sat all day enjoying the scenery... I want it kong ...want it back, me in your lap and..the kiss..everything” arthit whispered and hang his head low with tears rolling down his cheeks.

After some more minutes with kong memories, arthit walked to the door, he opened the door and stepped inside, his eyes glanced around the living area and settled on the L-shape couch.


"K-Kong...ahhh...bed” arthit rushed at his husband because he is close to cum. Kong ignored his husband and continued his thrusting harder and faster. “Ahhhh.. there...shit!!... kong” arthit moaned in pleasure. “Urghh.. come with me!” Kong said and moved faster while stroking arthit junior. “Now phi!!” Kong said for arthit to release his cum on kong chest and the couch while kong inside arthit.


Da...daddy...daddy’ Arthit snapped his head to the couch “kongpop!! Kongpop!! 0062 hurry up” arthit called his husband who is busy cleaning their kid mess. “What phi?” Kong asked while sitting next to arthit. “Kong he called me daddy.. the first time... daddy kong” arthit exclaimed with sparkling eyes while kong felt content seeing his family smiles.


“This is where our son addressed me as daddy, this is where we did our pleasurable activities in many nights, this where you scolded me just because I dropped Fiat pooped diaper mistakenly while changing, you said you will never allow anyone to spoil this sofa...now where are you because I am gonna.... spoil it,” Arthit said while caressing the soft covers. His eyes moved towards the kitchen entrance.


When will you listen to my words kong! You and cooking can never be friends so please stop touching my kitchen, you idiot!!′ Arthit shouted at his husband who is feeling guilty after spoiling their vacation home kitchen. Arthit son laughed at his papa’s misery. ‘I am sorry phi’ kong said while showing his puppy face.

‘I just want to help you.. you are the one who always cook so I want to give you rest at least during our vacation time’ kong words calmed arthit instantly. He went and hugged kong “I am sorry for being rude” arthit whispered at his husband. Kong hummed at his husband and winked at his son whose jaws dropped he thought his daddy gonna scold his papa some more for making a disaster in the kitchen but instead of apologizing, he envied his papa power over his daddy.


Arthit took the stairs and reached the rooftop, the wind blows on his face “this is where we celebrated your success in business, this is where we held a party to welcome the new member in our family, this is where Chimon introduced his lover to us, this is where you cried whole night when you learned your mom had cancer” Arthit said and cries more again, he doesn’t know how he still has tears.


Tell me who bought this?′ Arthit yelled at the figures who arrived in a new car. Kong stepped front with a sheepish smile. ‘What the hell kong? Just because Fiat said he wants the car while watching TV you bought it!!!’ Arthit shouted at his husband.

The three figures hang their head low in shame ‘Phi...’ kong was cut by arthit. ‘Last week I witness Fiat broke his robot figure but last night while I was packing fiat dress for the vacation I saw néw robot figure replaced that place!! I know it’s you and not chimon! You are spoiling him kong! if you do this then Fiat will never learn the value of money! I think you guys need a punish--...ughmmm’ arthit was cut by kong who claimed the latter lips while motioning the two figures to go inside. Both pulled away from the kiss after a minute, ‘don’t repeat it 0062’ arthit said while panting heavily, kong answered with another deep kiss.

That is the first-day kong encounter his first pain which he ignored thinking it might be exhaustion.


Arthit came down after an hour and stepped inside his bedroom. His eyes moved to the bed where a letter with kongpop gear present. Arthit shook his head firmly in horror, he walks to the bed and eyed the object in panic. His hands moved without his permission and took the letter. Arthit sat in the bed with a thud after his eyes catch the words ‘To My Sun’, he opened the letter with trembling hands.

P’arthit khrap.

I am sorry to leave before you phi. After learning they can’t cure my disease and I am going to die soon I cried and cursed god a lot phi. I don’t know what to do, I want to tell the truth to you but got scared of the future, I felt powerless to even run to you.

My doctor told me the disease will give me head pain, memory loss and some more things. I got scared phi, I don’t want fiat and chimon to see me at my vulnerability, I want to be their hero until my death, I don’t want to be a burden to you all phi.

I know you will never see me as a burden but I can’t see you in pain my P’Oon. I can’t see you suffering for me, I don’t have the heart to drag you in my misery, I don’t want to forget about any of you or our memories. I promised your parents that I will never allow you to suffer and make you cry and I decided to keep that promise phi!”

“But you also promised me you will not leave me alone you moron!!!” Arthit shouted and dropped the letter in anger, arthit and his family find out about kong tumour after the latter died, arthit felt betrayed and angered, he shouted at the doctor for hiding the news. But the doctor said kong informed him that he will reveal it to his family.

Arthit cried louder and louder, he screamed and called kongpop name again and again, because of his feeble body soon he felt dizzy, he stumbled while stood from the bed, slowly he lifted the letter from the floor.

I know phi must felt betrayed and must be mad at me, please phi doesn’t be and don’t feel bad for me phi. I am happy phi after you came into my life all I experienced is bliss nothing else, you broke you all shell for me, you changed yourself for me and I am happy to have you in my life phi.

You take care of me well as my parents did, you and our son completed my life phi, I don’t want to be weak in front of you guys, I am a coward and selfish phi, I tried to fight with the pain but it starts to get unbearable phi, I am scared to show my pain in front of you guys because I know you guys will share it emotionally. I don’t want my cries to fill our home instead of laughs because it hurts, my head hurts too much that I want to scream my lungs out.

That’s why I decided to end my life myself phi, I am glad my life ends in your arms, you don’t give me any regret phi, you give me all the bliss I never imagined before, your warmth caressed me in all my ups and down phi so don’t be sad for my loss. Please forgive me phi and take care of our family, I will wait for you until your time comes. I will watch over you all P’arthit. And..... P’Oon I love you... I love you a lot my son.. with love 0062...

Arthit cries and hugged the letter to his heart, last morning when he woke up he didn’t feel the hot breath on his neck like usually, he gets from his kongpop who hug him to sleep every night so he glanced to check his husband to get terrified, his husband pale face and breathless stage pushed arthit to the darkness.

“Why....why? Why?!!!!! Why did you do this? You should fight some more!!! You...like to be stubborn and competitive right? Then why did you give up on your life this soon?.... you said you can fight the whole world with me being next to you!....t-then why did you got defeated by the damn tumour!! .... I hate you kong...tomorrow is a new year you said you will give our family a surprise!...is..is this your surprise? How can I start a new year knowing you are not next to me”

“What will I do without your hugs, kisses, praise, annoyance and that damn smile!!.... I am sorry I stopped you from having intimacy for a while... please come back kong, you can take me as much as you want!!! Please kong I will never scold again, you can spoil Fiat as much as you want...I will never stop you from going on a business trip...I will never make you jealous of Max... I will give you all the time you want Kong..don’t I deserve your explanation?....p-please I beg you....come back to me” Arthit cries after lay on the bed with kong letter on his chest and he closed his eyes with kongpop thoughts “Good night my moon”.

The next morning a car parked in front of the beach house, 2 adults with an 8-year-old boy stepped out of the car. The kid runs inside ignoring his pregnant mother and father call. Chimon stopped Fiat and lift the latter in his arms, he passes him to his wife’s arms, he motioned them to wait in the living room.

He slowly opened the bedroom door and entered inside, after a while he stepped outside of the bedroom with tears, he went to the figure who sat on the sofa with eyes on him. Chimon kneeled in front of his son who sat on his wife lap.

“Fiat....your grandpa became an a-angel d-dear”.

**************(it’s happening after Arthit death)

Arthit opened his eyes and blinked his eyes at the brightness, it’s not his room where is he? He glanced around to check the surrounding which is nothing but full of fog, his memory hit him and he realized he must have died. Before he took a step for further check of he is in heaven or hell? he halted in his place with tears by the voice which sends a shiver down his spine, the voice which he thought he gonna not hear anytime soon, now he doesn’t need any checking if his love is here then he doesn’t care even if it hell.

He turned abruptly to the voice, “P’arthit!!“, “P’arthit! Why did you come here? I told you--..” kong was cut by the kola bear hug. “Why did you leave me alone?.... I got scared. I thought I will not see you again” arthit cried, “why didn’t you told me you are in pain?! Why didn’t you ask my help? You always inform me before doing anything right! Then why didn’t you inform this!! Why did you die kongpop?!” Arthit hit kong chest again and again after pulling back a little.

“Because I know you will never allow me to do so and will do something worse... like this dying for me” kong answered with a chuckle. This time kong hugged arthit who wiggle at first but soon relaxed by the kong smell. Finally he able to breathe again, in the short time of his husband absence he felt lost, empty and with no purpose to live now he felt content.

“I told you I will wait right? then why did you come soon” kong asked while wiping arthit tears which is rolling over his cheeks. “Because I missed you...my heartfelt cold without you” arthit confessed with more tears. “I can’t warm you anymore..remember? I died!” kong said with a thin smile.

“I don’t need your warmth anymore, remember? I too died..and...I love this coldness between us too” Arthit said while wiping kong tears, arthit bumped their nose together and joined their forehead.

“Daddy” “papa” a voice startled them both. They turned and looked down the funeral place, chimon decided to buried arthit body next to kong. He placed the two gears on arthit chest, he spoke to arthit deceased body “D-Daddy you are also selfish like papa don’t you?” Chimon asked with tears.

No, I am not!′ Arthit corrected his son like the latter can hear him. Kong back hugged him and placed his head on arthit shoulder “yes, you are” kong whispered softly and earned a hit on his stomach by arthit elbow.

“You...always loved papa more as he prefers you first.... how can you guys leave me all alone.. you guys promised you will help me with Fiat.. you guys promised you will lead me into business...now you both choose each other leaving me and my family alone” chimon cries in misery.

“You gave and teach me everything I need daddy, you never made me feel bad, you shooed away all my darkness daddy ... I love you more than papa” chimon cries more remembered Arthit dimple smile which always shoos his hard time away and encourages him.

See He loves me a lot’ arthit smiled with tears. Kong sulked for it but quickly exclaimed with sparkling eyes ‘But Fiat loves me more than he loves anyone’ kong smiles widely thinking about his grandson. ‘That’s because you never scold him and always go on his way’ arthit retorted at him.

‘Maybe I am doing that because he is more like you and he is whipped for me exactly like you’ kong announced proudly while arthit pale face blushed, he sticks his tongue out to kong with the thought of how come kong can make him feel warm even after death.

“I love you a, lot daddy.. thanks for being my daddy and gave all the happiness. I am proud of your son. I hope you find papa in there and I know papa will take care of you better than me...maybe that’s why you chose him and ended your life like him” chimon cried more, everyone heart ached by chimon cries, within 2 days he lost both his parents.

“You guys will be with me, right? You guys will watch over my family from there right?” Chimon asked in the hope as they will answer him. Everyone glanced at the sky with a smile when a thundering roar. Chimon felt happy it may be a coincidence but he is happy that something is there for him to not lost his hope.

You should not die for me, he is sad and felt betrayed’ kong said glancing at his crying son on the latter wife arms. ‘You told me this at least 1000times maybe I should go for reincarnation and born as my son’s baby, who knows maybe this time I don’t get an annoying junior as my husband’ arthit said sarcastically.

Kong grabbed arthit neck harshly and kissed the latter deep if arthit is not dead already then he must be now by the lake of oxygen.. kong pulled away after satisfying himself for more minutes ‘Never dream to have anyone else apart from me phi.. this annoying junior and hot-headed senior are tied for eternity’ kong said and sealed it with another kiss.

The end--


Want to try one shot and angst plot for a long time

This time succeeded but did it make sense...
hope you guys like it...

Stay safe everyone.

Thanks for all the votes and comments..felt happy.

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