Hell's Company

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Part III

Tell me losing everything is what saved you.

Tell me you finally tasted freedom. Don’t lie.

I see it in your eyes. Women lie to their mothers.

Women do not know how to use their own voices

And resort to things deeper. Don’t lie to me.

Tell me you loved to destroy.

Tell me you need me. Please.

You are the bones of my spine.

You are the ground beneath my feet.

You are made of deeper stuff than the earth

Can give. Admit it: you are lost without the waiting.

Can you even imagine yourself in paradise?

Even the daughter of gods must know loneliness,

Must sometimes want nothing more than to be

Trapped in a hell of forevers. Thank me, you queen.

I’ve given you forever.

--Letter from Hades to Persephone, Clementine von Radics

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