The Guardian's Cardinal

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A legend older than time itself lies buried beneath a world that has forgotten its past. On a journey to discover the truth, Jax joins a group of traveling knights to a mysterious island filled with monsters, untold horrors, and a secret someone is trying to protect. A secret that will define the difference between life and death. Challenges that will push them to their limits, concealing a lie that could destroy them all. Are you ready to begin? No? Good, because the journey has already begun.

Fantasy / Mystery
Vivi Wyvern
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It shouldn’t have ended this way.

No one saw it coming. The world had been at peace until they came. They came down from up high and attacked without warning. Destroying everything in their path until nothing was left but ash and ruins. Disseminating the homes of so many, including my own, killing without mercy or reason.

They promised friendship, serenity, peace, and took what we valued most.

Vim stared up at the moon from where he laid on the ground. The light washed over him, protecting him from the monsters that roamed the forest, the ones that wanted to kill him. To finish him off.

They would never get the chance. Vim could feel his body growing weaker the longer he lay there, wishing that someone would find him, that someone would come to save him. As the night passed, his hope began to fade as he accepted his fate.

A pool of red spilled out from underneath Vim, staining the once green grass a violent crimson color. He could feel its warmth escaping through his fingers that covered the wound on his stomach, his body becoming numb from its loss.

Tears fell from his dull eyes, sliding down his pale skin, hitting the ground. The earth beneath Vim turned to gold as it glowed brighter than the sun and was just as warm. Its heat spread over Vim’s dying body, across the land and the forest that called it home until its light had engulfed the entire island.

A small smile graced his lips as the golden light dimmed till it was gone as if it had never happened at all. He could still feel the lasting effect of its warmth from where his hand rested on the grass beside him.

That was the last time the light had shined upon the island as a wave of darkness encased it, hiding it from the rest of the world: never to be seen again.

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