Tower of Swords

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The story follows ouf main cast on their journey to uncover the secrets behind the "Tower of Swords" and its immense powers.What are they?Are there any villains?What is even the purpose or the main goal of this story?Read to find out!

Fantasy / Adventure
Asen Bukov
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Chapter 1-The Tower of Swords

Many,many years ago the planet consisted of only one continent.At its center there was an enormous tower,pierced with a hundred swords.This tower was the driving force of the world and people worshipped it like a god.The tower was so powerful that it omitted energy causing different phenomena to occur from natural disasters to magic storms.

People back then always praised the tower and told different stories about it although most of them were made up because it existed long before people so no one knew how did it appear or what was its purpose.They were also afraid of the tower and its capabilities so they didn`t settle near it or approach it at all.

Throughout the years civilization was born because the tower was constantly providing resources on the continent with its powers.Stone,metals and even electricity was provided by the tower.There were no internal conflicts or fighting over resources.There were no wars or any kind of discrimination and segregation.People lived by the saying “Don`t mess with the tower and it will bring you good fortune” and thought that was the right way.

As the time advanced people started to get more curious about the tower and some even doubted its existense.Others wanted to research it in order to find the true reason it has been placed there and granted has those powers.Not long after there took place the first expeditions to the tower in order for people to learn more things about it.

The first three expeditions` purpose was to see if the tower even exists and is not just some myth from the old times.After a long time since the start of their journey nobody returned from the first two expeditions.They most likely died due to the harsh conditions and phenomena occuring throughout the continent.

While the first two expeditions consisted of a hundred people,the third one consisted of 300 in order to increase the chances of success.And after almost a year from the 300 hundred people that were sent only three returned.One was in a coma,one had gone mad and the third look frightened out of his mind.

People immediately wanted to know what had they seen throughout their journey:

-How was your journey?

-What happened to all the other people on your group?

And of course the question they all have benn itching to ask all this time:


The lone sane and surviving member from journey was Declan.He was a veteran and an enthusiast to learn more about the tower.He was always cheerful and friendly.However at this moment all that could be seen in his eyes was despair.

-YES! The tower exists.However,it was our biggest sin to start approaching it.

There was visible confusion among the people and some were even worried.They all started bombarding Declan with questions,but he interrupted them:

-All my comrades are dead.The tower taught us a valuable lesson.We should never ever again try to approach it and repeat such expeditions.I am thankful that even we three managed to return.It`s actually a miracle.

For the longest time after that people stopped concerning themselves with the tower and just treasured what it did for them.

That was until a certain day a man named Frazer decided to gather a team of comrades and set an expedition to the tower.Frazer was a very greedy person.He believed that if he is able to reach the tower it will grant him immense power enough to rule over the whole continent.At that time expeditions to the tower were already prohibited so he promised power to those he gathered in order to persuade them to go on this journey.

A week later on one night Frazer and his group set out on their journey to the tower.At first the journey was boring because they felt like marching on an endless wasteland.As the time passed conditions began to worsen which was a sign they were headed for the right direction.Frazer`s men one by one started succumbing to the harsh reality and the yet surviving ones started to doubt Frazer.Only his right hand,Reuben,still fully believed in him.

One day as they were marching through a snowstorm they saw something like a border in front of them after which the snow suddenly stops and it was sunny and beautiful.Upon reaching it they saw a sign placed on it.It said:

“If you value your lives immeadiately head back.The only thing past that sign that awaits you is hell and despair.It was a mistake to come here.“-Declan,third tower expedition team.

All of the group members froze in place frightened as to what lies ahead,but Frazer had somehting else in mind.

-Don`t tell me you got scared of some random sign in the middle of nowhere.Don`t you see how peaceful it looks past here?I bet the one who put the sign just wanted to keep this paradise to himself.-Frazer said.

-Yeah don`t doubt Frazer.He got you past all these obstacles and harsh conditions.Be thankful and follow him to the very end.-said Reuben firmly.

Frazer`s comrades hesitated for a moment,but then decided to support him and with a big shout they marched ahead.Upon crossing the border all the harsh weather and conditions magically disappeared.The weather was nice and sunny and they were walking through a plain green field.

Suddenly as they were walking with having let their guard down,they were attacked by a something as one of the members was struck by lightning from behind.All of them looked baffled for a moment and the next another one of the group was attacked.It was an animal moving at lightning fast speed.The others started to run away but then another one was attacked.This time Frazer saw it.It was a wolf-like monster emitting lightning from its fur.He had a spear in him but couldn`t hope to hit it head on without a plan.Then he saw it.The pattern of attack.The monster always attacked the person furthest behind and from their right.Frazer had no choice but to predict when the next attack will be and try to throw the exact moment it started its attack.He took a deep breath,turned back and threw the spear his comrade head on.It looked like he would hit him but that`s when the wolf jumped and the spear managed to hit it.

After that the ramaining six people of the group contined forward.Soon after that they arrived to what looked like a desert region and at the end of the horizon they saw something glowing.

-Could this be our final destination?-Reuben asked.

-I really hope so cause it`s been one hell of a journey.

While walking through the desert they saw the corpse of an enormous monster that looked like a worm.

-Could this be something that the previous expeditions encoutered?-Frazer asked while looking at it.

-I don`t know but I sure am glad we are not the ones facing it.

After getting past the desert they finally saw it bright and clear.It was the tower.No more than a few kilometers ahead of them.Then they noticed something weird.There were two paths leading to the tower.One was what looked like a forest and the other one was like a big hole.

Frazer took into account that this was a magic region close to the tower and decided with Reuben that it will be better if they split up in teams of 3 and went in different paths.Frazer took the path with the big hole and Reuben took the forest.They promised to meet on the other side where the tower was.

When Frazer arrived at the whole he saw it was not a deep one but there was something strange.There were rocks floating in mid-air in the whole.He thought that was the tower`s influence.He didn`t want to risk going in unprepared so he forced one of his men to enter first.

Frazer`s comrade jumped into the hole only to start floating immediately after.After observing it carefully Frazer thought that it`s the gravity that`s messed up in this hole,but then he saw his comrade starting to suffocate.That`s when he knew.It`s not the gravity that`s hard to manage.It`s the oxygen.You have to “swim” through that hole holding breath.

Having made a strategy the 2 remaining people took a deep breath and started floating through the hole pulling themselves with the rocks around them to cross faster.Finally they managed to cross and arrived at the tower`s entrance.

A few hours later from the forest came crouching Reuben.Frazer rushed to him worried as Reuben was madly laughing.

-What`s the matter Reuben?Are you okay?Are you injured?

-This forest Frazer.It drives you insane.You hear them.You see their faces.All the people that tried to cross it and took their lives as a result.My group was also driven to suicide.I thought i was dead too.

After that Reuben fell unconscious,but Frazer decided not to abandon him and carried him to the tower.

The tower was what once the myths suggested.It was enormous,with swords pierced through it on all levels and indicating a powerful aura.Frazer felt how close he was to obtaining tremendous power.

The three remaining survivors climbed floor after floor until they finally reached the top.The tower`s top was pure mayhem.Lightnings from all sides,strong winds,all the elements were rampaging simultaneously.

At the center Frazer saw a giant dragon statue with a big gem in it.Above it there was a sign.It said:

"Those who lay a hand on this gem shall experience the infinite void and destroy this tower as well as the universe"

As Frazer was eyeing the gem Reuben woke up screaming:

-I told you Frazer.This was a mistake.We shouldn`t be here.

-Shut up Reuben.Can`t you see this is some old bullshit?I bet if I touch this gem I will obtain the power.

-No Frazer!Listen to me,please!We have to head back it`s dangerous.

-Don`t try to stop me!If you want home then go home.I ain`t leaving without getting my hands on that power.-said Frazer as he marched towards the gem.

-I am begging you Frazer please don`t do it.-screamed Reuben

-It`s too later for that now.

At this moment Frazer touched the gem.The tower started collapsing as it was collecting energy.It was preparing for explosion.

-I told you Frazer look what you have done.-yelled Reuben

But Frazer wasn`t here anymore.His eyes were pitch black and his soul has left the body.It was just an empty shell.His soul was sent to the infinite void.

The two survivors managed to escape the tower and make a run for it,but that wouldn`t stop what was about to happen.

The tower exploded from all the energy it absorbed breaking the continent into 7 parts.All of its swords holding the power were scattered through all the former continent.At the end a massive explosion followed wiping out most of the surface`s inhabitants.It was like the world was being reset.

A new dawn arrived.The tower was still there but there were no swords in it and it had lost its powers.Many,many years after that day,the survivors of the tower explosion managed to contine humanity and restore civilization bit by bit.The difference this time was that some people had magical powers,but that`s for another time.This is just the beginning!

-End of chapter 1.

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