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It's a story about a dairy who grant one wish for everyone in Chandan family but in return ask a question if anybody can't answer it they trap in book forever......but is Tina can release all people from here?can she find her true love?what wish will she want to grant?

Fantasy / Romance
Ayesha Aayat
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

(It's Rainy Day well today is my 16 year old birthday,i don't like rain.....i have lots of secret.....who is she??? Hey, Someone help me.......)

Granny:Wake up, What happen to you Misha.....Sheila wake her up.....she must be locked in her dream...
Misha:What happen??.....GRANNY......
WHAT are you doing here?
Sheila:You scare me m'lady,Misha Urbannya....
Granny:What if you locked in your dream forever.... you know, ....we have power and your going to be 16 years old you need to control yourself and your magic....
Misha:Sorry....i was just scared.....but I promise I will remember next time.......
Granny: By the way, Happy birthday are 16 years old now......and you will have your full power....if you pass the test that dairy choose for you.....
Misha:Tnx, ...Granny.....i am super excited for it...OMG.....what will going to happen.....
Sheila:Well, .....for now you should get ready m'lady.....We have grant party.....
Granny:well, yeap... You should get ready dear....then let's meet In party.....byee...
Misha:Bye granny.....
(Well, Right now I am super excited and also scared, .....because of that dairy......its been 13 years since I hear story about this dairy and my older sis is gone missing I never forget that day.....that day was really scary.....I was....whatever this all start happen when I was 7 years old....i suddenly find out about my magic and I am not a normal childe...My big sister tell me the story....opps I mean reality of the dairy....this dairy show us way to make choices and if we win that dairy will give us magic and grant two wish of us....but....if we fail the dairy will capture us.....until, ..someone pass and wish to release her family who has been captured....the only persone who win she was my Granny....she dont tell me to much about dairy.....because it against role of dairy....i just know every oldest daughters in our family have to take the responsiblity of 16 years we have ability to gain magic and in 18 years old we need to give test....thats all)

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