The Balance Keeper

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This is not your average vampire story because I'm not your average vampire. The difference between me and the vampires you have come to know is I'm also half unicorn. Strange combination I know, but I can't change my DNA. I can only learn how to live with it. Even with my differences I created a family with Storm and Faith. They don't judge me for being different. We have learned how to live in the human world and do what we can to protect it. Till one evening all of our lives took a different path. He entered the scene with secrets and doors once sealed shut open. I also learn of the deceit someone close has been hiding. My life will never be the same because of memories long forgotten care coming to the surface. I have three choices before me walk the darkness, walk the light or keep the balance between the two. Which ever choice I make the world will never be the same and nor will I. Let's just hope I make the right decision for all our sakes.

Fantasy / Romance
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Author Notes

This story was something I was working on for a very long time. It is completed and will be updated a chapter or two a day until it has been entirely posted. It is my goal to write a squeal to this story. I’m still ironing out the details and needed to break from the world I had created. I hope to soon get back into it. I just don’t know when that is going to be. I will post the first chapter on February 5th. I need to wait till the contract of where I have it posted ends before I can bring it here. Thank you for your patients. I’m stoked to be able to share this with the Wattpad family. Hope you love it as much as I do. This is my first full length novel. The first I wrote in high school. Enjoy! re…

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