Rejected at first sight

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Kristina is a normal highscool student who is self centered and very conscious... She observes changes in her but doesn't know what is happening with her... Does this have anything to do with her past or her family... Will she find someone who accompanies and supports her through her fate.. Read to know more...

Fantasy / Romance
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Kristina Eliz Macbeth...that is all she knows about herself.
She was abounded at the doorstep of a house..on the night of the big war( I'll know abt it later in the upcoming chapters)..
Luckily the family that lived there took her in and she was brought up along with another their daughter Maddy.

Kristina is very shy, selfcentered and don't talk to anyone unless either talked to or she needed to..
Kristina is 17 yrs old and her sister Maddy is 18..
They both are to start a fresh phase of their life that is high school..
So they are moving to a home left to Kristina in her foster parent's will since it is closeer to their school.
Yeah...Maddy's parents unfortunately passed away a few months back due to a car accident...

Maddy had already left with the movers to make sure everything takes place right..
That leave Kristina...staring at which was her home ever since she has known..

The horn of a truck brought back Kristina from her stare...
She heaved a final long sign before getting into the truck...
The truck started to roar and Kristina kept telling herself that she could make it...

Hey guys author here..
This is just an introduction ...
Just for the fact that I didn't want to simply start with the actual story part..blandly...
Kristina is looking up to a new start but is this start gonna bring back light in
In her life or is she gonna fall head down more deeper...
Stay tuned...
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