Rejected at first sight

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Chapter 1 : moving in

Kristina as soon as she reached her new home...she went and hugged Maddy...

They simply greeted each other and Kristina was about to move in the door when Maddy called out..

Maddy: hey! There's some heated food in the oven..just make sure u have some..before u unpack..

Kristy: yeah sure thanks Madz

Kristina gave Maddy a smile and continued to walk in...
Since she had already been here a number of times she knew her room and straight away headed in it's direction...

Kristina pov,

As soon as I entered my room I looked around...and it looked the same as it did the last time I was here..
The bed stood on left middle of the room on an elevated pavement 2 step higher than the ground level.. facing 2 doors among which one of them led to the bathroom while the other led to a tiny decent sized walk in closet...
The ceiling to floor glass window stood prominent of the other side with a dark purple coloured curtains..the floor was covered with a red carpet..
There was a on the right corner...where I mostly spent my time while I was here..
I let out a silent sigh..before putting my bag near the foot of ,y be and walked in the washroom to freshen up and change into something comfortable..

I'm looking through the kitchen heating my food in the microwave....

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder which caused me to jump..
Maddy : sry sweetheart don't mean to startle u..I just you

Maddy heaved a sigh knowing I won't talk.. and continued to tell me wheterever she tried to..

Maddy: so um..I was here to talk to u abt tmrw..

I turned to her lifting a single eyebrow..

Kristina: what abt tmrw??

Maddy: tmrw is our first day of school so I made sure I went in today and got our that we make it early to our first class with any issue..
Kristina: just say it already madz..
Maddy: our schedule is completely different except for statistics class..

Maddy's face fell as soon as she let it out.
It's not like it's her fault...
I know it's gonna be tough for me to be in any of the classes without her buoy my side..
Our parents ensure we were in the same class all the time while we grew up..
But also I did know this can't always be the case...
And I left my parents home ready to face whatever I have to..
So I spoke up to ensure id be f9.. cause I can c Maddy was beginning to get worried..

Kristina: hey it's kk sis...I knew that at some point this would happen and trust me I have prepared myself well and am ready to face anything...

This brought a smile on Maddy's face...
I know I keep my distance while talking to her but I do love her a lot...
And I care about her and she does to me..
It's just how I am...I simply don't talk much..unless needed to ..

Maddy gave me a hug..before saying goodnight..and left to her room
Me after my dinner I too left to sleep...

Maddy pov:
I just reach my room , I was worried abt Kristina...about how she'd feel knowing we wouldnt be able to be togeather like most times..I tried getting our schedule changed but the principle wasn't bidding to my pleas..
But surprisingly Kristina took in this better than I thought she could..
However she did seemed to have changed after dad and mom's s accident...
She started going out a lot after the incident...and even talked few words with our neighbours..
Usually...ppl become devastated after a loss but Kristina defebeilptly reacted in a different way...
Guess Kristy simply has a different way of safeguarding her feelings..
Everyone show their feelings in different way..
She still has the complexity but she is getting better...hope she gets social as she used to be when we were younger...
Believe it or not Kristina was very funny until she was 12 when she learned that she was abounded by her own parents...and began feeling like a mistake..moreover bullys at school did her no help but put her down..

hey guys, as u all can c Kristina is very self centered but..
Can she survive high school with how naive she is being...let's c

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