Protectors of Kahite

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‘The gods. A story told over and over in different cultures, Norse, Greek, Roman, Egyptian mythology all different versions of a similar story. But what about the Kahitean gods? What about a world where magic, gods and fate intertwine to defeat evil? In the kingdom of Solaris, all will be revealed to an unsuspecting girl whose destiny is predetermined. Will she save the one she loves? Will she save the world as we know it? Or will she crumble and let humanity perish, destroying the kingdom of the Gods?’

Fantasy / Adventure
Marie May
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Chapter 1

The gods. A story foretold for centuries, Norse, Greek, Egyptian mythology all different versions of a similar story. The Kahitean Gods are no different. The legend of the Kahitean gods starts with Cylix, God of the Seas, and Raelle, Goddess of humanity, King and Queen of the Gods and Protectors of Kahite. They fell in love, the kind of love told about in stories and legends, the unconditional love that can create lightning bolts and move mountains. The kind of love that is the greatest power on the planet, and one day, the love they thought they had only for each other, had grown for they had twin boys, Kristján and Azezal. It is thought that the love they had is what was strong enough to overcome the challenges for a baby that they so longed for. Their love was so powerful that the first and only twins were born to the Gods. Every generation of gods were destined to be a Protector of Kahite and are born to one of the eight kingdoms, Salbajour, Jonssen, Logahborugah, Kiva, Reistara, Barammur, Almdalir and Solaris. But only one of the twins can be the Protector of Solaris. The boys grew up in the glow of their parents’ love – but love is not what blossomed between them, for tension grew as they both knew only one could be the protector. When the Gods became of age to marry, they both discovered they were in love with Elara the goddess of fate. For being the goddess of fate it is a tragedy she could not foresee her own, for Elara had fallen for Kristjan the god of war. This charged the tension between the brothers, as hate began to grow in Azezal. Raelle could sense the growing hatred in her son and being the goddess of humanity, knew in her heart that he was not right to be the Protector of Solaris. So the decision was made, King Cylix and Queen Raelle chose Prince Kristjan, they also declared that for his actions Azezal was to be stripped of his god status and prince title and banned from Solaris. Outraged by the rejection of his love and by being shunned, Azezal took his sword and drove it into his mother’s heart, for she was the one who took away his power. “You see mother, love does not make you powerful, it makes you weak”. As Raelle died in the arms of Cylix, Kristjan and his troops forced Azezal back, causing him to retreat. Azezal vowed vengeance not just on Elara, Kristjan, and Solaris but all of the other protectors of the eight kingdoms and then vanished.

Consumed with grief Cylix passed on his magic staff to Kristjan, saying he would need it now as King of the Gods, Kristjan noticed a second too late the dagger in Cylix’s hand. Cylix rammed the dagger into his own heart, to match his wife and joined her in Valhalla.

“Please take your seats, and place on your seat belts and prepare for descent”

Time passed and King Kristian mourned the loss of his family, day by day with Elara at his side it became easier. They got married and had a beautiful baby girl Elerya, he lived in fear that one day his brother would return and exact his vengeance. He was right to be worried, angered at the news that they had an heir to the throne, Azezal attacked the Solarian Palace. He and his forces made their way to Elerya’s nursery, all of the eight kingdoms came to their defense but it was too late.

“Please turn off all electronic devices and prepare for descent”

Azezal tried to stab Kristjan’s heart, but at the last second Elara ran into the path of the blade. She fell, Kristjan had just lost his wife, Elerya lost her mother. The rest of the eight kingdoms vanquished Azezal’s army, and Azezal retreated. Lost and confused with grief, Kristjan made the decision for all Gods to stay and hide in the mortal realm and protect their kingdoms, for fear of another attack. Some believe Kristjan sent his daughter Elerya away to be raised away from the danger. It is unknown if Azezal died from his wounds or if he still hides today plotting to exact his revenge on the descendants of the ….

“Hey! Mum said it’s my turn!” Aryia started as a hand swooped down and deftly swept the iPad away. “You’ve had it for ages” moaned her little sister Lia. Aryia groaned and relented, giving her sister the iPad, she would have to finish the book on the Kahitean gods later. She turned to look out the window, the clouds were thick, heavy with snow, sweeping past the window like overstuffed pillows. She was almost in Kahite, and she was grateful after seven stifling hours. The unexpected chain of events that has led to this new, almost, adventure, had begun just two weeks ago with the news of the sudden death of an unknown relative, a Great-grandfather, and the sizable inheritance he had left them. It was strange, she mused, to have a relative you had never even heard about, especially one as wealthy as her grandfather had appeared to be. It was slightly disconcerting, she realised, that she had only benefited from his death. As well as the money that was likely to be coming her way, this expedition had provided a welcome distraction from the ceaseless taunts of her family. Yes, she was unemployed. But no, it wasn’t her fault. She had only left university three months ago, and finding a job in Nabaru is challenging, especially when you no longer have an idea what you want to do with your life.

Finally, the plane landed in Kahite, the wheels jolting on the tarmac. Immigration, customs, and then finally into a taxi to the hotel in Solaris”. No-one should have to travel with an overly energetic six-year-old sister, parents who are enjoying having a free babysitter, with cousins and aunts chattering loudly after having one too many drinks - it causes too much chaos. It was good to walk again, her legs stretching after being cramped for so long. The air, piercingly cold under a sky littered with snowflakes, was doing little to help her mood.

24 hours later….

The office was small, the lawyer attending to them dour, his face pale and sullen as the sky had been since their arrival. He ushered them in with a curt wave and began the tedious process of filling in the necessary paperwork, which began to feel unsettlingly like an interrogation. Her mind drifted away to the story of the Kahitean Gods that she read on the plane there. Their heroics and battles felt an infinity away from the dull little office.

She was brought back around by a thump of stone on wood.

“These″ drawled the lawyer “Are the part of your Grandfather’s inheritance left to you. They relate to an old legend apparently, well-known in the village and incredibly still widely believed in this modern era. Stuff and nonsense if you ask me.”

“What legend? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the Kahitean God’s?” Aryia blurted out, surprised at herself. The story would not leave her mind, cemented in there like a movie on repeat.

“Something like that ″ came the brisk reply. He folded back the cloth covering the package, unveiling a collection of small rocks. They appeared completely remarkable, raising suspicions as to their grandfather’s mental competence.

“He asked for these to be left to you. He was very insistent. One each, a specific rock for each person.”

They were handed out, names and numbers being checked continuously. ‘This is absurd’ Aryia glowered. 900 miles for seven rocks. She could get them at the local park.

“This one’s yours,” her Father said, gently, placing it in her hand. It was hard and gritty, a perfect metaphor for this entire trip. She turned it over in her hands, running her fingers over its cool surface, as something caught her eye. A dot- no, two, three dots, and a number. 8. She tapped Lia on the shoulder, ready to seize her rock to investigate further when a knock at the door interrupted all their thoughts.

“Sorry I’m late” gasped the stranger. “ I got held up…”

“Ah Mr. Signarsson, I presume?”

“Yes, call me Ezra”

“Do you have the letter he asked you to read on his behalf?”


“You may proceed”

Ezra began, in a steady voice, reading off of a yellow parchment:

“My dear relatives, by the time you are reading this I shall be dead, and unable to fulfill my duties. I entrust you with a task that is of vital importance. You will, no doubt, be wondering why I have left you in my will the odd assortment of rocks now in your possession. Keep them. I was always a great believer in the value of puzzles, and so I have laid one out for you to solve. Put your rocks together, and go where it leads you. Good luck,


P.s just remember that love is power, and love comes from within.“

“Well what a load of b….”

“CHILD PRESENT” yelled Mum.

“I was going to say what a load of blooming fun!”

“Of course you were, Jared”

Aryia was keen to get them back on track, her brain itching with anticipation.

“Why on earth would the old man leave us a puzzle to solve in order to sort out all of his old junk?”

“He was probably D. R. U. N. K. at the time”

“I’ll have you know he was not DRUNK all the time at all, he was a great man and an important citizen of Solaris. He may have been slightly eccentric and a bit untamed but you would have known that if any of you decided to visit. Not just to come and collect his fortune which you think you’re entitled to. Just because you share blood did not make you his family, it does not give you the right to criticize his memory” exclaimed Ezra barely taking a pause for breath.

Aryia whirled round in a rage. “ It is Erza, I’ll have you know, a little bit tricky to visit someone when you have no bloody idea they even exist. Perhaps you should be chastised for failing to keep up correspondence with your great-great-aunt in the foothills of rural Tasmania?”

“What my great-great-aunt Irenie? She’s doing well thank you for asking. I’ll have to tell her that you enquired about her since you know her so well” replied Ezra with a smug grin on his handsome face.

“Unbelievable” she spat, turning away. Did I just call him handsome??? He is a smug, sarcastic man who is .. delectable and handsome, tall, jet black hair, ice blue eyes clearer than glass, lips that you can not stop kissing once you start… NO stop thinking about him. STOP staring, stop staring, oh great now he’s noticed your staring and looking at you like you’re a maniac. Smile, jeez woman, smile , show you’re friendly. WOAH too much teeth, too much teeth.

“Uh Aryia?”

“Yes Lili”

“You know you just said that Ezra is handsome, why are you arguing with him if you think that?’

Did I say that aloud???? Blimey now I look even crazier, this vacation is just brilliant. I am having the time of my life.

“I...I did not say handsome Lia, I said he is uh handy, ya know because he arrived at the last minute when we were confused about the rocks and he helped us out. And we weren’t arguing honey, we just got off on the wrong foot”

“Your sister is right Lia, we did get off on the wrong foot. But you’re right Chula, she did say I was handsome” snarked Ezra with a wink to me.

Oh great now I look crazy and he knows I find him handsome. How much did I say aloud?? Let’s just focus on working out the rock puzzle.

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