Star and Ray

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Star is a Dark Scale, her best friend and soul pair is a Fire Scale named Ray. Dragumans can move out of their parent's home and in with their soul pair at 14. It is customary to travel with your pair, and Star and Ray decide that they don't want to visit the Dome or the Equmin Forest, they want to go explore the Outring. It isn't the norm, but they don't really care about that. As they explore the Outring, meeting other groups of different dragumans, they make friends in all different towns who are also on their soul pair travel. But soon they find themselves wanting to visit the Outerworld. It isn't forbidden, but it isn't safe, with possibly dangerous animals and terrain unlike anything they've seen, there's a reason no one really goes out there. But that's exactly why Ray wants to go. As they make their way they come across dragumans unlike any they've seen, and they need their help. How will Star and Ray help them and make it back to the tree home they couldn't wait to move into?

Fantasy / Adventure
A Dragon irl
Age Rating:

The Kinds of Dragumans

Dark Scales:

Egg color: ink black/navy blue/deep purple, sometimes a swirl of 2 or 3 colors or with scattered spots of silver, grey, light yellow, or white

Scale color: black/dark blue/dark purple, with silver star patterns under wings

Eye color: different shades of purple, indigo, and dark blue

Flight age: year and a half

Fire manifestation: 14,

Full size/Shifting age: 17

Notes: excellent night vision, fastest learner according to intelligence tests

Fire Scales:

Egg color: red/orange/yellow, sometimes a touch of light blue at the top of the egg, flame pattern

Scale color: red/orange/yellow

Eye color: scarlet/red/yellow/orange, some reports of bright fiery blue eyes

Flight age: year and a half

Fire manifestation: 13

Full size/Shifting age: 17

Notes: develop fire half a year before other Dragumans, can withstand up to 200°F, scales, wings, and skin are warm to the touch, run a higher temperature than other Dragumans.

Earth Scales:

Egg color: brown/dark leaf green/mahogany

Scale color: brown/green, specks of red brown on brown, gold on brown or green, dark green on green

Eye color: brown/dark green

Flight age: year and a half

Fire manifestation: 15

Full size/Shifting age: 16

Notes: Earth Scales are also known as Forest Scales because they tend to live in/near mud lands in/near forests so that both green and brown scaled Dragumans have a place they camouflage in, Earth Scales are known for their strong connection to plants and their knowledge in agriculture.

Water Scales:

Egg color: sea greens/sea glass blue, pink or green/any shade of blue, most eggs have a pattern that looks like light refracting through water, and some have a pattern of pebbles/rocks/across the top of egg, but some have no pattern (see: Ice Scales**)

Scale color: blue/coral pink/teal/sea green

Eye color: blue/teal/green/grey/silver

Flight age: two years

Fire manifestation: none

Full size/Shifting age: 16

Notes: can breathe underwater, they have special pouches inside their throats/mouth that allows them to collect water to spray out at high speed, flight age is around half a year later than most dragumans, wings have a more scoop-like shape to them to move water easier, wings have more rotation than most, allowing them to have wings tipped forward or backward enough to catch currents coming from in front or behind.

Sky Scales:

Egg color: grey/silver/sometimes pale blue, rock pattern,*

Scale color: sky blue/grey/silverish

Eye color: blue/grey/silver, there are older records of Sky Scales having pink, yellow, orange or a mix of three colored eyes, quote, ‘Like a sunset or sunrise’ though it is unsure if this affects their vision or it is simply a birth defect like blue eyes on a Fire Scale.

Flight age: one year

Fire manifestation: 14

Full size/Shifting age: 16

Notes: excellent eyesight but not at night, fastest in the air, biggest wingspan, flight age is around half a year earlier than most dragumans, records suggest they may have had larger lungs that may have enabled them to blow out a strong gust of air and to help breathe easier as they live/ed in high places where the air is thinner, thought to be extinct but unsure if just in hiding, very secluded.**

*There is not enough data to list any other pattern that may or may have appeared on Sky Scale eggs as they have not been seen or heard from for around 3 decades and were not seen much before their disappearance.

**There is not enough data to list or confirm any other defining characteristics as Sky Scales have not been seen or heard from for around 3 decades and were not seen much before their disappearance.

Ice Scales:

Egg color: white/ice blue, many eggs have a cracked pattern*, though some eggs have been ice water blue**, most eggs have tiny ridges on the bottom that keep the egg from slipping on ice but some eggs do not have this**

Scale color: ice blue/white/ice teal

Eye color: ice blue/pale blue/ice teal

Flight age: year and a half

Fire manifestation: none

Full size/Shifting age: 17

Notes: they can breathe cold air by five years of age, by 14 they can give you frostbite and after they grow to full size at 17, they can breathe ice,

*To check if it the egg is cracked or if is the pattern on the egg run a claw/finger over cracks, if a chill escapes then it is cracked (and might be hatching!)

**To distinguish if an egg is an Ice Scale egg or a Water Scale egg, feel the temperature of the egg, Water Scale eggs are not significantly cold or warm whereas an Ice Scale will be cool to the touch.

A/N: Dragumans mature and develop faster than humans, meaning that at 14 they are about as developed as an 18-20yo human (as this is the age most go to college and/or move out) but in some ways still act around 15-16.

At 18-20 they have the equivalent age to a 27-30yo depending on the person (this is the age most people have kids). Though they still appear the same age (face) as they are, they just learn/mature faster.

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