Echoes of Midnight

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A War of Glamour and Swords

Centuries ago in the continent of Nouveau, kingdoms were divided by villages: Bellamour with its castles, Aquafirth for its seas, and Haicraig with its mountains.

Mortals and witches alike existed harmoniously since, yet peace had always been an illusion.

King Celeaon, a wicked man hungry for infinite power, ruled Bellamour with his iron fists. He coveted the witches with their mystical abilities and thus ordered his knights, the warlocks, to steal the witches’ source of powers, the moonshine.

He failed as a champion rose from among the witches’ ranks.

She was called Morrigan – a legendary warrior who built her own castle and named it Mudwick. With the witches rise to power came the war cries of the mortals.

Everyone knew that it changed Bellamour to Bellevedere – a village soon to be destroyed by another brewing war.

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