Echoes of Midnight

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How the Moon Disappeared

Once there was a rabbit who wandered around a dark, spindly forest.

It was lost, with no trail to follow back home. It began to worry that the predator stalking it would make a meal out of its fur and flesh.

Yet, when it looked up at the skies, it was fascinated by the light showering from everywhere.

It was the moon, the round, rocky thing hanging like a puppet held by an invisible string.

Tonight, it appeared with sharpen edges. A crescent moon! Who wouldn’t be captivated by this magnificent thing? Beheld by its enormous shape, the rabbit leapt to the sky and take hold of the moon as if it was its own.

It dragged the moon by its tip, and pranced to nowhere. It was thievery!

The village of Bellevedere was put into chaos since then. Witches began to doubt if they could still practice the congregation, a summoning of their powers.

Danger then stalked around Mudwick, only because of a silly, little rabbit who found the moon so beautiful it couldn’t help but took it from the sky.
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