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Sheila run away from her family because they just can't accept her for who she is. In a whole new city, She finds people who give her that warm welcome. She even made friends. After meeting her new friend brother in her backyard and help him out of a life and death situation. Will Chan be able to make the loner with a troubled past falls in love with him or will she be able to resist him?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Start writing here…

My first time in a whole new city, I never traveled before but here I am running as far as i can. From the family whom I know and spend all my life with but they will never be able accept me for I am.

They were Taxi's everywhere it seems so easy to get around, wow this is jsut too much i never dream of such place... i hail for a taxi from the airport entrance, and when the car came over I asked the driver to leave me at the nearest hotel.

But honestly I had no idea where am going! Running away from my life, my family, just because they'll never accept me, they hate me. I sighed loudly so loud that the driver turns to see if I was okay. I force a smile trying to look polite and say.

“I'm okay”

As if I could read his mind. We came up on a hotel which seems way too expensive for the little cash I had with me.

“Ahh, excuse me, is there anywhere else cheaper?”

I ask the driver. Explaining myself.

“Sorry, I'm new here so and I don't know my way around.”

He looks at me and ask:

"Why are you running from something??" ....

I reply!

“You can say that.”

"I will take that as a yes, then i will take to a place you will love."

He added. we left from the first hotel and came up on another but this one was way out my league.

“I cant afford this! ”

I say to him.

"You don't have to well, at least not right away."

He reply and I thought huh? As I look around and that wow.

“It's so beautiful here.”

I said.

"It's very beautiful, especially when night falls and then all the city light comes on."

He replied to me.

“I can't wait to see it.”

I said imagining how beautiful it must look!

"You can stay here till you get your feet, when you get inside to tell the first person you see that you're a friend of Keith and he sends you."

“Okay. ”

I said...... looking at the tall building knowing there is no way I could afford this place, I walk over to the entrance I stepped inside and a man walks up to me.

God he was is beautiful and those gorgeous green eyes, he so handsome i kept staring abit then I said.

“Keith sends me.”

This man is so handsome. Suddenly a woman walks up & said.

“Honey who is this?”

I answer without hesitation.

“I'm friend of keith he send me, I need somewhere in my price range and he recommended this place to me but it's way out of my league i mean do see this place?”

She smile.

“My husband and I, will help you because kt recommend you.”

Again without hesitation I said.



She said still hanging on the arms of the man in front of me I felt so disappointed. The good ones are always taken any ways and here I'm thinking he was single.


I said.

“But you don't speak much...?”

I added turning to him and he replied saying his English is good! I look at him like; what the fuck? While trying not to laugh, his wife then correct him.

“My English is not good.”

He then smiles and points at her, I could figure out what he was trying to say by pointing at her! Yeah what she said. I smile.

“I'm Sheila by the way, nice to meet you.”

The woman then said.

“I'm Sasha and this is my husband Noah, nice meeting you.”

She smiles and I said.

“Same here.”

She then say.

“You should smile more often it brings up the beauty of your eyes.”

Is that a thing?

“Thank you.”

I said awkwardly.

“Should we get on with the room and price?”

I said and Sasha stare at me weirdly and said.

“Darling any friends of kt is family.”

“Kt?... Oh it's short for his name oh okay.”

She smiles again and said.

“Your quite fast aren't you!?”


I reply. then she walks up to the front desk and said to the girl standing behind a desk!

“Give her a room she family.”

I smile realizing she said the same words twice. Family. It makes me feel warm inside and for some reason I liked it, I feel like I'm being accepted for once by someone but I can't let my guard down! I don't know these people, as well as they, don't know me but yet they are so welcoming.

I took the room key card saying thank you, to the girl at the front desk and asked where is the elevator? Sasha showed it to me. My room was on the 8th-floor room 2021. After I entered the room I look around this must be very expensive. I thought! I put my things down and then I sat down relaxing a little, then I took out my computer to search for jobs near by; I didn't like the idea of staying here for free.

Depending on these people who know little to nothing about me in fact they knew nothing, suddenly I found a site where they were looking for replacement workers. I read a little about it, they hire at least a hundred plus person every two years it's mostly replacement but sadly I would only get my cheques on the end of each month!

If I was to be one of the lucky to get hired how great would it be? I had my doubts even so I still apply for the job you won't win if you don't try. Since I didn't have to pay rent for my time here I went and asked Sasha if she could let me help out a bit for not paying rental fee & she agrees I was happy that she agree's I send in my resume hoping I would be in the chosen ones.

3 months later.

I seem to forget the life I left behind and everything else I had left there, I'm glad I left now that I think about it. I quickly shake away the thoughts from my head.

Then I heard a familiar voice, this voice I heard on my very first day here I quickly left what I was doing I burst through the doors and there he was the man who helped me, Kt.

“It's so good to see you, it been too long… Where have you been? You never come around since you drop me off! You never to return.”

I said and he smiled at me it seem so genuine.

"I have been busy, I see you have been adopting well you're even calling me kt"

He said and I smile back at him then say!

“When I get good paying job I going to treat you all to a nice meal as thank you for being there for me as a complete stranger.”

We all sat down and started talking. Just like Sasha said we were. Family. I smile to myself as we sat.


I never thought I could feel so happy about a word, I love it here it's nice.

“I saw how beautiful it is outside when night falls.”

I said to Kt!

“It's very beautiful. I like watching from where I am.”

He smiled and said.

"I knew you would like it here!"

After we were all in our seat, talking, and laughing like the family Sasha said we are. Which makes me feel very happy inside. I smiled thinking; changed!.

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