Rejection to Salvation

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She was supposed to live a life with her mate who was chosen by their goddess, but one thing she didn't expect was his rejection. He's the Alpha of his pack, he lost his mate at the hands of the hunters. What will happen when their path crosses? Are they going to ignore the second chance that will present to them? Will they open the door of a new possibility? Only time will tell.

Fantasy / Romance
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"Aurora, you're back!" My mother hugs me tightly in her arms when she sees me step into the house. "Welcome home! I can't believe you've been gone for four years!" She keeps saying without releasing me.

I've been gone for four years. I wanted to see the world. It was something I wanted to do before I found my mate.

"Deep down, we both know that's not true. You were hoping to find him. Don't lie to yourself." Adalind says in the back of my head.

"Hey mom, I'm happy to be back. Where's dad?" I ask her after she releases me.

"He's at the packhouse, with Alpha Dwayne. They are preparing the mating ceremonies, Jacob has found his mate." She went back to cooking.

"Good for him! He already has his luna when he's going to step in as the new alpha!"

"So darling, how was it? Did you find your mate?"

It was the only reason I have found at that time when I wanted to leave to travel the world. It was the only way my father would have let me go.

"Which was a total lie!" Adalind didn't waste her time replies to me.

"Adalind you know I love you so don't take this personally, shut up!"

"Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!"

"Ugh! Don't you have better things to do than patronize me?"

"Nope, I have all day!"

"So, no such luck I see." My mother interrupts me and Adalind.

"Unfortunately, no," I reply to her while I watch her cooking.

"That's okay, don't you worry, your time will come. You know, your father, Alpha Dwayne and his son are going to the Alpha meeting. If you ask him I'm sure he will bring you. After all, you're the beta's daughter. Probably you will find him there." She says excitedly.

"Mum, I don't think I will be lucky enough to end up with an Alpha!" Great, I'm only back for a couple of minutes and she's already pushing me to find my mate!

It's not her fault. Grampa, her father was very strict about this kind of thing. He raised her to be a good and obedient mate. thank the goddess she met my father. He showed her other ways.

"I'm going to the packhouse and say hello to dad." I start to walk toward the door after saying this.

"You know he doesn't like to be disturbed when he's over there." I was about to reply. "But since he didn't see you for so long, I don't think he will mind." She says before she leaves a kiss on my cheek.

"Well, look who's back!" I hear someone say while I'm walking towards the packhouse.

I turn around to greet him. "Jonas, is that you?" He's the second son of the Alpha.

"He's cute!" Adalind doesn't waste to say.

"Girl, don't start with this shit!" I say to her annoyingly.

"The one and only. When did you get back?" Jonas asks me as he looks at me up and down.

"Not that long. I came to see my father. Catch you later?" I say whilst waving at him.

Before I step into the Alpha office, I knock on the door.

"Come in!" I hear Alpha Dwayne permit me to step in.

"Aurora, you're back! I'm glad to know you're okay." My father greets me when he sees me enter the office.

He let go of whatever he was doing to stand up from his chair. My father grabs me in his arms to give as he gives me a brief hug.

"Hello, father, I'm happy to be back."

"Welcome back Aurora." Alpha Dwayne says when he looks up at me from his papers.

"I wanted to thank you again Alpha for having let me go for so long. I learned a lot in my travelling but unfortunately, I didn't find what I was looking for."

Before leaving, Alpha Dwayne permitted me to leave. He had written me a travel authorization. That way, the other packs wouldn't have confused me for being a rogue.

"Yes your mother had already contacted me and Alpha Dwayne permitted you to join us at the Alpha meeting. Maybe you will have a better chance over there?" Sometimes I think my mother and father have the same mind.

"Of course, they do. After all, they are mates!"

The thing is if I'm a mate of an Alpha, it means that I would have no choice but to move out of here and join him to be the luna in his pack.

"I know it would be hard Aurora, but I will always be with you every step of the way," Adalind says to me.

"The same goes for me, babe," I reply to her.

Coming down the last step of the stairs, something attracts me. I sniff the room to see what it is.

"Adalind did you smell that?"

"Oh yes! We've got to find the source." She sounds excited as I feel her jump on her paws in my head.

Before I take another step, looking around, I feel someone come up behind me. I turn around quickly to see who it is as his scent has invaded my soul.

"Mate!!!" Adalind chant in my head.

He steps toward me, grabs my upper arms to bring me closer to his body. He leans his head to whiff my hair. He looks at me with content and I know I'm looking at him the same way. Then his expression changes drastically and quickly lets go of my arms like it burns his skin.

I feel Adalind starts to worry about his behaviour. But what it's happening? Why is he looking at us like that?

Wait, do I see regret in his eyes? Even for a second!

"I Jacob Lenox...


...future Alpha of...


...the Moon River Pack...

Not, like this!

...reject you, Aurora Danvers...

Please don't finish that sentence!

...As my mate and the future Luna of this pack." I can't move, my body froze from his rejection.

That didn't just happen.

The only sound I can feel is Adalind whining. The rejection destroyed her, destroyed both.

All her life, all she wanted was to be loved by her mate.

I feel Jacob's eyes on me one last time before he leaves us both like this as if it didn't even bother him what he did.

Over my first travelling, I heard from people from other packs that mates could reject their life partners. Never in a million years, that this could have happened to me.

I take a few steps back and when my back hit the wall behind me. I let my body slide until I'm sitting on the ground.

No! No! No!

What will happen to us now? How are we going to go on with our lives?

When I came to my senses, Jacob had already left us.

"They really don't care about us! His wolf didn't even want to link with me when I tried to communicate with him." Adalind says saddened by the rejection on both sides.

"Aren't we good enough?" She wonders again and again.

"Adalind, I don't want to be a bitch right now but you have to snap out of it! We have to go before someone sees us like this. Please, my friend, I need you." I try to reason with her.

I feel Adalind standing up on her four paws to give me the little strength I need to get out of here.

We don't waste our time and we run together as one into the woods, away from our pack.

When we are far enough, I let Adalind take over me as I'm now in her head as she's out in the world.

She howls over and over to let out the sad fate that we are both in.
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