My Indian Mate

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In India there are way too many do's and don'ts , especially for girls . Ok more like 'only for girls' . They can judge you for anything and some judge you for everything . Yes as the times are changing, this is changing too but what about the ones those who comes from a orthodox hindu family? Let's see what happens.

Fantasy / Romance
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πŸ’— Personalities πŸ’—

Saee was a very sanskari girl ,a goody two shoes . She never let her parents down . Belonging to a very orthodox family there were many rules and restrictions and being a girl didn't help . She had a twin sister named Aishwarya , though they didn't look similar but still they shared the same qualities . They had the same virtues and values , as taught by the parents .

This is their image to the world and their parents , though Aishwarya behaved a little cold in front of them .

But the reality begs to differ , they were wild and bold . They maintained a good image and never did anything outrageous but at the same time they never took shit from anyone , they knew very well how to put someone in their correct place and senses in the correct way .

They were in their last year of Medical college . And on that coming Sunday their best friend mihika was coming back from her trip to France , so they were gonna go pick her up at 11:30 am .


Alexander is the alpha of the Moon Howlers pack , in UK , London . He was a notorious playboy , but he waited for his mate , he fooled around , made out but never slept with anyone .

He wanted his first to be with his mate . But other than being the alpha he was a business man , he was the CEO of the company penned as β€œ Water Lilies ” , a famous perfume company .

Due to a collaboration meeting he had to come to India . His fight was on Saturday night 8 pm , so he'll reach there at 6am , but as the time zones differ , the time in India when he reaches will be 11:30 am .

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