My Indian Mate

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πŸ’—9-First kissπŸ’—

The next morning she woke up cuddled to someone , due to the sleepiness she wasn't able to recognise who . Their bodies were cuddled together like two puzzle pieces . They looked like a ball and glove . She being the small ball and he being the perfect glove to capture her .

The soft skin and firm muscles under her head made her nuzzled herself more to that person . The musky but gentle fragrance was soothing and the sparks made her feel so warm .

Wait wait wait , um sparks ? With that her eye flew wide open and her body sprang up bed like a bold went through her . She look at the side to see the same guy she was trying to avoid and remove out of her mind .

There he was sleeping clamly , his soft snores could be heard in the silence of the room . He heaving chest and slightly parted lips made him look at peace .

One of his arms was her pillow which now just layed like that and the other was snaked around her waist lazily but securedly , fearing that she would run away from him .

She tried to get away from his hold but instead got pulled by him in his arms . She saw a wall clock to see it was only 5:27 am . She was looking around the room as her gaze fell on the mirror , her eyes were puffed and her make up was still the way it was for which she was thankful .

As she couldn't do anything and it was still early , she just decided to sleep and deal with the other matters later . She snuggled to his naked chest and he gave out a satisfactory sigh .


She woke up and stretched out her limbs still in bed and sat up , her eyes still closed . She heard a door open and opened her eyes to look , only to stare at the figure who merged out from the bathroom .

As he came out the steam emerged out with him . He stood there shirt less , in his briefs with a bath robe put on his shoulders . Beads of sweat fell down from his wet and half pushed back hair . Those beads traveled from his torse to his waist and then vanished . She gulped at the site .

Alex felt a state on him and he looked to see his mate looking at his naked torso . He smirked at that " Like what you see ?" He expected her to look away , deny and act like a typical deer caught in headlights , but he was in for a surprise instead .

" Of course I do , why though are you not confident enough in yourself ? " She asked and looked at him up and down but her eyes stopped at a particular scar , it didn't look too old .

" Come here " she said and he hesitantly walked towards her . She got up on her knees and came face to face with his chest .

She slightly brushed her fingers across his scar and found it fresh , it definitely wasn't old but it was healing way quickly .

As a medical student all her focus was on the thing in front of her , not caring about surroundings .

But to him it was different , it was his mate . The sparks came to life on his skin where she touched . The proximity was very close , he could feel her breath on his chest as she examined him .

The only thoughts in her mind were , what would have caused it ? And how can it heal so fast ? Her lips slightly parted as the mechanism in her brain worked .

While the only thought which was going on in his mind was how could he just hold her face and capture her lips . He was too lost looking at her that before his brain could even process what was happening, his hands reached for her face and his lips captured her lips in a passionate kiss .

She was shocked , beyond shocked . She couldn't think straight , she didn't know what to do . But she gradually kissed him back .

He dipped his tongue in her mouth and found her tongue . At first she was struck but after a while she copied is actions back . It gave him a sense of satisfaction knowing she didn't know , meaning it was her first .

Their tongues fought for dominance but in the end he won while their tongues danced in symphony .

His hands were holding her head and supporting it as her head was tilted . While both of her hands were on his chest .

After a while they broke the kiss to fill oxygen in their lungs . She came to her senses and her eyes widened . She touched her lips and looked at him .

She gulped " I-I am going to freshen up " with that she ran into the bathroom and slammed the door shut . Her back touched the door as she slid down . " My first kiss..." She muttered to herself and hid her face in her palms .

He stood there stunned , not knowing what to do . He brushed his fingers against his lips , not believing that he just kissed his mate .

Both of their hearts were beating to the speed of a thousand miles per second . It felt as if it was just gonna pop out of their chest any second .

She came out after brushing her teeth with the spare toothbrush and wash her face . No one was in the room and a new pair of jeans and a simple blue shirt was on the bed .

As she was going to get dressed into it she realised that she was in nothing but just a big oversized t-shirt . Many thoughts entered her mind but were cut off as the door to the room opened and in came a Alex wearing a navy blue suit , talking on his phone with someone .

He looked at her but continued to talk " Yes , we will be there . The final draft will be mailed to your assistant . " He looked at his watch and was searching for something on the table where there was a pile of papers and files . " Hmm , if that's the case then we can sigh the deal in a few more meetings , we still need to talk about the other ones too . Hmm" with that he hanged up at looked at her .

" Get dressed , the breakfast will arrive at any minute now . I'll give you a ride on my way . " With that he turned around and ringed someone .


Both of them sat in front of each other . The only difference was he was reading some file while she looked anywhere but at him . As the breakfast arrived he dig into it but she didn't even touch it .

After 2-3 bites he finally decided to ask her bluntly " Are you done examining the cuff of the shirt Or I didn't give you sufficient time ? "

She just looked at him and continued to stare with a poker face . He sighed " Why aren't you eating ? " He asked and she looked down at the plate n back at him .

" I'm vegetarian " she said and he made a 'o' shape as he looked at the plate carefully . " But there is no meat " he said .

"From where I am egg is also considered as non-vegetarian " she explained .

[A/n:- There are some places where eggs are considered as non-vegetarian and there are also some places in India where eggs and even fish is considered as vegetarian

PS :- I do know that eggs are considered as non-vegetarian but idk about other things so if I'm wrong do tell me ]

He nodded but there was a flash of sadness on his face which disappeared as soon as it came . She was confused that why was he even sad ?

As he had breakfast she sipped on her coffee silently . Later as his cab came mason came to inform them about it .

As she didn't have much memories of yesterday neither did she recognise him nor acknowledge him .


They were on their way until saee's phone started ringing to song foreign to his ear .

"Hello ?" She said .

" Saee ! It's Priya mam speaking ! I know it's not appropriate for me to call you on a Sunday but can you come visit me right now if possible ? "

" Hello mam , sure but can I know for what reason ? " She questioned .

" It's nothing that serious , remember you asked me to get you papers of last year students ? "

" Yes , I do remember "

" Yeah , so one of my old student visited me today so I had previously told him to get me papers and luckily his friend is a vet go he even got those papers , so bring aishwarya with you if possible " explained her mam .

" Oh ! Thank you so much mam , it seriously means a lot " saee thanked her .

" It's all right sweetie , but please hurry if you can as my relatives are coming over okay ? "

"Yes mam , sure , bye " with that she hanged up and dialed another no.

It ringed for a while and just as she was about to keep it the line was picked up .

" Darudya mansa , kutha bomblat padliyes ?? " Saee said slowly but menacingly . Both Alex who had sat beside her and the mason who was sitting in passenger seat didn't understand a single word she said but her tone was scary .

( You drunk human , where the heck are you ?? )

" A halu bol ga , doka dukhaty maza " came a lifeless voice from other side .

( Speak softy , my head is paining )

" Doka she mahana tumhala ! nemka kiti pillay madam ? " Asked saee .

( Looks like you do have one ! How much have you drunk exactly madam ? )

" Amhi ghari alyavar gharat ji beer hoti te sagli sampavli " said the voice with a hesitant chuckle .

( After we came home we finished the beer which was in home )

Saee took a deep breath "Thik ahe , khara atleast tayar houn bas aplyala azun jaun tyanna gheun yaychay " she said as calmly as possible .

( Okay , atleast get ready we need to go and bring them back )

"Argh !! Thik ahe !!" With that the call ended and saee turned to the driver .

( Argh !! Fine )

" Please stop the car here " she said . " You live here ?" He asked and she shook her head no as the driver took the car to one side so she could get off .

" I need to go to my mam's house to collect some papers so I need to go and thank you for taking care of me yesterday , I really appreciate it " she thanked him as she got off .

She was about to close the door but his statement stopped him " about our kiss ..." he went off .

" It never happened " she said with a straight face . " Huh ? " Confusion was all over Alex's face .

" It never happened " she said slowly and closed the door to the taxi as the driver got back on their way .

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