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πŸ’—10:- Aai? Baba?πŸ’—

Recap :-

" It never happened " she said slowly and closed the door to the taxi as the driver got back on their way .


Saee had came back from her mam's house and was waiting for Aishu to get ready . That girl was still sleeping when saee had arrived .

Suddenly a phone started ringing , neither was it hers nor aishu's . She found it and turned out it was mihika's , her boyfriend , more like was calling her . Saee picked it up .

" Hey mihika's sweetheart" she said . " Hey saee , and when are you going to start calling me by my name ? "

" Um , how about never ?" Saee said and laughed out . " Give phone to mihika , I want to talk to her ."

"She is not with me " said he with confusion clear in his voice . " What ? She isn't here though , I thought she was with you and forgot her phone here like usual " just then they heard booming laughter of Aishu and saee went there to see what happened .

"What happened ? " Saee asked and started laughing along with aishu after witnessing the scene in front of her .

" Listen I found mihika , I'll let her know you called" saee said and without giving him a chance to say anything she ended the call.

Saee and aishu took a lot of photos of mihika and were still laughing . She has slept in the wardrobe upside down with two empty beer bottles in her hand which she was holding on her head like horns .

Her make up was all messed up and her hair looked like bird's nest while her top had came up to her chin giving a clear view of her mid riff .

After taking a thousand pics of her from every position they finally decided to wake her up .

Mihika groaned as she sat up holding her head . " My head hurts " she said as she leaned on saee's shoulder .

"Aww my poor baby " saee said and pushed her off , while getting up causing her lean onto aishu . Aishu shrugged her shoulder and folled saee's action and got up too.

"Ugh !! What type of friends are you ?!" Mihika groaned again . " Paybacks a bitch sweetie " saee said as she made her way to kitchen . " Get up and take a shower, I'll make something for us to eat " saee continued " and aishu you get ready too ."

Aishu was watering the plants as saee was setting the table as she was done making the brunch Mihika was still in shower doing God knows what .

Saee was almost done with settings the table just then the doorbell rung . " Aishu see who's at the door " saee called out to aishu as she settled the last plate and was now filling the glasses with water .

" Mom !? " Said a surprised aishu seeing their mum at the door . " Aishu who is it " said saee coming out while wiping her hands on a kitchen towel .

Both the girls were surprised seeing their mother and were freaking out internally . Just then mihika came out of the shower swearing loudly .

" Saee !! See what that bastard did ! I clearly remember telling him that doing no funny business but see , that fucker still left hickeys all over my ne-" mihika words died down her throat .

Saee and aishu were thanking their maternal grandparents for the first time in their life . Their mother belonged to a really orthodox family with backward thinking , and that's why their mother wasn't much educated .

She had only went to school till 5th grade that too Marathi medium so she couldn't understand what mihika said .

" Ky mahanat ahe ti ?" Asked their mother to them . Saee and aishu quickly got relived that their father wasn't there to witness mihika's colourful language .

(What is she saying?)

" Kahi nahi ga , kalcha lecture cha notes baddal bolat hoti " said aishu quickly .

(Nothing , she was talking about notes of yesterday's lecture)

"Thik ahe pan tichya bolnyacha padhatitun asa nai vatat ahe " their mum exclaimed .

(Okay but her tone seemed to say something else)

A/n:- even though I used Marathi here , I'll be using english only in further chapters as to save myself the work of translating .

But when there will be a time when I'll use Marathi . Just wanted to say this if you have any questions or problems regarding this please pm me or contact me on my Instagram . My Insta ID is available down at the end of chapter .

" Jaude , tumche baba gadi lavat ahet , ata yetilac var , mahaun me mahantiye tumhi jaun kiman top tari badla ani mihika la suddha badlayela sanga " said their Mom , more like ordered them .

(Anyway your father is parking the car , he'll be up any minute now so I suggest you change your tops , you know he won't like it and ask mihika to change too )

Though their father loved them very much , he had still grew up in a orthodox family and due to that environment he held different thoughts than others .

The twins dragged mihika along with them to the saee's bedroom . They quickly changed into kurtas while mihika changed into a decent enough top .

They came out to see their mum opening the door to let their father in . The twins went to their dad and touched his feet to take his blessings and then hugged him .

Mihika stood there watching her friends reunite with their dad .

After all the hugs and questions about their health they finally decided to head to the dining table to have brunch

Saee had thankfully made extra . All of them are the food while having little talks here and there.

As their mum insisted on doing the dishes , saee and aishwarya decided to go and get them back.

They bid farewell to there parents and the trio was out of the house .


They were sitting in the waiting area as the doctors assistant came there with the twin's precious babies .

The twins hugged them and they gave out a satisfied sounds .

" They are perfectly healthy , just give them the priscribed medicines if anything happens and keep an eye on them for atleast two days .

Saee turned to look at them and said in a baby-ish language " Did you hear what she said ? Behave properly ! Okay " as soon as she finished , aishu slapped the back of her head .

" You should be the one kept in observation ! " She said until...


Um ....guys I know I messed up and I just realised that I published the next chapter first skipping this one so I'm really sorry πŸ˜…

I'm posting this now so do forgive me ...

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