My Indian Mate

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πŸ’—11-Dinner invitation!πŸ’—

Recap :-

" You should be the one kept in observation ! " She said until...


Until she heard snowy bark at her , struggling to get her attention . She looked at him and patted his head while saee paid the charges .


They were in the car driving back to their home . Aishu was driving as saee sat back with snowy and Flaxy . Playing with them .

"Saee ?" Called out aishu as saee hummed in response " what do you think happened ? Why did they suddenly decided to visit us ? "

" I don't know , probably they have something to discuss " she said while still playing with the puppies .

After that none of them said anything and the ride back home was silent . Enjoying the peacefulness while going to the destination .

The reached the home and saee ringed the bell while playing with snowy who was in her arms . Flexy was in aishu's arms and aishu played with him .

The door opened to reveal their mother who was looking at the puppies like they were some sort of aliens , and for some reason she looked pissed and worried at the same time .

As they were about to enter but her mother said something which made saee stop in her tracks .

" Saee , kon tari alex mahanun alay Tula bhetlsyela , tuze kapde gheun . Tumche baba khup chidlet , lavkar aat ja " with that her mother stepped aside , indicating for her to come in .

( Saee, someone named alex has come to meet you , with your clothes , your dad is really angry , go in fast )

Saee took hesitant steps in and as soon as she stepped in the living room , she felt a cold chill going down her spine .

Her father sat there with a cold , distant look on his face and Adam sat across him with a uncomfortable look on his face .

Saee acted as if this was a normal and greeted Alex . As her father's expression turned more cold .

" Hey Alex ! Finally got time to visit us I see " saee said and she let snowy down on the floor as he was wriggling in her hold . As soon as he got down he ran towards their mother and started sniffing her and seeing him flexy jumped out of aishu's arms and went there as well .

As cute as it was to see two puff ball sniffing their mother , it wasn't a cute site for their mum . As she screamed and backed out . Aishu went there and took the fluff balls with her to their room to leave them there .

As she came the atmosphere in the room felt almost suffocating . " Why are your clothes with him ? " Asked thier father a bit coldly .

" He helped me , that's why " saee said without thinking . Her father's as well as everyone's face in the room held a confused look on their face . Though aishwarya was successfully able to hide her expression , still saee was able to feel her confusion through her stare at her . She took a seat beside Alex and decided to explain .

" What happened was , I was coming back from mam's house and passing by a flower shop and there was some water collected on street . As a car passed by the water flew on me and at that time he was passing by . He saw me and helped me ? " Saee said constructing a story in her head but it sounded more like a question .

" Is that a statement or a question ? " Asked her father with a unreadable look on his face .

" A statement of course ! Isn't that right " saee said looking at Alex with a look saying 'dont you dare disagree' but Alex failed to understand her look and was about to say something .

" But what happeβ€” yes ! Of course ! That's what happened ! " He said in a strained voice . Saee had pinched his sides so he understood that she wanted him to act .

Both of them were have a unspoken conversation as their father cleared his throat to grab their attention .

"Me tyala baher sodun yete " Saee said as she got up while handing the bag of clothes to aishu . Alex followed her out as she slammed the door close in relief . She leaned her back on the door as she slid down on it .

(I'll see him out)

Alex cleared his throat to get her attention but was given a death glare instead . " Care to enlighten me why the hell did to came unannounced ? "

" To return your clothes?" He said but sounded like a question . Saee rolled her eyes at him " Why didn't you call ? Do you have any idea how much of a disaster you may have caused ? " She fired on him and took a deep breath . " I'm sorry , you probably don't know anything about it anyway " she said and she got back on her feet .

Just then the door opened and due to that impact saee got pushed forward and was about to fall but Alex catched her .

As aishu saw this , she raised her eyebrow at him and she pulled saee away from him " Aw I'm extremely sorry , did I ruin a movement for you ? " she asked scarcastically to Alex . And due to look on his face , which was caused due to the loss of contact with his mate , gave aishu a devilish-ly odd satisfaction .

( A/n :- the best fun you can get is by teasing someone who likes your friend or your friend's boyfriend )

" By the way , you are invited over for dinner today as to thank you for showing kindness to my oh-so-lovely sister " aishu finished and with that being said she dragged saee and herself inside the house and slammed the door on his face .

He stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds and then he went back down to where his beta was waiting for with the cab .

He was excited to see his mate again but nervous at the same time , about what if he messsed up at the dinner in front of his mate's parents .

Shaking out the negative thoughts out of his mind he decided to do some work to take his mind off things , so he got busy in his things .


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