My Indian Mate

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It was around 7 pm as the door bell rung . Saee got up and opened the door to reveal a Alex standing there , wearing a three piece suit with a flower bouquet in hand and a bag in the other .

" Oh come in , I actually forgot you were coming over so I haven't prepared food yet , I hope it's okay with you if it takes a little longer ?" She asked and he snapped out of his stance and gave a position response .

He was lost in looking at his mate , she looked beautiful even in normal home clothes . She was wearing a pair of light grey fluffy shorts and a oversized black t-shirt .

Her hair was up in a messy bun as some of those short strands were able to escape the tie and fell around her neck and face giving her a cute look . By her looks it didn't look like she had any sort of makeup on .

He handed her the bouquet and she accepted it saying thank you as she placed it in a flower pot which she had almost forgotten existed . She as about to at something but he gave her the bag .

"What's in it ? " She asked as she looked at it . " Wine? " He said and she laughed a little " you seriously don't bother thinking do you ? " She asked and he gave her a confused look . " Thank you for this ," she said and continued " but which going over to someone's house in different country , remember to think it research about their culture first " she finished .

She showed him to the living room where he had sat today before . " That's my laptop , you can use it if you want , there's the remote to the TV . Make yourself comfortable " she said and left to kitchen .

He could hear her beakering with her sister about something with the language he was unintroduced to . He wanted to learn this language , to understand everything his mate said , so he decided to use up this time to learn it .

He went in the kitchen and cleared his throat and both the ladies in the kitchen looked at him " Can I use your laptop ? " He asked politely .

"Sure , go ahead " she said and both of them got back to work . Half an hour passed by and saee was almost done with everything , while aishu was setting the table . Suddenly saee remembered something .

" Alex ? Can you eat by your hand ? " she asked and Alex's face held a look if confusion " I'm sure I'm pretty capable to eat on my own . " He said not getting what she really was asking . Saee said a ' okay ' and went back .

The three of them sat at the dining table . Saee served the plates and was looking at Alex , to see how he was going to eat .

Alex kept looking in front of him , in his plate , unable to think how he was supposed to eat it . He looked at saee a few times and then at his plate .

He was aishu was eating and tried to copy her actions but failed miserably , he couldn't keep the bhaji inside the chapati as it kept falling . Saee laughed a bit and took away his plate and handed him another one .

She had made some sort of chapati wrap for him , so he could eat neatly , without messing anything . He moaned at the taste as he took a bite , he showered her and her sister with compliments and focused on eating .

They quitely had dinner due to aishu decided not to speak and not let others speak as well . They finished with their dinner and Alex helped saee with the dishes while aishu got ready to go out at mihika's to pick her up .

After everything was done saee and Alex sat in the living room with Alex having some wine and saee sticking to water . The talked about random things , laughing here and there . Suddenly it started pouring outside , as if the heavens were pouring out all of its tears and worries .

Alex was waiting for the rain to come to a halt so he could return back but looks like the destiny had some other plans ,as it started pouring down heavier by the passing second . They were sitting in a comfortable silence at this point but suddenly Saee's phone started ringing , breaking their train of thoughts as well as the peacefulness surrounding them .

It was aishu calling , so saee quickly picked it up " hey everything okay? where are you both ? " . " I'm at a hotel , the car stopped in middle of the road and it started pouring heavily , so right now I'm waiting for the towing car to arrive while drinking some hot chocolate and also please come and pick me up , due to heavy rain the cab service has been stopped " she finished with a moan , probably due to the deliciousness of the hit chocolate .

Saee sighed " Ok , text me your location and order one for me too " saee said as she hanged up . Turning to her side she saw Alex already looking at her .

" I'm going to go pick aishu up , the car stopped midway . " saee said to him and she got up and went to her room .

Within a few mins she came out buttoning up her overcoat . " Oh by the way the cab service is not available due to rain , so you can spend the night if you want . " Saee said and waited for him to answer .

" Oh , ok , that would be great , thank you " he said . " It's totally fine , you can take my room " saee started while pointing towards her room " you can go make yourself comfortable , aishu and I will probably directly go to sleep when we come . " She finished .

" Oh ok , good night I guess " he said and went to saee's room .


He layed awake in the bed , looked at the ceiling , he just couldn't sleep , the only thought going on in his mind was that he was in his mate's room .

Her scent surrounded him , rubbing onto his skin , making his wolf purr in satisfaction . Her photos - which she had placed in her room - kept flashing in front of his eyes .

The way her lips formed a smile , the way her eyes sparkled when she was with her friends . There was a 4th girl he didn't recognise but what satisfied him and his wolf was his mate's happy smile with them .

A smile unconsciously took place on his face . He heard the door open and booming like of his mate and her sister and he closed his eyes . It had been more than a hour since she had left , he did wonder what took her so long but he was in no place to question her .

He heard the door of the room open and heard her steps coming in , with her steps came a strong scent of alcohol . He watched her silently acting as if he had slept . She took off her overcoat and the dress she was wearing underneath .

He gulped as she saw her for the second time only in her inner garments . She tied up her hair in a bun while she took out a baggy shirt and pulled it on quickly with shaky steps .

She turned around and saw him laying down peacefully in his boxers . He quickly closed his eyes seeing her looking at him . His heartbeat raced thinking what she maybe thinking about .

She went near him and pulled the blanket over his body and patted his chest as her words slurred " It's colllld , takee blanket " she said and gave a grin her eyes almost close . She didn't knew that his body temperature was higher than of human due to his wolf's fur .

She leaned forward and pecked his lips ,she pecked again but during this process she fell on him , her legs by the side of his waist . " Oops !" She said and giggled herself but layed down her head on his chest , listening to his heartbeat which had skyrocketed due to their proximity , but her drunk ass didn't notice this .

She kept on mumbling many things which made Alex and his wolf happy . " Yourrr lips are sooo plump , I can kisssss them everrrydayy . You have such biggg muscless ...."

She wrapped her arms around him and was about to doze off just then aishu entered the room and seeing them she slapped her forehead with her palm .

She took a deep breath and sighed and while mumbling some colourful words under her breath she went near him .

She gently unwrapped saee's arms around Alex's and tried to wake her up . " Saee ? Saee get up ! Honey you'll regret it in the morning " she said as she shook her . Saee got up from his chest , still sitting on him she wined " I don't want to get up !! Lemme sleep " she said a pouted .

" I knew I shouldn't have let you drink , fuck you and your bribing skills !! I better get my favourite fried rice tomorrow or I'm gonna kick your ass personally " Aishu said and while cursing and and mumbling things she finally took saee back to her room .

Alex was disappointed as was his wolf , they wanted their mate with them , in their arms . His wolf whimpered at the thought of not having his mate near then but he knew the situation so he was helpless .

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