My Indian Mate

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πŸ’—13:- Break upπŸ’—

Saee groaned at the sound of the doorbell ringing and covered her ears with pillows and was about to slip back into darkness just then aishu shook her . " Saee someone is at the door ! "

Saee groaned but got up . She looked at the bedside clock to see that it was 4:03 in the morning . She got up to open the door while speaking colourful words under her breath .

She opened the door to see a red , teared up mihika . Angry tears escaped her eyes as she barged in and setting on the dining table getting herself a glass of water . The strong smell of alcohol surrounded her as it was her own natural scent .

She sat down and started rambling upon what happened and saee sat in front of her with a heck of a head ache listening to her but barely. Aishu came after hearing a angry mihika cursing in middle of the night , more like nearly at dusk , she saw saee and said to mihika " Hold up !" She gave saee some pills to help with the headache and sat back down " Now resume " .

" That bloody fucking bastard broke up with me !! " Mihika said with so much of a distaste that even a flower would wither just by hearing her tone .

" He actually had the fucking audacity , to break up with ME , when I should be the one dumping HIS fucking ass . You know what he said ? He got into a relationship with me just so he could have some fun and as I didn't just fall at his feet or begged to suck him TINY pathetic dick ,also as I knew what kind of person he is " as saee heard from the last sentence she rolled her eyes and muttered underher breath " Sure you did" but mihika didn't seem to hear and and continued " he dumped me . " She said and tugged at her hair .

" You know what I'm gonna do ? I'm gonna fucking cut off his precious family jewels and then chop off his dick and put it down his fucking throat and make him die choking on it " she finished with a smirk on her face , she looked like a woman who had ran away from a mental alsyum .

She started laughing loudly like a maniac as if possessed by her own soul . After she was done laughing she sat on the sofa and started cursing out loudly and if seen from afar it looked like she would be dying any minute now.

Slowly saee made her lay down on sofa while aishu covered her up with a blanket . The twins looked at each other and the devil in their head took the control and they smirked .


Alex had woken up when he heard the door bell ring , but as it wasn't his home , he didn't think it was his place to open the door so he just stayed in and heard their conversation .

He regreted it , hearing their conversation , he didn't wanted to start off his day with such colourful words but his wolf being the curious creature he is , forced him to listen , he wanted to know about every single detail going on in his mate's life .

He sighed as he ran a hand through his bed hair and checked the bedside clock , which displayed in bold letters '4:32' . She had ranted for quite some time he thought and yawned .

He got out of bed knowing he won't be able to sleep back now . He entered the bathroom and did his business . Washing his face he came out to see his mate sitting on the dining table holding her head in her hands .

His wolf whimpered at the sight of his mate in pain . He went near her and sat down in the chair next to her . " You okay ? " He asked softly . She was startled to find him by her side but nonetheless she answered him .

" Yea , just head is paining but I have taken the medicine , so it should be fine in a bit " she said and put her head down on her folded hands on the table .

" Can I ask you a question ? It may sound stupid but I just wanna know " she asked her eyes still closed .

He nodded but realised her eyes were close so he said a small 'sure' . After hearing it her eyes opened and she looked at him directly in the eye .

" Whenever we have a skin contact , do you feel those tiny sparks shooting up under your skin ? Is it just me ? " She asked venurable , the look on her face showed that she had thinked a lot about it , her eyes showed her tiredness and it made him feel like a jerk . He was about to say but she cut him off .

" You know what ? It's okay actually , you don't have to tell me , it's just probably my thinking , it must be some sort of illusion , just ignore mβ€”" he cut off her ranting by placing a hand on her mouth to shut her up .

"Shh , let me atleast speak before you come to some sort of conclusion " he said and removed his hand from her mouth . He took a deep breath and looked at her face which held so many emotions , confusion , tiredness , surprise and many more .

" I feel it , I can feel everything you are feeling , the sparks , the connection as if .... as if we are meant to be , as if my whole damn world revolves around you ,....and trust me when I say this , does . I can't explain how much to mean to me .

We may have met just a few days back , but I've been searching for you for years now , you have no idea how important you are to me , what position you hold in my life . As much as I want to explain everything to you right now , this is not the appropriate time right now and sure as hell you are not ready for it " he said and the look on her face made it clear that instead of just answering her simple question he had placed more of them in her head .

She was about to open her mouth but was cut off by another voice which belonged to her twin . " Saee ...." She said in a warning tone while coming and sitting near her .

" Tula mahite ahe ki he nai hou shakat ....Tula mahite ahe na ki he na chalnar.....shevti trac ha tulac honar ahe ....nako hoous involve " she finished .

( You know this can't know that won't work out the end you will only be the one to suffer.....don't get involved)

Aishwarya looked between saee and Alex with a look a sadness , for the first time Alex saw her looking at him with other than scarcastic-ness - if that's even a words , and if it isn't let's create it - and/or anger .

Though Alex was confused on what she said , but her tone this time was softer , as if consoling her .

Saee knew what she meant , she knew what she said was true , but for once she felt like leaving all of this and just running away from everything but what stopped her was the question which didn't seem to leave her mind ....

What he worth all the pain ?.....


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